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  1. strafing animations will be very important though. Have you ever played an fps where the animations were shite and decreased the competitiveness of the game? CS:GO's crouching animations had a horrendous problem until recently and are still not quite good yet, as a result the competitiveness suffers. But since we are just doing coop for now it's no big deal.
  2. we can pull off a chat window textbox easy enough right? I mean we'll need it for multiplayer anyways, plus I think doom 3 already has one. I wish I knew exactly how to put it into the game myself, but unfortunately it would take me forever to figure it out and it wouldn't be that pretty.
  3. no problem just thought you might have gone missing or something, welcome back! I'll return all these milk cartons I had made up.
  4. I was going to work on a fan mission with dragofer a month ago but he seemed to disappear. Anyone know if he's alright? Maybe someone could email him , I don't have his email.
  5. http://postimg.org/image/8dhxxd7pr/ I think I might have got something wrong , it looks all stretched and stuff. My monitor's max resolution is 1280x1024 so maybe that's it.
  6. I can do that for you toni and screenshot it
  7. why can't we have smooth scrolling? is there no onScrollDown in the scripting language? if not , lets put it in. If it's a gui limitation you mean how hard would it to be to put a frickin scroll menu like mfc has had for like 2 decades. Sorry I bet it's actually really hard I just can't see why it would be.
  8. my client crashes if I try to download more than 20 maps usually
  9. I can make some filtering functions. Also I just came up with the idea to have an external mission downloader so that if you want to do stuff outside the game and you want to download in bulk you can do that.
  10. jones , if you can work with me a little bit to understand what you did I can help a lot I think.
  11. damn jones I didn't know you were working on this. You must be way better than me I couldn't even figure out how to have clients connect to a host. I added you on skype but you didn't message me back
  12. nah not really I took a break. if you want to make the gui for the browser with me, I'd be down for that.
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