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  1. Went and stood on the balcony outside, no change. No matter, I know I did what's needed, that's good enough for me.
  2. When the completionist challenge didn't check off, I eventually came here to see what I was missing. Your first post listed the objectives, so that's how I knew. Unfortunately I have now done all main objectives (except returning home of course) and all 6 optional objectives that you list as required for the challenge, but the challenge objective does not tick off? Does the completionist challenge require all the other challenges to be done as well?
  3. You misunderstand, I know how to do it, but I don't have the objective at all. It is still hidden. What do I have to do to get the objective in my list in the first place?
  4. Trying to do the completionist challenge and have done all the hidden objectives except one where I can't figure out how to get the objective.
  5. Great mission, but i'm stuck. I can only find 6 crystals and i have absolutely no clue where the missing ones are. Please help.
  6. Actually i found a thread on this forum about this problem http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/13126-openal-error-while-eax-is-on/ but unfortunately it was never resolved. I have the same problem with Business as Usual V2 and St. Albans Cathedral V1.6. Oddly i don't have the problem with St. Albans Cathedral V1.3. So something was changed from v1.3 to v1.6 of that mission that causes this. Maybe Bikerdude has an idea about changes that could cause this? Anyways i can now play the mission and have done so, and enjoyed it immensely!
  7. Yes briefing and shop are fine, it crashes just before entering the mission proper. Anyway i did some testing and found that it's sound related. I'm using a Soundblaster X-FI card, so i use OpenAL/EAX in DarkMod/Doom3. If i change settings to not use OpenAL/EAX the mission starts normally. So something sound related in this mission makes it crash and the console output confirms it: ******************** ERROR: idSoundCache: error generating OpenAL hardware buffer ******************** But this is the only DarkMod mission this has happened with, so something must be different in this mission to trigger it. I have attached console dumps with OpenAL/EAX enabled (condump_OpenAl_crash.txt) and OpenAL/EAX disabled (condump_noOpenAL_ok.txt). Maybe you can see something in them, that helps. condump_OpenAl_crash.txt condump_noOpenAL_ok.txt
  8. Nope, it's already set to English as it has always been.
  9. Yes, i'm running 1.07. Just ran tdm_update.exe to confirm and it reported "All files are up to date".
  10. Hmm, apparently i'm the only one having problems even starting this mission. I get to the static text "Mission Loading - Please Wait" part and then after a short while, i'm staring at the main menu of The Dark Mod with no sound. No error messages or anything, it just aborts the mission for some reason. I have never seen this behavior before with DarkMod and i just played through "House of Theo" and "Sneak and Destroy" without any problems what so ever. Any help will be appreciated.
  11. First off, congratulations on the release of what looks to set new standards for Dark Mod missions. But i have a big problem in mission 1 playing on Difficult. I'm almost done but suddenly on my way to the exit point the mission fails the Don't kill anyone objective. I have just knocked out everyone and placed their bodies in various dark corners, so what on earth triggers this fail? This unfortunately happens with my last quicksave and my previous hardsave is an hour old.
  12. Thanks Stumpy, but you didn't answer my main question regarding the objective. Where/How do i find the out what officially happened to Lord Dufford? Regarding the great hall:
  13. Is no one able to help me? Not even the author? Feeling a little ignored here: Link to my post with questions
  14. Thanks for this very nice mission, it is really great to have such a large area to explore. But i need some help, with one of the objectives: Find out what officially happened to Lord Dufford. I believe i have read everything but i'm obviously missing something. Also a couple of things that puzzle me:
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