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  1. Was not possible to use for demonstration due to many restrictions and was slammed for dated look... :/. Easier and quicker for team to knock up metro-looking cryengine demo. Thanks anyway. It's always got me how stealth games never take into account player shadow. if there even is one..
  2. Neon - do you ever use the wiki at all..? Or do you just forget that you made a thread on the subject, don't search the forums and ask again instead..? I think that I've answered this question for you at least twice last year... If you'd even bother to search "water" in the wiki - it tells you all of this... *slams head into wall in attempt to get brain damage to understand neon's methods*.
  3. Hi guys, Hope you had a good xmas and new year's. A question, related to the augmented reality / projection mapping of thief level. Is there some console command in the game of which I am unaware, or some way to force a noclip (not bug it so the arms are left using arrow glitch), so that the player model is shown while a level might be played..? ie, a 3rd person perspective. Would I have to alter an existing mission and have it played out in a mirror with the player looking up in order to achieve this, or is there a command to, eg - put the camera in the corner and have the player sneak into the pub and blackjack birdie (and everyone else) etc... Similar to a floating camera perspective. I know in doom 3 it was possible to use console commands, "pm_thirdperson 1" and "pm_thirdPersonAngle/Height/Range nn" in order to switch to third person, but the camera would follow the player despite FOV or angle/height/range settings. This "OTS" kind of 3rd person makes it very difficult to play the game using projection mapping, as the physical models (eg, tables) do not appear as... good (read "lame")... as if they are projected onto a static object (eg, a small box inside the "play area"/camera view [enclosed in 4 sided cube] cotaining a blank, printed model of the iwo table prefab). I can't really remember, but there was a trick whereby the player might be placed in a static position, use "pm_modelview" to act as a camera and then use 2nd player in 1st person to perform the gaming actions, thereby creating a drone from the 1st player. I am unsure if any of this is possible in TDM, as it would be in a demonstration of, eg - a bethesda game where the function is in-built (also eg, splinter cell CT, where player 1 views through security camera and player 2 performs the actions). It is proof of concept only. While it is possible in other games, I am unsure if it is possible to use the 2 player trick in TDM, although I believe the 3rd person will work (albeit without animations). It is possible in T2 due to the scouting orb, although there is a lot of lens correction for which to account, plus the multiplayer mods. Would be nice to use TDM...
  4. Neon - it's helpful when you say, "solved" to perhaps explain why it was solved, so that others might benefit from your experience and learn how to also solve the issue...
  5. can't ~#git clone the link. Fatal: <link>/info/refs not valid: is this a git repository? (I'm lazy...) // oh - I just read windows and mac only - sorry. Idk why I glossed over that...
  6. There's a post in the newbie's section about this topic, lately - Springheel and I have replied with relevant fixes and links. // http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/9082-newbie-darkradiant-questions/page-317
  7. I'm gonna update this soon as there's a whole bunch of newer places missing. Leamington Spa was formerly host to a company called FreeStyleGames Limited - they've recently been acquired by nUbisoft (reflections) and had the team expanded, churning out more nUbisoft TC franchise. It's a crying shame that the industry has become what it has become today but... when I sit down and play a game and think... "wow this is so much like xxxxxxx" - if I think about it, it comes from the same family and often involves the same people in creating it as the game of which it reminds me. Don't have SE / IO on there... This is why independant projects such as TDM and freemakes of older games in newer engines (eg, hitman / covert action / simant) are so important. They keep the industry fresh with games that don't fall into the "let's get the graphics as great as possible and make everything square and linear and mapped for controllers", while at the same time being dismissed as "only a mod". Well - one mod, Brytenwalda for Mount and Blade - the creators of that went on to release the Vikings DLC that sucked big time on release and took a year or so to get right. Thanks TDM team for making DR and TDM. It's a great job and it's eternal. 60fps physics only:P Merry xmas and new years to everyone, happy new years and merry xmas to all the orthodox and screw the rest of you for not beliving in santa claus' birthday. Heathens. I just found this in an old folder and thought I'd share it. It's nice to know that even Creative Assembly and Bohemia Int. are being screwed by the same company as everyone else. (PS, Don't ever work for SEGA - they offer zero hours contracts for most positions - go straight to the developer's HR, not through the publisher)
  8. Lately there's been a lot of exposure about the vulnerabilities in google chrome over http. Now it's public it means stuff has to be done about it. Can see instantly that TTLG is http only (you'll notice in chrome that there is a broken padlock in the URL bar). What Stumpy is saying is right (it's a conspiracy!), and Freyk's also correct that it is a server-side error thanks to google's security updates. Probably TTLG will need to update some php or mysql as it appears as if you're getting the error because mysql is restricting you to sandbox mode or the client (your chrome browser) is connecting to the server via scripts. It's pretty old, by the looks of things... 80/tcp open http Microsoft HTTPAPI httpd 2.0 (SSDP/UPnP) <---win server 2008 / microsoft iis7.0 Service Info: OS: Windows; CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows Since it's a win home server and on http, it's potentially a very soft target. Uses ascii string for passwords and html encoding for special characters in that field. Usernames are on the forum... Probably TTLG could fix the issue by changing password expiration. SET GLOBAL default_password_lifetime = 0; So that all user's passwords do not expire, whether they connect via scripts or not. Or the admin could migrate everything to something such as freeBDS, but they've always been windows server forever - also there's a loootttt of data over the past 21 years at that place. Best course of action would be to use a different browser (eg firefox) and mail the admin with the issue so that it can be resolved, I'd guess. http://www.ttlg.com/forums/sendmessage.php I'd recommend migration, as the server has no SSL cypher mapping, however the f= parameter means it is an unlikely target for sql injection "practice". But it is a windows server and it's vbulliten 4.2.3.
  9. 512x512 is a good start? Thanks - I'll note that along with the link you've given for the thread on ffmpeg. fwiw - a lot of doom3world.org can be accessed using the wayback machine.
  10. Did you not see the mirrors and reflections in Vanished One's "In the Black"..? They were great - especially the puddles of water. // also the rotation origin bug in dr24 appears to have been fixed in dr25
  11. Have you reached your attachment limit? Check your profile page (or my media) and delete a few old images and see if it allows you to upload again. Or, do it by embedding the image - like what stumpy gone done (you can even use imgur, so long as it's the .jpg extension share).
  12. nice! (but wow, the detail on that shotgun... and the wool).
  13. Turning on the frame buffer will counter the thin line geometry (eg, shadows on cg models) artifacts that you are seeing, due to the antialiasing/sample rate being above that the engine will draw such model's lighting - it is a rendering issue // (insufficient temporal / spatial sampling caused by increased AA). /* It appears that several things that you are trying to achieve, such as updating to soft shadows and pushing past engine graphic limits (which can be augmented using driver function for same effect...) while increasing to modern AA standard while using ancient lighting models are going to cause problems. It's like watching several people jam wire coat hangers into the TV to get the reception better, when the whole set needs replacing to watch movies in HD. */
  14. Bows before Judith's magnificence and awesomeness.
  15. For FM selection, it must be placed as if it is installed as downloaded FM, dmapped, etc..? Also, what is "rank" for ai used for? Nice gui preview.
  16. You mean such as TDM not having a winreg subkeys and there being a read-only revert issue due to user privs for windows users? // sound of crickets...
  17. Telling me to not bother with something I've already done does not answer the question regarding the resolution. It's easier? Did you even look at the alternatives? Springheel said: Posted 27 April 2011 - 12:45 AM "Man, this is a headache."
  18. ftp for id's roq converter is 405 for me on check - updating wiki on tools to use (eg, alternate link to roq.exe and tutorial, quake converter from avi and tutorial, blender batch, etc...). Can't remember the optimal resolution nor aspect for TDM intro videos - was it 640x480?
  19. I might be wrong but... Backup your tdm_base01.pk4 and tdm_gui01.pk4 the scripts will go into the tdm_base01.pk4 (as zip) /scripts, overwrite all and the guis as... tdm_gui01.pk4/gui, overwrite all. // that was terrible english... corrected.
  20. I can't find any reference to darkmod other than through nvidia in my windows registry on cursory search for "darkmod" - if there is an entry for darkmod there, perhaps editing the permissions to "everyone / full" via windows registry on install would be easier than using cmd bat. FYI - DR is registered for uninstall - TDM does not appear in the list of programmes that my build of win10 displays. I find no reference to it anywhere, even in latest version of Crap Cleaner. https://imgur.com/a/b3oqE It might be a good move to ensure there is a HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\<vendor>\<application> registry subkey for TDM so that it can be uninstalled via windows and also to facilitate elevating the permissions so that it does not revert to read-only.
  21. This is probably a permissions issue at local machine: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files/document-folders-marked-read-only-after-upgrade-to/4f00d3fe-82b0-4e6d-a92a-f81751aa6f51?auth=1 Maybe a .bat can be included during install to run win cmd command to set permissions as a workaround. eg, icacls "TDM install directory pull" /grant Everyone:F// idk how you'd pull the install directory, though... "where TDM.exe" is a good start, but idk how you'd put that into the permissions change command.
  22. And give TDM and DR its own partition (D:\) Xdata structure, as per Springheel's guidance: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Mission_Filestructure#xdata (search readables - there is no link) Strings structure, as per wiki: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Mission_Filestructure#strings Which leads me onto the difference between the Spanish words, "año" and "ano", considering no enye is available in TDM:) "Han pasado cinco anos desde..." hahaha.
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