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  1. You've got two, mate..: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19202-idear-for-treasures-inspired-by-other-games/ <--- previous thread, a moment before you created this duplicate. One needs a clean-up. You're talking about new models or classes for loot, rather than anything else? In one map that's half-baked somewhere... one part of the mission cast the player in an investigative role, as well as that of opportunist thief.
  2. Hello Snehk, Please allow me to introduce you to the Dark Mod Wiki: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Modeling I do not like video tutorials either. Don't like tutorials at all, really... "Build it first, then read the instructions", is my Ikea motto. Judith seems to be the most active and engaging modeller that hangs around TDM. // TDM = Them Damn Masochists that decide to have a go at TDM
  3. Getting punched in the face on a radar dish apparently fixes the cable guy thing. As for "Easter Eggs"... I've only played Skyrim out of that lot. Didn't care for loot, just exploration and RPG'ing. Lara Croft's got nothing I want (except her good self). How about a bust of Lara Croft, called "Lara Croft's Bust"? TBH, it would be nice to see some easter eggs to other TDM missions. Whatever happened to Lord Frothley's Sceptre..? Maybe creep's outta gaol and wants it back, willing to be mates if you do this job, as he's made a lot of contacts in prison..? Perhaps there's another mandrasola shipment come in. That stuff is worth a fair price OR there's the moral choice of destroying it and sparing people from getting hooked on the stuff. Maybe... those rubies you stole in Mission #1 - turns out they were fakes or only a sample of a much larger stash he has... cos that guy ain't as stupid as to trust them in a safe instead of sticking them up his arse or booby trapping the safe to explode because they have great sentimental value (from his great-great-grandmother - he's selling the the lot for mandrasola and good strong aisle/ale after this...). So - it's time to go grab the real deals and the rest of the stash, cos you got a hot tip from... that informant from that other mission... It builds up the game world, to reference itself, and reinforces lore and gives a good feeling of, "ohhh this is related to that mission!!!" and it all ties together nice. Either that or the heart that Kano rips out of Sub Zero's chest in the Fatality of the original Mortal Kombat on Megadrive - that would be good loot for me. (three acceptable breast/chest references in one post!)
  4. Thanks Obs - idk about that arg - that's a good way to blanket everyone on a level... Destined - Thanks for pointing that out!!! The KO'd not being AI is why I tried the float health < 100 thing as a call if to do stuff or not. But if the ragdoll can't be targetted..? Nice spot - tyvm, but... bollocks... How the heck to find the entity name of each ragdoll instance created..? Great idea Destined! That sounds like a really fun way to make approaching a barracks or walled compound far more interesting and forcing an element of tense confrontation and development of a more aggressive-stealth character, that still retains a shred of humanity to not introduce every AI to the pointy end of a sharp thing for all those pacifists out there. Maybe holy water effect can be altered to achieve this, reskinning undead and "making human", to provide actual limited number of instances of use... Except revenants are now immune to holy water... oh yeah... great. First movers don't crush stuff any more - now undead are even bigger dicks than they were already. Wondered why those buggers were so much tougher than they used to be. Undead suck - figuratively, totally - except vampires, which do only literally... Cheers for the help:)
  5. Lean out of cover to acquire target / open portal, shoot, lean and step back into cover to close portal before arrow passes through. Space, time, distance, velocity, etc... Physics stuff. You said it yourself - line of sight - simply break it before the projectile passes through. Doesn't even have to be long range. It's not only A New Job, Springheel (which is very thi4f / dishonored - thought I was having flashbacks - really nice build. Both ghosted (fastest option) and killed everyone [including the contact, which fails the mission] and even managed to get the boxes from the start onto the roof of the place - nice couple of explorer's loot pieces too - safe was very elegant, good hunt for the combination find - though idk why not weapon scrollwheel instead of inv [] - and excellent demonstration of TDM as thief-like stealth game. Only found one or two glitches...). I picked that mission because it was short and I know it has noisemakers to lure everyone on the map out of the pub and then block the door with a candle. Also because of the portals you mentioned being a good example of "noisemaker's not working when they oughta". It's pretty much every mission with a noisemaker and especially a few maps of my own where I'd normally shoot through a couple of doorways and now the guys aren't noticing it... But stick a broadhead into the floor of the room or shoot that plate on the table to send it flying and everyone's interested in what that was... It's difficult to trade-off between sound dampening through doorways / vp's and allowing the player freedom to operate as they wish, rather than follow the script. Go here, do this, then this, sneak here. If you get caught, you're either screwed or you have to run a massive circuit to the magpie's nest and go in the back way (unless you can score three hits on an armoured guard's face in a swordfight while fending off 2-6 other attackers...). I'm not sure what's changed, but perhaps in these other missions there is something similar happening. Something to bear in mind if offering noisemakers (over eg, simply chucking an inventory/environment object or hitting a wall or something), perhaps. There's something about the direction of TDM's maps in the past year or so that is tasting like very nice looking, but rather tasteless bread with varying amounts of butter. It's... almost become like running routines and errands, new stuff new stuff, instead of facing new or inventive challenges using stuff we have stuff we have. Then again, maybe I should just shut up and scrub up the first campaign mission as a standalone and put my money where my mouth is, instead of just uploading .maps as code and deleting stuff or just playing for fun, myself and a few mates... (if it wasn't for 2.05 messing up all my traps, and I'd figured out all the scripting for jobs board, maybe the first part of the campaign would be done... // pete atdm:"mandatory_snipe_about_2.05_mover_damage = 1")
  6. Figured it out - it's a portal and height thing. Seems if a doorway's visportal is red and the arrow lands inside it, it doesn't work as well as if shot through when it is green/open. Also, if the arrow lands up/down a level - like shooting it halfway up a flight of stairs that have bannister with AI at top and bottom (eg, the pub stairs in mission#1) - it might be that occasionally the AI don't hear it through a doorway or (sometimes) in the same room. Doesn't disturb anyone in the pub nor the one-eye'd guy upstairs. Definitely doesn't attract the outside guy. Shooting a noisemaker outside the pub will bring almost everyone - including the guy upstairs... Esp if done twice to put them further away. Shooting a broadhead to knock over the candle next to the two guys in the pub will attract pretty much everyone to investigate. Can't figure out the distance thing... Sometimes a noisemaker will now attract people from across the map and not disturb a guard who is right next to it... Still testing, but it does appear that height and/or doorway is factor in it working as it did.
  7. Thanks - You make it sound easy... ...but I haven't got a fkn clue what I am doing.
  8. Delete and rebuild, I would My questions: Is there a way to "wake up" an AI without having to delete it's KO'd ragdoll and respawn a new one with different behaviours..? Cos I'm having difficulty with the scripting for these actions. Mostly timing, which I think I can figure out and apply to named character (eg, KO'd kidnap victim will wake in 10 mins after being dropped off at objective point - seems more fair than 10 mins from KO, cos idk how game will handle a carried AI being deleted) ... Also don't seem to be getting anywhere with: deleteSelectionSet(string name)Rather than spawn a new AI, i'm simply starting a "dormant" AI that's hidden behind a keyless locked door and having it run away... Can't find wiki help on spawning AI, or deleting/destroying the KO'd ragdolls... only reference I can find in 300 pages is to do with the work-around for the sleeping AI KO sinking ragdolls into the beds. Idk how to do this and I can't seem to figure it out. Is there some secret spawnarg that allows for a discovered body to be "woken up" and resume it's default behaviour after everyone returns to normal from alert? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm having some problems with noisemakers since ... 2.04/2.05. The AI will not react to them unless they are in: 1) same location 2) arrow is in same "visportal area" Sometimes, it has happened that I've included a noisemaker to shoot through a door to lure a bunch of guards to investigate - it alerts them - but they do not go through the (open) door to investigate. Instead, they will search the room in which they are in - running around like high alert - and then immediately head toward any noise the player makes (eg, a footstep). Am I doing something wrong? I've noticed this in others' maps too... It's strange, because a broadhead stuck into the floor / hitting a plantpot or whatever through the open door will cause the guards to investigate, but the noisemaker will not function as it used to. // apparently a) means smiley
  10. Test for misaligned brushes/patch leak - caulk wall. If fixes. Leave it there and fix with sound damper if required if count allows. If not - there's a problem. Copy to outside section (for texture, etc...) - Delete and rebuild. Often I will caulk room the entire level and simply visportal the leak(s) I can't fix and set sound dampening to max, if there's an AI about on the other side.. Snapping to gird works ok for regular aligned brushes at tiny scale (ie, totally square and made from brush, "make room" no mesh) - for patch mesh (intersect might look crap) or angled brushes (often requires something to break up sharp connection line) on any axis - it can be annoying.
  11. It was a semi-full mission, with readables, AI and was the base from which I copied out several things for other missions. Sometimes, when testing something "new" (either to you or something you've seen done but want to change / doesn't exist yet in any mission / needs doom3 forums wayback machine to implement, because no-one here answers any call for an assist) - it's useful to open up the "blank" start map and build it inside this. It can then be incorporated into the main mission map with confidence a second time, or a copy-paste, complete. I hope you find motivation to finish your FM - I've only linked one pk4 to TDM forums. I've only ever put .maps or videos / screenshots / concepts or zips with assets req. Mission dmap for demo or whatever. This is off-topic now, but: Making a map in a modular fashion, though importing maps means faster dmaps for your "puzzles" to see if they work, easier structure and organisation, a less daunting "omg this map is getting huge" thing and - in my experience, a better optimised experience (if more difficult entity count), plotting such things as "overlap seeds / AI / loot" last, unless it is mission critical. The only issue i've found is - if it's not possible to complete a map within one update of DR or TDM, it can lead to technical difficulties that means: fk this game, I could've been spending time with my family. Mostly, it's for my own enjoyment - the only time I did link a complete mission pk4 (the one where you start off being set up and only option is to have to jump over the wall, far down into the river to escape and end up at a hidden village run by religious fanataics - the girl found a book on "paganism" and asked the woodsy lord for help with certain problem - that's where player comes in as "sneaksie / trickster / worming death)... It was ignored by everyone:) (It was based upon the Adam and Eve / Golden Llama start in the game, Banished - except my mrs at the time had a spanish/americn accent, which didn't really fit... she was pissed when I changed it to text, heh) De nada. I have fun. It helps to set goals. "This weekend, I will finish this room and fill out the previous sections a little more detail now I've had some time way (but not enough to forgot), do a little playtest and remember to eat and take regular 50 min breaks for 10 mins to do exercise and walk around". Playing with DR is as much a game as playing TDM (which is mostly mansions and cities and square and... idk... at least in DR there can be new things).
  12. Tried binding your atdm:mover_door_handle levers of the atdm:mover_door brush structure group that is your door (that ought to make the whole thing one "door"..?) and making door group "frobable 1"..? Think there's a tutorial somewhere about how to make doors, "the old way". ---- Here it is: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Doors shouldbeClosed 1 ,with interruptable 1 is a good one - it's a bit dodgy sometimes to open a door right in front of some patroling guard and them not react to the "ghost" door - nice habit to get into to not fully open a door before nipping through and closing it. I like to leave items from the room (esp ones that stop the door opening again) outside as markers I've been there. Sometimes it can block up all the AI as they can't open the door because there's a single candle stopping it from opening it - even with it's set to open when blocked (certain objects will still block the doors) and there are a few very common items in the game that are default to be noPushabe (eg, the square candle, that is my favourite doorstop). Therefore, door opening direction is always something to consider. Stim/response is also worth playing with - as it can make "auto open sliding doors" and you can pretend you're in a hi-tech shopping mall or in front of an elevator or something - still uses relay, but add triggermultiple to start it in the "sensor" area. Guide doesn't really explain how to make auto-opening doors, only auto closing. - a little tip on doors. Shop doors IRL often open outwards, as the customer will be carrying items out and so need to push to get out. Pubs often have "airlock" doors to keep the heat in - inviting inward opening door to outward opening door for 2nd / exit. Push then pull, either direction. House doors and interior doors usually open inwards, from homes to palaces (good feng shui also). Exception to this rule are "fire escape doors" or "roof doors" or whatever, that always open outwards onto exterior, rather than inwards to interior... Basements, also, tend to have doors that open into the room - both from outside and inside... It's way more difficult to block up a door to a room that opens inwards without first getting to the other side of the door, and less annoying to have to step back to open it (or block it with an immovable from the outside). Blocking a door from the inside means there's a guard outside, trying to get in, that must be negotiated before exiting the room / area.
  13. 2000 and late. Bonus points if you get james (pertubator) or jake (protector 101) for the score - tell them pete the weirdo from synthetix/FCR and luigi donatello sent you and maybe they give you a discount. Reskin, few new models and sound... alter GUI's /fonts /etc would achieve, believe more complicated than required to mod the mod. Not been very impressed by recent attempts to convert TDM to cyberpunk genre. TDM: DX clone might be lacklustre, but I wish you luck and that you succeed! Anarchy is as anarchy does,
  14. Paths and naming conventions matter, because it helps everything remain simple and organised - even though it doesn't matter if i called a file ashfuhwguirhbgwregnw.gfy, it's good practice to get into the habit of following a structure, not only for your own benefit - but for that of others who might help (and I will steal your assets and want to know where to find them). You're using quite an older version of TDM? 2.0? Disregarding all the other things, this stands out: Other than the modelling error: /* warn the user that other layers are discarded */ if ( obj->nlayers > 1 ) _pico_printf( PICO_WARNING, "LWO loader discards any geometry data not in Layer 1 (%d layers found)", obj->nlayers ); which might explain why the objects are appearing invisible... Did you export the models correctly, following convention and protocol as outlined in the wiki and forums tutorials..? There's no shaderdef for the glass bow. Shaderlibrary > Shaderdefs > Shaderobjects Maybe you can fix this at a local level instead of messing with TDM's base pk4s, by making a definition file for a player weapon and following the conventions that allow it to work, or getbyshadername or something... but - considering you're rebuilding the entire thing... If any of your definition files are reliant on a base that you've renamed or are referencing as atdm(u), but is in TDM as atdm... maybe you'll have to change everything and rewrite dark-radiant and the alter all the game pk4s that contain the materials and definitions so that the dependencies (that - thankfully - all follow a structure and naming convention...) jibe with what you're doing. My brain feels bad for seeing the words "vanilla" and "TDM" next to each other... Is it not possible to achieve what you want within what is already there? Have you ever heard of Unity3D..? Or Cryengine? They're free and pretty easy to use. You can even advertise your premise on moddb or indiedb or somewhere and pick a nice team to work with on discord, project manage it with google drive and calendar - have a daily scrum, set development sprints - and then put on itch.io or somewhere. Take with salt, but - maybe it'd be easier to build a new game than mod a mod to be a mod of a mod of a game from a decade ago.
  15. Did you ever dmap the soundmaze.map I uploaded a few years ago, Destined? The one where you had to find the the source of a noise that came from a misleading direction in nearly every room, following this principle for bypassing visportal dampening of sound: https://i.imgur.com/KZD296N.jpg (don't ask why the bedroom is downstairs and the dining room is upstairs - I've no idea..) It contained some tricks like escher-esque stair cases and revolving rooms (static objects inside, room rotates, gives impression of having to walk up walls to stand on ceiling / move room down to simulate "floating objects", hit switch to realign stairs or lift brushes in sequence as unfolding staircase, to door that leads to corridor patch, with objects aligned back to "normal", next room regular orientation, etc...), infinite corridor through teleport door (unless you turn around and go back to "new scene") and hit triggeronce again to destroy. Basic stuff, some shadow and perspective illusion using projector and skybox planes. Teleport was especially useful in shortening traverse time through sewer tunnels instead of building one massive one across the whole map, if a little disorientating. Adding impulse to the sewer [water] was a better solution to quickly navigate such areas without getting bored to death by such long corridors of nothingness, by speeding up the player - adding impulse also can fake a speed potion or magical wind against which to battle from, eg, a particle emitter with some important loot on it. Now I've seen "In the Black's" cool and spooky well section - I think it's possible to figure out how to make the "death capture, reawaken in cell" and "2nd death, cutscene of being taken to gallows, thief" that seemed too difficult to negotiate before. No-one seemed interested at the time. I think it was downloaded 3 times before nuke. Didn't think it was a thing that TDM players would care for... "weird" puzzles and strobe effects and illusions and stuff. In retrospect - it's probably more likely that it's rare that anyone can be bothered to read what I write, because I've nothing interesting to say and no-one's got time to read more than a tweet, according to what certain people have said...
  16. Pathing matters. So does naming - atdmu:..? Usually it is atdm:...
  17. Lots of work for a one-shot wonder that might get over-used - got it. //noisemakers don't appear to work through visportals? pff, who uses them anyway - what we need is a werewolf. Nice one on finishing that tram car:) If you could keep water out of it, then it'd make a fine submarine. But... if someone needs to move fast through an underwater section, there's always func_forcefield and ramping up the impulse. Wonder how that would affect a submerged tram?
  18. In that case, it might be worth making a decal - you can control the transparency and place it over any brush or patch, such as textured with the woodgrain or an empty frame with the "picture" being the background texture you wanted.. Same as graffiti or blood trails or grunge n dirt and stuff: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Decals //idk why but that link is going to an advert for me... Search the wiki - it's spelled. D.E.C.A.L.S. You'll probably have to do the materials file and all that to get your texture into DR - also explains about how to colour correct and brightnesses change over distance (you're essentially creating a 2 face model): http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Creating_LOD_Models
  19. So how many autosaves must it make and retain? 2? 20? 200? All of them? Such a system will dictate level design. Think of it as a level designer or a programmer, not a player and it might make more sense. Game saves, scripted event happens, game saves, player actions, game saves, player interrupts scripted event / bugs out, game saves, player walks through that door with the autosave, player accidentally passes into area of no return or fks up holy water by not having any water arrows or misses that rope arrow or - as with most TDM design - didn't know the ghost route and timing and is being chased around a nondescript mansion / city street maze with few hiding places and a dead end save - needs several to go back to original scripted event or in order to progress. Thinking of where to place autosaves in a level - they are places I would normally save a quck-slot myself, because I didn't grow up with an xbox (it was a BBC Micro). What's the point in talking about mexican-bung-hole saving systems if it's impossible to implement? Pointless waste of words. Until I see autosave system put into TDM mission and used effectively - I don't see the point in continuing this discussion. It's not like anyone will listen to anything, anyway. They do what they want, when they want (or have time), prioritise according to whim. Also, Shadwen kinda sucked.
  20. Hi, I'm the guy no-one likes. I liked the start of this level a lot. Using a vine arrow to climb onto the balcony, mossing the floor and sneaking in was a decent way to get started. After that, I think a highlight for me was the well section (very nice) - but I'm not a fan of expansive key hunts. I managed to get stuck in a few places from which I couldn't return. Easy fix with a clip. The first, most obvious, was the rooftop, over the railings (thought maybe could smash the glass to drop in, since there was the opportunity to do so downstairs if not being sneaky). Guess that was mostly my fault for not throwing over something to climb back over the railings with... However, pressing against the glass would stick me. The second - accessing the main building using the method described, through the balcony - up to the rafters - grab a bale and take it to the target with three arrows. Can mantle up onto this and over the wall, escaping level. Thought it might be a shortcut back round. Just led to a room full of skeletons, a tour of the outskirts via nodraw and no way back in. Additionally, I've never seen so much monster-clip in a level, ever. Perhaps the strange AI behaviour is due to the path leading through these swathes of monster-clip. Occasionally, one or two would open a door that would require a particular key and get stuck in a loop, allowing me to immediately access through, eg, the kitchen. The archer above the grass lion takes one arrow and panics with no escape route. Sometimes he will open the door - it is impossible to drop something on his head for KO and enter this way. Mossing the floor to drop and pick - never managed to get it in time. Putting a noisemaker outside will cause many guards to investigate and open nearly every door, leaving them open and unlocked for as long as they are searching and until they return to patrol. Some kind of chain-alert that negates the key-hunt. Found maybe 4-5k loot, half of which was through random clicking - some didn't make sense, no idea why this hairbrush was worth 15 when another was trash. Some was well hidden, in rafters or in plague doctor cap. One thing that got me - none of the beautiful artwork was loot. Not that I found. Loot's very scattered, but considering the size of the level... Sometimes it's difficult to walk down a lighted corridor, unless standing in a shadow and taking a smoke break until it's time to ghost behind the guard (into a brightly lit room, in which he immediately turns or is alerted by a civ.). It was very square, but really did show off a lot of the new assets and things that can be done now - it was impressive. Got into a lot of swordfights. Was fun. Many arrows to faces - didn't really try the blackjack on teh guards, only rushing the nobs (which in UK is slang for penis) when they caught me trying to figure if that map was Minoan or of France, or figured out from where the fruit was being thrown at them... A few doors open backwards... which means it is easy to trap patrolling guards inside by placing an object (of which there are many), such as a bale or box, in front of the door. Really nice use of reflection - especially the puddle and the ceiling. There were many windows with god-ray-like effect and particle, but that did not appear to cast light onto opposite wall. Some detail like that would really fill the spaces. I couldn't tell if they lit me or not, without a light-gem. Didn't appear to. Took about 2-3 tries to escape level, got stuck in the roof bit on 1st try. Playing properly - after around 1:30hrs, after finding red key, decided that didn't quite fancy running around trying to find which door it fit. Probably the door downstairs that is lit red. Idk. Got killed by a guy from Hammerfell with a curved sword. Called it a day. Built up some psychogeography of the map and some nice cut-routes. The best part had to be finding a way in that wasn't simply picking a lock or finding the guy who has the key, or waltzing in the front entrance - and the well section, which was very nicely done. Actually had to case the place to find a way in and try to be smart about it (glad I bought a vine arrow and some moss), rather than just open that door... I liked that a lot.
  21. I know you don't like the idea of click click count the kurshok, or spiritual lore for this kinda stuff, Springheel... guessing you prefer mappers to flesh it out instead as needed... but... Someone - Pagan-esque civs/guards pleeeaaaaseeee. Or some kinda druidic thing that could be mastered/teamed (like haunts/zeds and necromancers vs hammers / city watch) with a scary dog / ape-replacement. It can be fun to throw in a little chaos by luring the opposing forces into battle. I would do it myself if I knew how... Bandits and stuff just aren't the same for a particular narrative. It doesn't work.
  22. That's not a bad idea - to put a delay on quicksaves or add some cost element (loot, time to complete, addition to stealth score - "you wanted 0 score? well you saved 40 times, so that's +35 stealth score"). There are many games I enjoy that allow only a certain number of saves for the whole game (eg, Warband, perhaps 8 for whole game) or for the mission as difficulty increases (eg, Hitman, from unlimited saves to zero per mission). Farcry 2 prompts saves at certain points with on-screen messages, but allows free/quick saving also (many times played for hours and died and realised... oh... haven't saved all session). Same with STALKER or Death to Spies or old Sniper Elite. Covert Action, the mother of all stealth games, allows save only when not "in action" and at the impasse screen - I guess that's a "manual" checkpoint save between actions. Roguelikes are becoming increasingly popular, but idk how that would translate to TDM - maybe only in campaign or longer missions, but it's a good model to use for example for checkpoint saves in transition only. Anyway..: Additionally, there is the fact that "number of saves" will be reported on the debrief screen at the end of a TDM mission. Maybe I could run this number so high it would no longer fit in the GUI? Sometimes I like to have a total clean sheet - 0 everything, including saves (failed this time, he was gonna see me - so I had to put an arrow in creep's mate's head... plus - you gotta deal with the uber-guard to get the vase without alerting him). Any autosave would have to not count as a save, because I don't want it to count as a save... :`( What happens if I perform an action that disallows me from completing an objective and the game autosaves? Since all the exploits to get around a level "silently" are being revealed (like the "draw arrow, hit esc twice. walk past the difficult bit, even though they can see you - you're silent - and release the arrow to teleport there" one)... If I spam save thousands of times - I can't complete a mission until the on-screen text for "game saved" stops appearing, which is why the easy mission that usually takes 3-4 mins as a warm up took so long... Waiting at the exit for the "game saved" to stop displaying... It also starts to lag the game horribly after the first few hundred saves... Even though the mission timer says it was only 15 minutes... it took, in fact just over 2 hours to complete this mission due to the "game saved" message denying the "objective / mission complete" message - thereby stalling the mission from completing. But hey - at least the GUI can handle 4 digits on the save counter, right? And I had fun, waiting... til I got bored, did the laundry, went for a shower, shave, made food, went to the pub, came back, made tea and it still wasn't completed. Now it has - finishing this post. ---- Also - there's still the issue of hiding under an elevator and it coming down on you and you not getting crushed to death by it, getting stuck there and if there's an autosave on that elevator for transition... you're screwed unless the level designer knows to make sure to add the damage just in case that particular situation happens. Which it does. (I'm ALWAYS going to bring up movers not causing damage and getting stuck under lifts at every opportunity). The amount of times I've failed missions with elevators, because I get stuck under them - grabbing the loot - and some AI decides to trap me in the space underneath and won't get off or doesn't cycle it back up and I'm not waiting for their random interest pathway to lead them back to the elevator route...
  23. It happens to me too sometimes. I think it's called puberty. Don't forget to add a mount to the picture frame, perhaps a "canvas" overlay decal or something. It could help it fit as it was. Mount could be brush with angled cut to inside and papery texture from stock. Canvas overlay probably .dds to allow mapping for light reflection from perspective (like real paintings), else might appear too flat at such high contrast. Oil is not a flat medium, as would be acrylic or whatever. It can have very strong texture, esp when painted without thinners. Maybe add some fade and glaze crack texture overlays to blend it with environment. eg, http://forums.cgsociety.org/archive/index.php?t-406558.html (or just download public domain image overlays of canvas / paper / glaze crack from google, since that was 11 years ago).
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