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  1. And coincidentally since this is a church, happy easter, I just came back from a magnificent play, and coincidentally since komag's bday was recently and he reminds me of the church, happy bday komag.
  2. Remember in like 2004 or 2005 there was a demo of unreal engine 3 or maybe 4 where the big monster was illuminated with many colours and there were boxes made to look like plastic, silver, gold, asphalt, present boxes, etc, what was it? That seemed really impressive, people might have gotten the idea that's recent. There were pictures of ruined stone ornate houses with lots of polygons.
  3. Maybe it's fun to occasionally realize mine in a dream si j'ai pris une douche personnellement, mais ce n'est pas douché.
  4. Sounds about right. I can only offer a guess that the water arrow crystal is a thin crystalline shell containing a liquid. The liquid when combined with air (which happens in a second with the 'whoosh' sound when the crystal breaks, like sulfur trioxide combines with water to form sulfuric acid, with the catalyst for it to happen rapidly contained in the liquid) now has the capacity to dissolve the crystal shell. This liquid also changes the colour of blood from red to transparent or grayish by changing the oxidation level of iron attached to hemoglobin molecules (like bleaching), (you all know different oxidation levels of metals cause different colours, right?). This liquid also acts like a surfactant to lower the viscosity of blood and all together it seeps into the crack between the bricks, stones, marble tiles, wooden boards, or the ground. Unlike in asian and warm countries where people went barefoot in houses and had clean floors, in Europe people slept on beds because they were clean had no rats or cockroaches and were warmer than the ground, similarly people always wore outside footwear, and were not afraid of dropping crumbs while eating a bun on the rug, the bedroom floor or any other floor and any other small trash. For that reason guards wouldn't be surprised to see some mossy trash in a semilit area, nor would they look down much. On bright tiles - that's just the way they programmed the game, it bothered me too, maybe it'll be different this time, who knows.
  5. because he admitted to stealing the idea from some japanese book he read.
  6. Over half of my dreams involve flying or telekinesis like opening doors before I approach them or pulling a small item into my hands, which might indicate I'm on some level aware it's a dream, but I never care it's a dream, because I continue doing the same mindless things. Sexual encounters in my dreams are very rare, twice in my life. I too, find the normal waking-up time perfect for attempts. Sometimes in the afternoon i rest my head on my stack of books in a quiet room and I see absolutely clear sunlit image of something. On many occasions I see and try to read text, it must be clear, if it gets slightly blurry it means I lost control over it. Frequently it's not in English, rather Latin, German, or Occitan. Sometimes it's clear without changing for a long time and I read it over and over again to remember it, but I am so deep in sleep that when I wake up i remember two words at best, or nothing. Sometimes I'm marginally asleep and I try to read it with access to my waking consciousness, but after a second it becomes blurry and I drift closer to waking up.
  7. Or have it that when you kill a quest NPC he becomes his body double or twin or a random stranger, while the real guy didn't come to office today, is home with a cold, and you can still finish the quest.
  8. Everything Russian was inconsequential. Given the subtitles no reason not to like the Russian speech. What audio translations do you mean, the horrible English some people had? That was intentional, the main character is the foreigner here, it is in Ukraine after all. I was gleefully hoping my understanding of Russian would give me a tactical advantage in some situations, but, no such luck.
  9. I used to be fanatical about the idea of creating music by creating and changing samples from sound forms, started playing around with csound, but everyone thought it was idiotic and I ran out of time. I was for abolishing the established methods of classical western music theory, and the current electronic music scene method of repeating samples and copying each other's genres. Always craved some operatic in magnitude music which is harmonious, but resembles epic trance in terms of sounds used.
  10. I think January, February, etc will suffice. The mood is set by well placed and lit textures on the foundation and walls of a building, not by memorizing some 12 or 13 foreign language words.
  11. I recommend either the original in python implementation or bittornado, also in python i think. They've been running on my pentium 200 for a year hosting translated anime and stuff without giving errors or exceeding 30% cpu usage. With around 40 torrents spread over 2 hard drives, about 30 people average per torrent connected. netstat would dump a very long list of people everytime i checked it. I stopped when I confused something about nfs configuration and various ssh servers I was running, since the computer was also the nfs server for Giantdisc and I noticed some evil guy was rummaging around my system hard drive, looking for space to host warez. That's when I got tired, and betrodden with academics, and pulled the plug. Soon after the power supply fan failed, but I've since soldered on one from another power supply.
  12. If you have some skill with textures: normalmap, seamless, proper contrast, you can start making them and join as a contributor.
  13. same. The city was evacuated, and the guards, mostly under the control of the corrupt local minister and less under the emperor kill anyone on sight. (Not the same country at the City).
  14. That's if the mission doesn't figure gypsies (pagans).
  15. It is my opinion that no video should be released. It's better if you guys spend that time either working or resting, getting some extra sleep and some hot cocoa.
  16. I didn't read anything in this forum except the picture, but yes, that part of the movie was funny.
  17. Don't street race. People do all the time on my street, and they congregate near a nearby coffee shop with their riced up bikes and cars and listen to loud music. I was walking from the bookstore once when I saw the street blocked off, a helicopter landed and tried to save, but was too late, a woman in a crushed car who was pregnant, while the husband survived. They weren't involved the racing, the kids who were fled the scene. I feel my racing bike is quite enough: it's a huge adrenalin rush riding 50kmph in traffic along with the cars, it's good for the heart, it doesn't require foreign oil (regularly anyways, it's still used in production, grease making, etc), and it doesn't emit much CO2.
  18. The voice for the FMs was done by lonestar as far as I remember. We don't have Garrett here, so his voice is not needed. When Bell Sound Laboratories is going to release that technology, and we can't count on it being soon as they've been working on it for decades, then anyone will be able to process existing voice sound-clips and create a realistic-sounding voice-replication of new text. Maybe it will require a few touch-ups in special programs or soundforge. As for girls, as far as I'm aware, we have two, from Germany and from the west coast.
  19. I know that people around me are usually more shocked to see damaged humans and internal organs, but I was wondering if I'm the only one who has some kind of sorrow at the bottom of my gut when I see an expensive delicate piece of technology gutted, like a nuclear submarine or an experimental robot.
  20. I, on the other hand, regard such material with complete neutrality because, think about it: people's decisions and desires stem from the wiring of the neurons and the relative strengths of the axons, which in turn depend on external stimulus involuntary to the person during childhood, and genetics, where genetics in turn depend on a sequence of random mutations which result in people most able to survive and procreate.
  21. I think it's quite acceptable, albeit inconvenient for those who haven't upgraded yet, to require 4GB of memory and 512MB of video card memory in the near future. I have a cheap NVidia 5500 with 256MB and when the original 256MB RAM stopped being enough (can't remember for what) I added a second stick of 256, and now that that's not enough I ordered 2 1GB sticks. Minimum specs are specific to an FM, and history has shown that as time goes on, they are increased for new FMs. I played Calendra's Cistern with 64MB and 128 seemed like a lot. (couldn't upgrade then because the mobo accepted only ecc or something.)
  22. 1 - it took me 7 minutes to load calendra's cistern, (which also prevented me from loading and forced oDDity's gameplay) 2 - whether it's boring going around a giant city is subjective. It could have been boring back in the days of TDP for some people, etc. Personally, I am not going for much standard gameplay elements because that does risk becoming boring, instead, the atmosphere is most important for me, and I hope my final product will allow the player to escape the surrounding world into an enthralling fantasy and relax without being forced a laundry list of things to do. More like a botanical garden beautiful culture park than Disneyland. 3 - construction of large architecture can become borisome, and my favourite approach is do a rough sketch, then walking along the street, add some door, window trims, roof elements, jut-ins, jut-outs, foundation. Then see a door, imagine something interesting behind it, and carve the hallway, etc. Then walk the hallway, imagine something, carve a door and a room behind it.
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