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  1. http://www.wiiprojects.org/bluetooth.html The PC drivers for the Wiimote and instructions can be found there.
  2. I did that too.. When I was playing with the editor, it let me make a map with no top.. I jumped over the wall and fell into the void. it told me there was a leak, but it made the map and let me play it anyways.
  3. No, what I mean is does running the game as doom 3 directly make any changes to the configuration that might be screwing people up. whereas someone that has never run the game as doom 3, like me(I hated doom 3, I bought just for you guys) wouldn't make those changes. I'm not making myself clear here. Does the doom 3 game content make any changes to the config that wouldn't happen if the doom 3 game content was never loaded?
  4. When I installed the game, I installed doom 3 to the C:\games\doom3 directory, but I never actually started it with the doom3.exe . I installed the mod and I've only used the tdmlauncher.exe to run it. So my question is, does Doom 3 make any changes when you run it as doom 3 to the installation that might be screwing up other people when they try and run the mod?
  5. As of the time of this posting, the torrent is reporting 551 completed downloads. Other than that, I have no idea. Happy about that number. it's going up and up. My share ratio is at 3.7 and climbing.
  6. I voted for new stuff, but I have to admit it would be interesting to see one or two levels of TDS redone, just to see what might have been.
  7. It looks like the shadow ring is being caused by the light source being inside the handle of the torch instead of in the flame. if it was in the flame, then it would cast a shadow including the body of the torch and wouldn't show the ring, it would just be dark below the torch.
  8. Now that's what I'm talking about. In the other thread I started about having a common area. Something like that. a nice big area to flesh out. As far as the black areas are concerned, would it be possible to just use taller buildings you can't see past to shorten the viewable distance the renderer has to work with?
  9. I didn't mean that it would be a rule that you HAVE to use the common areas, but a collaborative effort to create some common ground might be useful. Of course there are going to be people that will do their own thing regardless of what anyone says, and that's good. Think of it more as an anthology kind of setup, like the thieves world books. There are people out there that are more creative than others, they might be better at stories than they are at mapping, so if they have an area already mapped out that they can hang their stories on, then we get more missions faster if they don't have
  10. yeah, I wasn't serious about that.. I was just screwing around in the starter map and had some fun.. I'm kinda sad for all the people that have had so many problems when I haven't had any at all.
  11. - Operating System : Win XP pro SP3 - CPU : AMD X2 5000+ - System RAM : 4GB - Video Card: GeForce 8600 GTS 256 MB - Video Drivers : 6.14.0011.9062 - Experienced Performance, Steps you had to perform to get it running or problematic driver versions, etc. I installed to C:\games\doom3 and used the tdm_update.exe to install the mod. So far, I can't see anything wrong at all. no flickering, water looks nice from above and below, missions load in under a minute. No crashes, nothing. It works flawlessly. The only performance lag I saw was when I played the editor startmap and I woke up all the A
  12. This is an image I saved from that thread on TTLG, someone might recognize it. I was thinking of the old T2 missions like Ambush and the Thieves highway from Uninvited guest. One thing that always irked me was being unfamiliar with places that as a thief in the city my character would know like the back of his hand. Content could be modified to suit the individual needs of the mapper, keep the buildings and streets the same, but the people and contents of the buildings could be modified to suit the needs of the mission, and like I said, use it as a hub to start off with, the commonali
  13. I agree 1000%. I personally haven't had any bugs or untoward crashes while playing any of the levels. it works flawlessly for me. I love it. I tried to do some mapping with dromed, and the the T3 editor, but just couldn't get them to encompass the grand Ideas I had for missions. So I'm going to be digging in to this one shortly. I even spent some time with the D3 editor so I'd be more at home.. but that was a while back, so it might take me a while to get up to speed with Dark Radiant. Once again, Good job guys! This is definitely work you can be proud of. Alacritous
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