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  1. I'd love to be proved wrong Gleemonex. Thing is, I think that SS is a larger endeavour than TDM. At least with TDM as long as a couple of demo missions are made success will still be achieved. SS has to be a conversion of gametype and gameplay mechanics AND a campaign. I hope there is FM potential in it too.
  2. Morrowind's was fatally flawed in so many areas. AI, the economy, the combat system, quest breaking possiblities out of your control, some unbalanced spells. But what it did right was done so well one can forgive it. The vastness, the alchemy and the enchanting. The size and scope. I remember walking out onto the grassy plains to at the north for the 1st time. It was pure wow. If they really have sorted out the AI and the stealth this will be the best.
  3. I've only played the demo but the physics and the grav gun make for some great moments. There is so much potential with it. Death by flying wardrobe, LOL! And those new head crabs (I now count 4 different types) freak me out.
  4. Kind of. But more so sci-fi that has no basis in real science whatsoever and which then interacts with real scientific concepts in an stupid way. I can't think of an example because I just don't think that way You could say anything that seems magical, but it doesn't include psy powers (unless they try to explain them with stupid science).
  5. Yep. My thoughts too. Shame though, as the HUD looks great. One issue with mods like that is they are SP and so have to have a plot. Not so The Dark Mod, Alien Swarm or Nightblade. Sure there is an underlying plot, but SScar is an RPG of sorts, in the SS2 mold. I was part of The Shock Project team initially, but I bailed because I felt they were too disorganised (and I was v.impressed to see them continue for so long). But the other issue for me was. . . the plot. We had so many plot ideas and no one could agree on anything. In the end they kept what I felt were some really ghey ideas (mostly because I hate stupid science, sci-fi fine, stupid science no). That aspect of the mod is what is causing, and what will cause, difficulties.
  6. I don't so art. I only do site code. HTML, CSS and JavaScripts, although I like to avoid if at all possible since I also use the far superior PHP (and JS is not always cross-browser compatible, but PHP is). Oh, and of course mySQL. You've seen thiefpetition.com. That's all my hand coding. I don't do art though, and the colours are just those of the forums (I thought they looked nice ). I chose JScripts for site wide stuff there because it was easy and quick. And now there is no need to change it to PHP as the editor is on it's way and the site doesn't need any further work. I like this site. But the versions that whassisname did were pretty nice too. And I still cannot understand why you guys don't have thedarkmod.com. I'm also of the opinion that graphical links are bad, unless they are specially fudged to still work sans images/scripts. Eg, on this site removing images borks the menu. If you want to read without viewing the screens and whatnot you are screwed. You can't get to the forums either. Why would you want to do it? Many reasons - slow connection, machine has images turned off by admins/parents/ebil forces, resolution issues, browser issues. The only sites that can have heavy graphical interfaces are those that are all about graphics as if you can't see the interface there is no point being there anyway. Not so this site.
  7. ???? What do you mean "typical multiplayer, one against the others"? Thievery is many against many. Last night there were 2 of us thieves and 2 human guards. They can give the AI guards orders though. Dram - where did you hear that Nightblade will not have torches that can be taken out? And judt FYI - Nightblade now has 3 (yes three) teams, Guards, Thieves and Shades, some supernatural blood drinker things also capable of Thief-like stealth.
  8. I reckon it does need some doing. It's all nice and all but it could be improved upon, cleaned up. Shame that other guy got so. . . wierd.
  9. kyo, that work on your site is beautiful. The Dark Mod is certainly picking up the members. Good luck guys.
  10. Black cat have their own site, you don't need to go to the Thievery site. Check it: http://www.blackcatgames.com/ I think it is a better pointer than Thievery as TUT is one side of the Black Cat triad, and Alien Swarm did win Phase3 of the MSUR contest! In other news from my brain: I'm glad you guys have taking the line you have regarding copyright elements. The whole debacle with the Sapphire Scar is just disgusting. I can't believe they said it was disrespectful to use the SS2 name. Surely it is in homage. Twits. Beware the suits. Good luck.
  11. Well if you guys know what you are doing the Doom3 SDK release will allow for some serious alterations. I guess it'll come down to the limitations of the engine and, more importantly, the AI. If there is no TDS editor then the Dark Mod makes perfect sense. But if there IS a TDS editor then SP FMs will be made for it and Nightblade is already waaaaay ahead of you guys for the MP. It depends on the way it is done though. You have to realise that there would be massive crossover.
  12. Obviously I've been interested in this mod from the start but since I'm involved in some other issues I've not made any comments. The screens you've show so far are very nice. I don't recognise anyone on the team from other mods or FMs except ModeTwo from TUT and NB. How experienced are you guys? And how are you finding it? My main query is - what will you do if we get the TDS editor? There will be a bit of a software conflict with people making FMs for TDS whilst you guys work on this. Given that you have stated that this will only be out next year at the earliest do you not think that many of your ideas will be overtaken? Don't get me wrong - I'm not trying to bring a negative vibe - I'm just being realistic. I don't have Doom3 and won't get it until XMas at the earliest (as that is probably when I'll get my new gfx card). I have a NB/TDS map/FM in the works. It's really a SP FM but I can adapt it to NB MP. If the TDS editor is released I will make it for that 1st. But now I have an MP version designed I want to take to NB eventually anyway. And if there is no TDS editor then I'd love to make it for The Dark Mod as that is the only way the real atmosphere and plot will come out. Can someone explain the SDK/editor score with Doom3? What comes with it and what can you DL? And what are it's limitiation, what is it's scope?
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