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  1. @Elentarien Thanks for playing, and I hope you had fun!
  2. @ kyyrma I agree, for it's time it was really creepy. I still think that the haunts in Thief were creepy. Especially the sounds they make. The backwards talking and chain rattling. Hiding behind a box in the dark with one walking close by you is enough to make you paralyzed. LOL
  3. Thanks Melan. I hope to get back to it after the Holidays.
  4. @Jon Irenicus Yeah; I like to have a switch at least make a sound; even though it does nothing. At least it was frobable. LOL
  5. @Lux Thank you sir. I am very grateful and glad most everyone enjoyed it. You are welcome, and now I am fired up for a new and hopefully more improved mission
  6. @Thiefette Thanks for your kind words and vote. Glad you had fun.
  7. HOLY COW! or should I say Burrick. I've never won anything in my life and I am really surprised. Thank you all who played and voted. I really appreciate it, and am honored. It was many hours, but worth every minute. Just to be able to put contest "Winner" as a designation, is awesome.
  8. @raymeld You're welcome. Thanks for playing.
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