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  1. I was cut off from the Internet for a while as a consequence of relocation. I passed some of the time replaying a few TDM missions, and I noticed two bugs. The first is in Closemouthed Shadows. When you quicksave, the results at the end of the mission all show zeroes and the number of saves show as -1. The second has to do with guards with pro helmets. When looking at them from a distance, it appears as though they're wearing City Watch helmets. Must be some oversight with the LOD model. Don't know if this applies to all guard head variants with pro helmets. I only noticed this with the head "atdm:ai_head_baseguard_prohelmet". Can anyone else clarify this please? Thanks.
  2. I'm also looking for a voice actress for my FM. I decided I want all the lines done with a Maiden character in mind. I was hoping to find Amber and ask her about it, but I can ask whoever is offering. But first, I'll wait for some samples.
  3. V-Man told me you were doing an FM, but you had trouble with getting the cinematic finished, or something. I don't normally do beta testing on other people's work, but please sign me up for this one. I'm getting bummed out.
  4. Yes, she did the Lady voice, while RedLeaf did Lady02.
  5. As far as I know, RedLeaf is still active at TTLG, not on this forum. I've been trying to contact Amber for my FM, Biker claims Springheel sent me the link to her, but I have never received anything of the sort.
  6. Amber did the Maiden vocals, RedLeaf did the Wench ones.
  7. Yes they are, but they don't get taken down and I don't monetize my videos, so I don't complain.
  8. Copyright strike or Content ID claim? If it's a Content ID claim and your video is still up, don't bother trying to dispute it as it will always lead to a strike. My experience with Content ID claims is occasionally they will disappear and reappear. EDIT: Just check my Content ID claims for my House of Locked Secrets Part 2 video, and this same claim is listed along with RM_5240_19 Celestial Winds-13954, and my video is still up (haven't got these on my Requiem video, however). If your video hasn't been removed, it shouldn't be really much to worry about.
  9. Because I wanted to give the atmosphere of a TV program. Also, I felt that the best time to cut the music was at the moment when it's about to play the piano tune.
  10. Here's my YouTube walkthrough of it: [video=youtube]
  11. I noticed that AIs can see you in complete darkness when they're standing really close to you. In A New Job, I tried to hide in the kitchen corner, but the maid comes over there and stays for a while, in which time she notices me and begins investigating. Also in Tears of Saint Lucia, when I get into a position to wait for a guard to come close to me, they comment that they see something as they come close. I believe it has to do with the coding changes to the light gem in 2.05.
  12. Does this apply to every Fan Mission, or just those two missions?
  13. I've never had problems with ambient music. Also, can anyone answer my question about how the tweaked light gem affects AIs seeing the player up close in complete shadow?
  14. Here's a playthrough of both introductory missions: [video=youtube] [video=youtube] One thing that's bothering me is, can AIs now suspect your presence when you're up close to them from the front even when the light gem is dark? I know you recoded how the light gem works, but I noticed that I tried to hide from the maid in A New Job by hugging the kitchen corner, and yet she still suspects you while she stands there, up close. Is this the result of the new light gem mechanics?
  15. Thanks, grayman. Can you tell me what font you use so I don't have to keep asking when a new version of TDM comes out please?
  16. You have to frob the lock first and then use the mousewheel.
  17. Okay, with 2.05 released, I'm almost ready to record playthroughs of both introductory missions. Can someone please change the "4" with "5"? Consult this for reference:
  18. Even if the original layout of Tears of Saint Lucia is kept, I'll still upload a replay of it for 2.05. I do hope the third mission eventually gets released.
  19. I tried to install 2.05, but during the update, Trend Micro blocked the updater and I can't click on it anymore without bringing up the Trend Micro warning. Anyone else getting it?
  20. Mortem Desino was the one who recorded the drunk vocal set. Also, you already have Engineer voice clips in Volta and the Stone. They weren't good enough? And are these new voice clips adding to the existing ones (guard conversation, conversation between Percy and the guard captain)?
  21. I'm one step ahead of you. After some investigating, I've set the Administrative tab to Russian and now I can properly view Cyrillic text in the ShadScript tool. Thanks for your suggestions.
  22. It's not just Notepad, it's with every program. The in-game Russian text in Alekhine's Gun is fine, but viewing them through the files only brings up gibberish. And with Alekhine's Gun, the only program I have to use to add new subtitles is the ShadScript tool, everything else just screws up the file in question.
  23. Does anyone know how to make Russian text register in Notepad and other programs? I'm currently planning to translate some new text I've implemented into Alekhine's Gun, and viewing Cyrillic text in Notepad and other programs registers as gibberish. For example: Óäîñòîâåðèòüñÿ ÷òî ïðåäàòåëü ïåðåäàë äîêóìåíòû I want to know exactly what I'm looking for before searching for it, because I don't want to risk infecting my computer with malware again. I know at least two people who will help me translate things, I'm just looking for a Russian language pack or something that will help me register Russian text. Can anyone help please? Thanks.
  24. Yes, the heart makes a return. Also, been playing a bit of Dishonored 2 yesterday. It seems guards can notice missing loot and open doors now, just like in TDM.
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