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  1. 18 minutes ago, STiFU said:

    Finally decided to give Death to Spies a shot, as I felt that itch for some espionage. Since this series isn't rated so well, I figured I'll start with part 2, the best rated one, to see if DTS is something for me at all. I am on mission 2. So far it's fun and I love the athmosphere. Feels really authentic when you put on an SS-uniform and then all of a sudden all soldiers shout their nazi-greetings at you.

    Some of the "German"-signs are pretty funny, 'though. For example, there was one sign that reads "Achtung. Hohe Anstrengung", which is supposed to mean "warning, high voltage", but it actually translates to "Warning, highly strenuous effort". :D The correct german translation would be "Achtung, Hochspannung".

    Those German language sign textures were actually changed to correct these mistakes in AHO's Unofficial German translation patch for MoT, which I adapted in the MoTmod Enhancement Addon.

  2. Thanks for that grayman. Hopefully by the time the version after 2.09 comes out, I'll have a new computer and a newer version of Photoshop (been using 5.0 on this computer for nearly a decade now, it was a work copy that I can't reinstall anymore since we've moved), so hopefully I'll have better luck trying to recreate something like your logos.

  3. The first Fan Mission of 2.08 that I'll cover on my channel is The Factory Heist, but I need to update the logo. grayman, do you have it prepared for me? If so, can you send it to me as soon as possible please? Thanks.

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  4. It is already on PC, came out the same day as the console ports. It's not entirely stealth, but there are some pretty interesting concepts.


    I find it best to compare it to Velvet Assassin - it's linear and you cannot save at any time (it saves at a checkpoint, making it frustrating to reach one checkpoint to another without being detected or killed).

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