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  1. I dont intend to be a negative poster and please don't flame me..but I am very frustrated with the first part of the first mission. I understand I need to cross the pit of zombies to get a key - that I needed to cross there was obvious and I've been trying for some time but can't make any of the jumps save the first one. I'm sorry but Mario-esque games arent what i want in my thief games. Now Im a long time thief fan and get the rooftop jump thing, but hey Emil is a really good personal friend of mine and even the most hardcore of the thief team did all they could to avoid "platforming" sequences. I am just frustrated at what seems to be a great mission marred by a design choice that is so peculiar... trying mission 2 and 3 with the hopes the plumber sequences are absent.
  2. thank you so much. all working perfectly now. sorry i missed that in the FAQ
  3. First off - really excited about this and want to support this effort - props to the team and thanks. I feel totally ignorant but cannot figure out how to get the 3 FM missions to show up. The training mission is working fine but there are no others to load. I've downloaded the three FM missions and extracted them into the doom3\darkmod\fms directory. It's weird but nowhere in the .zip files are an actual PK4 file and the extraction process doesnt create a folder with the mission name and a pk4 file inside it like the training mission. What am I missing? any help is appreciated. BishopTx
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