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  1. Already encountered a bug with the menu music - there's a typo (twis03_full.ogg) when it's supposed to be "twins03_full.ogg".
  2. Sign me up, I replayed Act 1 some time ago when I heard you were almost done with Act 2, and I don't have much to do at the moment.
  3. Crap, you serious? Man... I'm actually waiting for Goldwell's next chapter to Shadows of Northdale.
  4. Plus popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers like Funhaus target their shit towards those five year olds! They're very bad for us hardcore stealth gamers!
  5. So they're remastering a title. Have they actually announced a new game? Is Kalypso some company you can trust? And of course, there's no links from high profile gaming sites (aka. the corrupt, incompetent faces of the gaming industry).
  6. What do you mean Commandos is getting a proper remake?
  7. I'm going to work out what Soft Shadows setting is best for my computer. I had the settings on High, that may explain the FPS.
  8. grayman, have you prepared a 2.07 logo for me? Now that 2.07 is out, I'm going to redo some of my earlier videos now that I've switched my in-game resolution, but my first video of 2.07 is going to be a HD replay of Closemouthed Shadows, as that bug with the quicksaves has been fixed. Thanks.
  9. I think I should wait until 2.07 is released in its final form and see if that issue is fixed. Although it really is a nitpick, like I said I have standards to abide by. Besides, I ended up being really busy this Christmas, having officially received Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas.
  10. Okay, good mission, glad you added some new things, however I now cannot cover this Fan Mission - why did you change the font of the thief's correspondence to the very font which oversaturates causing the note to be a bit illegible? I'm sorry, but as much as I'd have loved to cover this today, I just simply can't, I have standards to abide by.
  11. Bethesda has removed DRM from both Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider today. I noticed an update was held in queue yesterday and was scheduled to be downloaded today.
  12. I've actually been working on it for three years, but I still haven't figured out what the overall layout of the level is going to be, not to mention I don't know much about architecture. I also haven't got all the voice actors yet and I'm way too busy with other projects. I find it much easier to work on a Death to Spies Fan Mission than a Dark Mod one, sadly. But I am working on it, and as a matter of fact I have just resumed working on it. NeonsStyle has also helped me out a bit.
  13. He does them for free, as he stated he did voicework for my upcoming FM.
  14. In Mission 3 (The Art Of Revenge), the vents you use to sneak into the museum make a beep sound when you frob them. It sounds like something that belongs in Neon Struct rather than TDM. Any others getting this bug in 2.06?
  15. Okay, I've played your updated version, and I've noticed a bug which happens in stairways after dmapping - just the cellar stairway though. BTW, what other changes did you make? I only played on Normal.
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