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  1. Thanks for the help. I removed all pillar01-entities and also updated my RadeOn X1950 Pro driver but it still crashes at the same place. The training mission worked very well so I don't think it is the pillars which like to crash...
  2. Now I went left to Soren's house to the tunnel and when I came to the corner (where the guard stands) then it also crashes. Hm, it apparently only crahes my TDM so maybe a new installation would work. I'll go try it.
  3. Seems like a really nice map, but when I get out of the backdoor of Soren's house after 5 minutes of play TDM crashes. Everytime. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  4. I like the jumping area and the task of finding all 10 health potions! In the shooting area in the barn when you reach the corner you can see out of the map. But then you get suddenly pushed outside and find yourself trapped between the barn and the wall! So you can't get out without noclip. In the fighting area I suddenly saw this: However great mission, I like the lockpicking section :-)
  5. [x] I'm closely related to the lead coder There's no way I could not have heard of TDM and I enjoy I did!
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