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  1. How did you get to be such a cowardly person?

  2. Where do you want it? In the wiki? In that case I'll need access to it and I'll have a look and see what can be done. Do I have to create my own table or are there prefabbed, re-orderable ones built in?
  3. What size is it going to be? We could use a cloud storage service like Box or DropBox. Box lets you lock the content so no one can change it. I don't know how much you get for free with Box but DropBox gives 2Gb. We could set up a file structure and naming convention and small database of names, types, screenshots, etc so people know what they are getting when they DL. Alternatively just bung everything in there and let people just DL them all and sift through it themselves.
  4. I'd like to report some bugs please. I found a pair of door handles floating above the ground just near the church, to the right of where you come in past the horses, near the front entrance. I frobbed them and they just flew off. Later on in the church I found several doors without handles that I couldn't open. Don't know if that was intentional. The entire thing crashed when I entered a room with bookshelves on three of the walls. At least 3 anyway, it crashed before I could turn. It was a narrow room, very brightly lit, and was (I think) on the ground floor. The gamma and brightness settings from in game persisted after the crash and I had to recalibrate my monitor.
  5. Ha ha. No. I mean if this gets set up I'd administer it. I'll help with the setup, but I can't do it all on my own! The first question is - where with this all be hosted?
  6. So this is the type of thing I was thinking of. Seems I can't embed images so they are links. Look at them fullscreen to see the detail. The main page as the news page with a panel for reviews/comments/"pingbacks", a panel for the links and a panel that lists the latest missions. The main news panel could be scrollable. http://imgur.com/Z4WyNAt This would be the same template for the About Page. The Media page can stay the same as it is. Now the Download section. First as full-width. http://imgur.com/7xgcs7S And here as minimum width for people with small screens. http://imgur.com/QrtoNiu The background is a placeholder just to give you an idea of faded edges though I'd want them much more faded than that. I'm not a graphics artist though
  7. How are FMs hosted now? What's the structure? Its looks like id indexed pages in a WordPress style. You could just have a table, that's manually altered, with names, type, screenshots and links to the actual file. You could have a database that is the same thing, but will be easier to manage and is searchable. You could have full blown, dedicated refab hosting solution that holds all the information AND the actual prefab files. Now iirc I did a table indexing thing for TDM some years ago. Does anyone remember that? If you use that as a reference point lets see what we can come up with. I'd do it.
  8. I forget who did this version of the site? Was it Greebo? Before doing anything this should be put up for consultation with everyone else. And I'll see if I can whip up some mock-ups. That's what I was thinking. The Clock should stay in the top left, and the site can expand around it. the background image can be faded to black over the last 15-20% of the right edge. You could even have a right hand glow or pattern that fades in only when the site is really wide, like on 1080p and bigger. The title would stay in line with the left edge of the main content box.
  9. The layout is nice, especially the clock which is f*cking fantastic actually. Every time I see it I'm reminded of the awesome feeling I got when I first fired up TDM and the menu music kicked in. I damn near teared up it was so beautiful. It looks good. It just think that there are few things that could be updated from an practical and functional point of view. The left-justified nature of the site looks great on an iPad or a Nexus 7. But on a larger screen it just seems very old fashioned, especially as it's a straight cut-off. If you have a look at The Circle (the TTLG site) you can see that they tried to accommodate for this by having a wide image that would fill the screen to the right even on larger monitors, whilst not messing up the main layout. Even that has been surpassed in width now, even on a 13' Mac Air! My suggestion: centre the site and increase it's default width. Make it responsive so it still looks good on a smaller screen. I don't think TDM needs a fully mobile site, but it wouldn't hurt. No one is going to download anything on a mobile but having a mobile version of the site for information purposes would be nice. And the forums don't seem to be Tapatalk enabled. My suggestion: a mobile version of the site, that's cut down and arranged just for mobile. Tapatalk integration including a link to Tapatalk from the mobile version of the site. The structure of the site could be improved, especially if you're widening the default frame. Ditch the Main section and replace it with News. Have the Reviews (which should be renamed "what people are saying" or something like that since they aren't full reviews and don't link to reviews) as a panel and the Pingbacks/Comments as a panel. In actual fact these should be combined into one section and the Reviews should definitely have links back to the original documents.Instead of the Main section, which tells visitors what TDM is, have an About section. The Download and Missions pages can be combined into Download with a subtitle "Get TDM & Missions" in smaller text or something. The Download section already has a link back to the Missions page, which tells you that they are closely allied sections. Again, with a wider default you could have side by side panels for TDM, Source code, etc and Missions. So you end up with News, About, Download, Forums, Team, Media. And the media page needs updating. And put the GotY logo in the top right corner, opposite the clock and paste it again on the top of reviews panel. In answer to your question Bikerdude - yeah, I'd help with it. Always happy to help on stuff like this. Been trying to get the TTLG main page sorted out for a few weeks now, along with others at TTLG, which is why it's changed (still not happy with it but they're a little less proactive at change over there). I've tried to get the TDM GotY win announced in a news bit on the main page but as you can see, it's still not happened
  10. Apart from the original Thief's? I really like the mood pieces in Half-Life 2. The fact I remember them all this time later is testament to how great I found them. Recently The Last of Us has impressed me with it's mood pieces. Really very delicate and high quality. And I recently discovered the soundtrack to Electronic Super Joy, which I haven't even played! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDia1v5F59U I really like this indie game revival and some of the music coming along with it is great. Hotline Miami had a particularly memorable soundtrack, eg. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy3CVP_LlAk
  11. Hi guys, I know it's been a long time since I've been over here (and many of you have had antagonistic communication over at TTLG with me ) but you know, I love TDM because, well it's awesome. I was really pleased to see the mod of the year win and I came over to the main site and guess what? It's not on the front page. Okay, it's on the news page, but that's at least a click away. I think main page could do with a bit of an overhaul, and getting the Mod of the Year somewhere obvious and visible would be part of that. Why not center the page? On a widescreen display there is a lot of real estate wasted and although the main idea is really important the news should, imho, be front and center. The Pingbacks could be a sidebar... I dunno. I think it needs an overhaul. And that Mod of the Year needs to be up in the corner permanently or something!
  12. Cruelty? Really? "faux fundraising campaign"? I was genuinely trying to raise money for a new computer for you. I had set aside £100 (about $164) for it, AND I really was going to buy you a copy of Thief 4 to play on it. Other people were already on board with chipping in and it was only your and Goldmoon's behaviour that put the bosh on it. In retrospect I'm glad it turned out that way [moderator edit] I know about your medical problems and I know it's been hard for you. We're members of the same forums because we both loved the same game. There is some sort of kinship in that, no matter what our differences. You've talked about your difficulties many times and we all knew it wasn't going to be easy for you to just raise $1500 for a new gaming machine. I'm really surprised at you to be honest. [moderator edit] And to suggest that I'll buy an "extra" copy to "nullify" your boycott is the most self-important bs I've read in long while. I don't think Thief 4 is going to be anywhere near what a true Thief game should be. I expect it to be a big disappointment. There is just no way that it will give us an experience that is anywhere like that we get from TDM or Thief 1 and 2. But to let our differences (me wanting to wait and give it a chance at least, and you wanting to pour all your sadness and bile and disappointment with the world all over it) mean that you mistrust an act of altruism so much that you post crap about me over here, calling my efforts to get you something I thought you might enjoy (especially as you've lots of problems) a "hoax" and cruel? It's beyond the pale. And don't trawl out that old "I don't want your charity, mang" rubbish. I was trying to be nice. And you don't deserve any charity. Edit: I notice you've edited your sig to include the "get over yourself" location I temporarily set at TTLG forums. I did that on purpose to see if you were frequenting TTLG and following my posts, and you fell for it. All it shows is that you do go to TTLG, no matter how much you moan about it here, that you did read this post and that you do know where to find and contact me. And yet you still refuse to engage, to discuss this or to apologise for what you know is your own wrongdoing. All this proves is what a bad person you are, and what a coward you are. You know I'll engage in a reasonable discussion about this, you know I'd accept a sincere apology because you saw how tenacious I was in the initial thread where I offered to help you out. You saw how reasoned I was about what I was trying to do in the face of other people being horrible about it. This is, of course, fabulous for your already shining reputation as a level headed and reasonable person and doesn't make you look bad at all. Be an adult. Stop being a coward.
  13. There is a missing movement option in Thief 3 - lean. It's a sidestep which is different to lean as it breaks stealth in darkness and you can step off an edge. TBH with all the latest news I just can't wait for the standalone version of TDM. I'm going to upgrade my computer again soon and do a fresh install of everything so I hope TDM is ready as standalone because I really want to get some Thieving on!
  14. This isn't a feature of T2 missions on Expert. I play everything on Expert and that doesn't happen. It might have happened once (I can't remember) but it is most certainly not a given.
  15. The info may be there but is it anywhere else? I ask because I don't read the threads for fear of spoilers - I just DL the missions and play them. It doesn't say on the objectives screen that you'll have no weapons when you select expert.
  16. Just started this and I appear to have no weapons or tools. Is this right or is there some problem with my install?
  17. Hi guys, I'd like to help with the website. I know everyone is busy with other stuff and I thought I might be able to give some input, help with updates and so on. Subjective Effect Seriously.
  18. David has and will be tweaking it. I like it now but it was awful to start with.
  19. This was attempted. Well, not with TDM but with D3 - http://www.moddb.com/mods/sapphire-scar It was shut down by the IP holders. Be aware.
  20. I appreciate something that whilst giving the player clues as to how to complete the mission also tells a compelling story itself. And if it has emotional impact that is all the better. Case in point: The 7th Crystal. This is one of my favourite FMs and not just from a gameplay POV. In fact the map and the gameplay are just ok. Its a solid mansion mission but that plot adds such a great flavour to it all. I'll put up a summary here with spoiler tags. Only read if you have no intention of playing it, please, because you don't want to spoil this for yourself. Briefly This is told through multiple small readables. There are no 8 pagers, I don't think, and it was much easier to digest this way. In addition it's almost like an evolving story because you put the pieces together yourself. If I ever get around to making my 2 FMs you'll get the plot delivered this way and to me the plot is actually as important as any other aspect of my FMs plans. Anyway, 7th Crystal is a fricking masterwork imho and the level of detail, the care and attention, and the emotions it stirs are right up there. I need to play some more Thief 2 FMs because some of the plots were :drool: This was always one of the great things about the Thief FM scene - there were people doing interesting stuff with it, not just sneak and steals. Benny's Dead is another one with an interesting side plot (the scientist's discovery of the "sewer people") which is both spooky as hell but and incidental, yet somehow integral, to the main story.
  21. Vista Home Premium Intel Core2Duo E6600 @2.4GHz 4GB Corsair GeForce 8800GTS 184Mb 8.16.0011.9062 No installation problems. Running at max res according to TDM settings page though it looks like 1650x which I think is the case because I just copied over an old beta-test install in which I'd custom set it. Bloom on, no problems, smooth as you like. FPS unknown but likely 30ish due to smoothness. Summary: perfect. Looks fantastic, plays fantastic.
  22. I'm dreaming of undead and especially the Revenant.
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