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  1. i also got this on normal saves. But it happens more frequent on Quicksaves (and Loads) then normal saves, but i also do more Quicksaves then normalsaves, so.
  2. Sadly i just started this game at 14.02 this year so i only have 2 weeks of experience so i am not able to notice things like that.
  3. In the Terms and Conditions is no word of the TDM Team Also i first saw this on the current Main Page
  4. i dont like the combined download site, i mean i only download the Game once, and then i dont need it anymore, except for an eventually reinstallment. But the Missions are visited very often. The new design just makes the Missions smaller, for me its so small and nearly not easy to read. Tapatalk i dont know and i wont use it either. responsive sites are a have-to! And last but not least i like the Mainpage we have now, for new comers it has a nice detailed overview of the mod. Also i dont look often at the news and i just read the headlines, also the news havent changed since i play this mod.
  5. Finally made it! It was very fun to play, but ... also funny: im looking forward for the next part! Its really fun to play!
  6. Yes the guard died. It was the Archer Guard from a Lord. Later that Day i killed an other Guard, and it ended like it should with a mission failed. Also i knock out Walter, the Prisoner in the Cells, and then i accidently killed him, but the Game still went on, but when i lift him up again to hide him at the bottom center wasnt his name anymore, but "Leiche" which stands for a dead body, i guess in english its corpse.
  7. The Error "Event overflow. Possible infinite loop in script." occured while i was playing the FanMission Wiliam Steele Back Home again. Was this my mistake or what was happening? i just shot an Fire Arrow on a nasty Guard
  8. yeah its from the M series for laptops/notebooks with less power than the gcs without an m. Still crashes once and a while. the solved in the title was set to early and i fear that others wont look in here anymore cause its tagged as solved.
  9. Thanks, the laggy gameplay is now solved, but still after ~1h the game crashes while saving, quicksaving, quickloading and finishing from missions. I tried to play tears of st lucia and all went fluent, but near the end(the crash) the textures from the Hammerbrothers went to blink/to flash and the chain armor dissappeart(so he had no shoulders, legs and his face was flying or something like that. Sadly i dont recive an errormessage.
  10. Thanks, i turned it down to 1280x720 and now its very fluent, also didnt had any crashes, but i also just played 30 minutes, i play this evening a longer session and let you know if it still is crashing but thank you ver much! Never would have thought of this. I am just missing an "Use optimized Video settings" button. I dont have a glue what my 2 and a half year old GPU is able to support.
  11. I had this problem also with the beta of titanfall, the beta also used my onboard i7 GPU. I thought of this before the post and i went to my System of NVIDIA and changed it to "High Performence" for TDM.exe and now i tryed it with what you said. Its still laggy, espescally when i run or open doors. i didnt play to long, so it doesnt crash, but simply cause i dont want to play that laggy. i run with following grapic settings: Video: 16:9 with 1920x1080 Pixles (my Pc tells me that this is optimal) i guess gamma and brightness arent that important (standart settings) vertical syncht is at "no" antialiasing is turned "off" texture anisotropie is at "1x" extended: souroundlight "easy" shader "standart" effects "off" object details (LOD) "less" I guess i turned all settings down to a minimum.
  12. Hi guys, first of all i appreciate this mod a lot, but while playing the game often Crashes with a grey screen. ( its a medium light grey like this background here). The only Error appears is "Ein Problem wurde festgestellt Windows sucht nach einer Lösung..." or something which means that Windows found a problem, but nothing more. This happend while saving, quicksaving, quickloading and finishing from missions. Also the Game is very laggy, almost to laggy for my Notebook. The Rig: Win7 Home Premium 64Bit 8 GB RAM Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU 2,20GHz*4 NVIDIA GeForce 630M with 1GB GRAM Drivers from Grafikcard is up to date and other Games, which i guess are needing more Energy are running quite liquid, like Battlefield 4 or TitanfallBeta. I am not sure what information i can give you to help you better help me but just say "Hey i need XY-Information". And also im not native english, so please try not to answer with to many difficult words, or else i maybe dont understand your answer, which would be sad, cause this would be idle running Thanks for your Help in future!
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