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  1. I'm one step ahead of you. After some investigating, I've set the Administrative tab to Russian and now I can properly view Cyrillic text in the ShadScript tool. Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. It's not just Notepad, it's with every program. The in-game Russian text in Alekhine's Gun is fine, but viewing them through the files only brings up gibberish. And with Alekhine's Gun, the only program I have to use to add new subtitles is the ShadScript tool, everything else just screws up the file in question.
  3. Does anyone know how to make Russian text register in Notepad and other programs? I'm currently planning to translate some new text I've implemented into Alekhine's Gun, and viewing Cyrillic text in Notepad and other programs registers as gibberish. For example: Óäîñòîâåðèòüñÿ ÷òî ïðåäàòåëü ïåðåäàë äîêóìåíòû I want to know exactly what I'm looking for before searching for it, because I don't want to risk infecting my computer with malware again. I know at least two people who will help me translate things, I'm just looking for a Russian language pack or something that will help me register Russian text. Can anyone help please? Thanks.
  4. Yes, the heart makes a return. Also, been playing a bit of Dishonored 2 yesterday. It seems guards can notice missing loot and open doors now, just like in TDM.
  5. My playthroughs of both parts are finally here: [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
  6. I got bored, so I got round to trying out the latest version. Thanks for now making it possible to explore the bilge deck without knocking out anyone. I'll see if I can make my playthroughs before 2.05 comes around. PS. Great, played Invernesse on Expert and I find that the light at the entrance to the jail is on, meaning I have to knock out the jailer. Oh well...
  7. What the... But you only released 2.04 not that long ago!
  8. I downloaded the updated FM, but when the first level loads, it says "aas_rat is out of date". Does that affect anything?
  9. I'm also getting this bug, it practically delays making an Expert playthrough of this mission.
  10. You know what's funny, this is the ONLY valuable that the guards will react to it going missing! God damn it, why couldn't you have made them notice other disappearances?
  11. Here's a playthrough of Coercion: [video=youtube]
  12. Here's a playthrough video of PD3: [video=youtube] This also happens to be the first video of TDM 2.04. I also found a couple of bugs during recording, keep an eye out for annotations.
  13. No, because there may come a time when a newer version of TDM makes previous missions I've covered work differently (or a newer version of said missions is released). For example, I hear there's talk of a revamp of The Tears of Saint Lucia.
  14. I'm ready to prepare myself for a couple of Let's Play videos of The Dark Mod 2.04. Can someone please change the title card now that I'm no longer covering 2.03? For reference, see the attachment. Thanks!
  15. So I guess it has joined Alekhine's Gun in terms of sales...
  16. Um, you're going to have to change a few names, we don't want any copyright issues!
  17. Hang on, is this the same Redleaf who voiced the wench and lady02 characters?
  18. The level editor was available from Day One.
  19. You can now get a free content update, made to celebrate Frozenbyte's 15th anniversary. The update is named "Escape From The Castle", and has new reversed levels, with hidden treasure maps.
  20. Okay, thanks for your replies. I've sorted out the problem. UPDATE: It turns out I can only use the plugins to export 3dsMax models to the game, not view them on 3dsMax. But I'll keep it, I might try my hand at making new Shad models at some stage.
  21. It's a Service Pack, it'll only update the program which I haven't even got, therefore I can't use it (I downloaded it anyway).
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