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  1. I'll gladly beta test it. The William Steele missions are my favorite TDM campaign of all time.
  2. Version 1.5 of the mission is up, and it is the last update to Version 1 I will release. The next update will be version 2, which will open up the base and expand the area outside. I'll also post two screenshots of the second Fan Mission I'm working on, which is codenamed Project Grossman. It is the titular Dr. Grossman's office, which is 100% complete. I'm currently working on the main building.
  3. Here's my video playthrough of Sir Taffsalot's Sword:
  4. Remember how I reported in 2.05 that there's a bug which affects the mission results in Closemouthed Shadows if you quicksave once? Well, I inadvertently discovered a further development of this bug. Apparently, this affects the mission results of any mission if you don't quickload once after you quicksave once. I was recording The Elixir, and I thought I was lucky not having to reload a save, but of course, I was greeted by the same mission results bug from Closemouthed Shadows, thus having to re-record The Elixir all over again, delaying its upload to YouTube. I hope this helps, as it's stil
  5. It's been months in the making, but finally, here's a playthrough of The Elixir:
  6. It's still saturated, no matter what I try to do. It's got to be an issue with the font used. I'm definitely going to skip Coercion now.
  7. Where can I find GUI scaling values? Also, my processor is an IntelCore i5-2500, seven years old.
  8. It's like that on all aspect ratios.
  9. Okay, the problems with the text are still there even with Soft Shadows turned off. Do you think it could be something that can easily be fixed on my end? I read something about outdated GUIs, could that be the problem? I'm not going to re-cover Coercion with this problem, it makes the experiment logs impossible to read.
  10. I've been playing Coercion, and the text on the Experiment Logs saturates when you read them. I've also noticed the same problem with a note in the kitchen in Full Moon Fever. I'm running the original 32-bit version of TDM with Soft Shadows set to Very High.
  11. forlik moved his MoTmod from GitHub to Google Drive long ago, perhaps it would be an alternative for you?
  12. You can count on me. I'm currently preparing to upload TDM videos again, so I'm currently devoting time to TDM.
  13. There's no Mode option, there's only Window and Window Match Priority.
  14. There's no Capture any fullscreen application option in Window Capture.
  15. I'm currently testing out The Dark Mod on OBS. Unfortunately, footage from the game doesn't show up properly no matter what I do. Bikerdude or anyone else who uses OBS to record TDM, can you please tell me what settings you use and what type of Scenes you use for your footage (Game Capture, Display Capture etc.)? I'm using the default, 32-bit version of the TDM application. Thank you.
  16. Shit, it's not a 2.06 issue after all - part of the door is covered by MonsterClip.
  17. This doorway (on the right-hand side when exiting the nave).
  18. I don't know if this is a 2.06 issue or not, but in Tears of Saint Lucia, there's at least one guard who gets stuck in the same doorway. Played it twice, same result. Because of this, I won't be re-covering A New Job and Tears of Saint Lucia.
  19. I'm now in a position to make high definition videos, and with a change in recording and editing software, I would like to hear some feedback on how to improve the intros for each TDM video. I've been criticized for having my intros solely nearly 1 minute of the title card before the actual gameplay footage starts. How can I best address this? Also, should I change describing TDM as a total conversion mod for Doom 3 in the descriptions?
  20. Thanks, grayman. I used Photoshop to try my hand at making it myself. I use Elements 5.0, however.
  21. Now that TDM 2.06 is out, I'm gradually getting ready to upload videos again. Unfortunately, I need some help with typing "2.06" in the Dark11 font. Please compare the attached images. What am I doing wrong?
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