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  1. It sounds like you might have an ageing power supply. This has happened to me a couple times, even on my current computer.
  2. I have posted my first high definition gaming videos, showcasing a new possibility implemented into Alekhine's Gun with Version 0.05 of the Enhancement Addon - players can now get the Ghost rating on all missions while at the same time acquiring all disguises required for the Chameleon achievement. The playlist will be posted here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfMTlTF1-_PqG2UniQm8dr0KZRtclQtx8 Please consider watching each video, and share them around. It's really hard for people to discover a video. Thank you.
  3. I'm getting advice from NeonsStyle, I'll be sticking to OBS. I'm going to purchase the full license to Adobe Premiere Elements 13, hopefully tomorrow.
  4. This has been brought up time and time again - it's a 2.05 issue. They changed the way those purses are meant to be frobbed, which breaks picking them up on existing maps.
  5. I'm finally getting ready to abandon Fraps and switch to OBS, and at NeonsStyle's recommendation, I've downloaded Adobe Premiere Elements 13. Does anyone know what sort of codecs are considered YouTube-friendly for high definition, and how do I save a video for high definition in Adobe Premiere Elements 13? Thanks.
  6. Version 1.4 of the mission is up, and so is v0.05 of the Enhancement Addon. Version 1.4 contains some slightly modified versions of the vanilla SWDs for A Mole Among Us and Omerta, to adapt to changes made to the Actors.shadvs file for Addon v0.05. So if you have the latest version of the Addon installed first, DO NOT overwrite the following files: Levels\Hotel\Hotel.SWD Levels\Level02\Level02.SWD
  7. Played the updated version, still can't finish the mission on Hard. Like the extra lighting.
  8. Okay, I've tried to complete the mission on Hard difficulty, and the mission doesn't end when I approach the north east gate even though I've completed all objectives. It was like that even during beta. Also, the cook just stays in the dining room.
  9. Seriously, fuck these scumbag companies! And yes, the fact that many people would rather play COD, GTA, Minecraft, Nintendo games etc. than a single fucking stealth game. Makes my efforts to promote my mods harder.
  10. I sure as hell would love to, as well. It's such a shame most games don't get official level editors or modding support. At least we've got a level editor for Alekhine's Gun, that's closest to an official level editor for Hitman as we can get.
  11. Yet ironically, it got immediately picked up by the Content ID system upon upload.
  12. I noticed that some of my videos have been briefly blocked in Finland, of all places, such as my playthrough of Briarwood Manor due to the music which plays in the library. Here's what I found on Wikipedia about why it happened: It's no longer blocked in Finland, thankfully.
  13. Version 1.2 of the mission is up. I'll also announce that I have two more Fan Missions planned with the Template level as a base, not related to this one. Work on one of them has started a while ago. I'm codenaming it "Project Grossman". It will contain several minor BioShock references, and will contain traces of seamen...
  14. I have released v1.1 of this mission. Thank you Taquito for the improved Spanish translations.
  15. And here's the playthrough I promised, which also happens to be my 700th video:
  16. Wow, didn't think you'd release it that quick! I'll see if I can post a playthrough as soon as possible.
  17. Indeed it is! And here's a Saboteur playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJpl9siYPDg Click here to find out more about my fan mission: http://www.haggardgames.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1639 I'll be updating this mission as time goes on - I would actually like a proper Spanish translator for this mission as I used Google Translate for that language's text files.
  18. You thought AG was dead? Think again! Here's a playthrough of this mission on Hard difficulty: If you like this video, please share it around. We need to attract as much attention to the game's level editor as possible.
  19. No it's not, the name is just a coincidence.
  20. Good to see it's finally coming out months after beta testing.
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