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  1. But it doesn't have to. The Missions can have their own panel. Anyway, seems people want it kept separate. No problem. I'm interested to know why people don't like/want Tapatalk.
  2. It means instead of having the mod DL and the missions DL pages as separate have them both on the same page. There are lots of ways to do this.
  3. And I haven't put any background image in. In not an artist so messing with images isn't my thing. I'll hack one in though.
  4. Guys. This is just a tester. The whole thing can we wider, columns can be bigger, smaller, reordered. Whatever.
  5. Ok, this is what a responsive site looks like. Have a look on a big screen. If you have a smartphone I suggest you look at it on that too, and also on any tablets or small screen devices you have. Rotate the screen and see what happens, especially if you have something like a Nexus 7. Only the News and the Downloads sections work. All links are dummy links. So - some caveats. This in not my final suggested template. This is to show you what a difference in approach can make. I haven't used all the graphics on the current site (and the onclick images on the main menu are all broken btw). I built this with my own templating system. thedarkmod.com is built on Wordpress which has respsonsive templates. I'm not suggesting using my templates, but rather just using a responsive template from Wordpress. Tell me what you think. Here is the link: http://www.southquar...mweb/index.html
  6. jtr - you are not banned at TTLG. You chose not to post there anymore.
  7. Everyone should be concerned, especially after the Prism revelations.
  8. You get one pop-up, the first time you use a mobile to go to the forum. It doesn't affect the forum in any other way. You seem very resistant to this idea. Is there some other concern you have?
  9. Please can we keep this thread for discussion about website changes. Thanks.
  10. Also, with the Amazon mod competition I think it would be a good idea to get on this asap.
  11. I'm sorry but that's all the forum software will allow me to do.
  12. So my last poll was rubbish. I didn't quite get how limited it was. So this is the redux version which should allow you to express yourselves a bit better. You have to choose one thing in each category (like, don't care, dislike) but it seems that's the only choices we have. I should clarify some things. 5. Mobile site - if you have a proper responsive site you don't actually need this as the site will work on mobile anyway. And I' told some people DL mods and mission on their phones so this would have all the features of the full site. 6. Tapatalk - this does not affect the site for people who don't want to use it. It is ONLY for people who have and want to use Tapatalk for forum access. It's really easy to set up, doesn't affect the forum at all (if you don't have Tapatalk you'll never know about it - TTLG forums have it enabled. Go have a look. You can't tell.).
  13. The site as it is isn't made for mobile, so the text looks small. If you zoom in to get bigger text you have to pan to read everything and the menu is too big to fit on screen. Simply increasing text size is not a solution to the usability issues with mobile viewing of this site, or many other sites. This is exactly why there are mobile or responsive versions of websites. When I say it looks fine I mean the layout and colours are fine. Have you personally viewed this site on a smartphone? I realise a mobile version isn't an absolute necessity but I'm trying to make the site more user friendly. You get by with a flip phone. I don't think you're my target audience. Fine, leave the downloads available for mobile. I think it'll be rarely used though. Tapatalk is free. Tapatalk Pro isn't. If you don't want to use it - don't use it. Enabling the forum for it only means that those that have and want to use Tapatalk can do so. How can that be a bad thing? I don't get the resistance here.
  14. The info from the Main page - what "The Dark Mod" is would be on the News, Team and Media pages. You haven't seen the page on smartphone have you? It's not user friendly and just increasing the text size doesn't help. I'm sorry, but your flip phone is out of date. Look at in on a modern Android or iPhone. ??? Are you seriously suggesting that people will download TDM on a mobile or tablet and then transfer it to their PC? When they get home? Are you suggesting that people will DL on their mobile data plans? I find this highly unlikely. Tapatalk is free. You don't have to use it - you can access the mobile version of the forums fine without it.
  15. I can only add 6 questions and if I kept the Don't like bit you HAVE to vote that don't like at least one. I didn't really understand how the poll system worked tbh.
  16. I don't think we should be using html tables at all though, if we can avoid it. The site is built on Wordpress and we should just use that. I don't understand this statement. Please can you clarify it?
  17. Sorry I had to alter the poll. I couldn't vote without selected at least one thing I didn't like so I've just made it one question. If someone knows a better way of doing it, let me know.
  18. So the main site layout is a few years old now and it hasn't really kept up with modern tech, and has some repeated info/inefficient info placement. It looks good on small screens, great on iPads and 7" Android tablets, and the forum has a nice mobile version. The style is great. I'm not suggesting any changes to it. But there are things I perceive as wrong with it, in terms of layout and function. The site is not responsive - it isn't centred so on a larger screen there is a lot of black space on the right side of the screen. Even on an 11"Mac Air one third of the screen is just black space. It should be centred and responsive to the device that is viewing it. The News should be the front page - sites should stay fresh and have their most recent content up front. The About page has very little unique info on it - this can be moved to a panel on the News and Team pages (which should be a standard template). There should be one Downloads page - the Mod DL page already links to the FM DL page. And the Mod DL page is multi-layered; you go to another page to get the DL instructions/install instructions. This is should all be made more transparent by having all the DL info on one page, just in separate panels. With larger screens/resolutions (which are the norm now) this can be side by side, on smaller devices a responsive site will put the FM section below the Mod section and the page can have a responsive menu and "Go to" buttons that only appear when on a smaller screen. I've made mock-ups so you can see examples of what it might look like. New layout (for News, Team and Media pages) which is a template: http://imgur.com/Z4WyNAt NB: There won't be an About section - that text can go in the Latest Missions panel that is probably unnecessary. Download page - larger screen: http://imgur.com/7xgcs7S Download page - for smaller screens: http://imgur.com/QrtoNiu There should be a mobile version - looking at the site on a mobile looks fine. But its hard to read because the text is too small. The mobile version doesn't need links to downloads because you're not going to be downloading on a mobile or tablet so it could just be News, Team and Media pages and a link to the Forum. Mobile forum - the mobile version is nice. But it doesn't let you go to the last post in a thread and for long threads this makes it all but unusable. I think we should enable the site for Tapatalk (http://tapatalk.com), the most popular forum app. It's a simple script that lets people use Tapatalk on mobile to access the forum. It doesn't affect the forum in any other way apart from an initial pop-up when you first go to the forum on you mobile, asking you if you want to get Tapatalk. That's it. Please vote on the things you like the sound of and if anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them.
  19. There are different lightning flashes, as in there are some from different sources (which is natural during a storm). The ones that light up where Garrett is all light up the light gem. The ones that don't light up where Garrett is don't light up the light gem. The light gem therefore resounds to the lightning.
  20. Started reading thread, Bikerdude hadn't turned up. Scroll to bottom. Ah, there you are. I've an i5 and a 660GTX. Any point in changing anything? I've had no issues with any games I play. I play on a 27" Samsung at 1080p.
  21. Whether people think the website should be changed. Links to the mock-ups to see what people think. Options to vote on the changes I've proposed.
  22. Can't tell how it plays but it looks very good. I had the sound of BTW.
  23. You thought Machete was supposed to be taken seriously? It's a parody. It came from the Grindhouse parody (fake) trailers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grindhouse_(film)#Machete
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