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  1. Windows 7 64 bit home SP1 Intel Dual core 2.7 Ghz * 2 6GB DDR3 Gforce GTX 550 Ti 1Gb GDDR5 I run D3 and The Dark Mod at 1366x768 wide screen, full graphics AA Etc..., mostly due to the graphics card and ram, my system is on the verge of obsolete.
  2. This is the best mod there is, and should get lots of attention
  3. My forum id pretty much tells you how long ive been a thief player and ive follwed this mod since I found out about it, in 2007, im just a player, and have not attempted to make a mission. I guess you could call me part of the silent majority. I will tell you that the more negativity you post the more people tend to jump ship. I think the dark mod is great, and I will be patient, just like a good thief should be. You would be surprised just how many thief fans are silently waiting for more fan missions for either this mod or t2 and tg. I guess ill take a stab at a Dark Mod mission, so I can at least say I didnt just sit on the sidelines the whole time.
  4. Sorry I havent uploaded the voice samples yet, but my vc diamond program isnt working right, I cant seem to get it to change my voice, ill send something soon though with or without voice morphing
  5. I may have them today or tonight, but it could be sunday.
  6. I have a mic but im not sure if it is what you need, ill do a few voice samples, should i attach them to this forum?
  7. Do you need a voice actor? I would like to do it if you are. I can do multiple characters if you want. I'm from Indianapolis IN
  8. It does make sense now, it is a trade off, instead of creaking floors just use foot step sounds, as for the loot, well it is a world of magic, why not have a santa clause type loot bag, thanks again for being patient with my very dated questions
  9. Thank you very much, i always wondered why in any thief game foot steps made any sound at all, you 'd think that he/she would wear tabbys or something similar, that make no sound not even on metal, now snow , leaves, creaking wooden floors, doors opening/closing, player yelling in pain are unavoidable sounds that a thief might worry about. But a master thief should know better than to wear clogs when cat burglaring I know i am not a thief or programmer, but it just makes sense to wear soft shoes this is probably the wrong thread for this if it is could somebody put it in the right one or tell me where, or if this has already been addressed, then let me know
  10. Just when you thought it was safe to sneak around in the fog, 3 guards come sprinting at me from far away, that is hilarious, but this is an awesome fm, thanks
  11. The footsteps are much better now, before the update it sounded like a horse was walking around trying to wake everybody up
  12. What is the difference between "dont start major alert" and "better if no one knows that anyone was there" objectives? also heart was crashing when i saved or quick saved, i deleted all files in the heart folder except the fm itself, after that i was able to play again and saves are working, i had not played ten minutes, hopefully it was a fluke, ive read that this is a great fm and really look forward to playing it through
  13. I think ill buy a new pc when windows 7 comes out
  14. it wont let tab out and i dont know how to check the temperature
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