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  1. I'll try to take a look at this once the next Bloodlines Unofficial Patch is out...
  2. Yes, I'm that Wesp5 and also the one doing the Unofficial VTM Bloodlines Patch ! As for the improvements: 1. add an option to download all new or updated missions in one go. 2. have duplicated missions removed and 3. have all series labeled. For the points 2. and 3., if there is a server text file similar to the local one, I could try and sort the names out. I understand that you have more pressing issues, just wanted to make sure that the front end is not getting forgotten !
  3. So is nobody interested in improving the mission downloader or am I missing something obvious here?
  4. Okay, I will bump this thread with a very simple suggestion which you probably heard before: Why not add an option to the Download Missions page below "Select for download>>" like "Select all missions"? Also whatever happened to the project renaming series missions to be recognized? When I just updated one "Thiefs Den" mission was labeled TD3, the others were not! Also there was a double "Thiefs Den" mission which may or may not belong to the series and there were also two "The Gatehouse" missions, one of which was an update. Shouldn't older versions be removed? Also some of the newly labeled series had no special info about the name anymore, like the WC or VFAT missions. Didn't WC stand for a name or something? P.S.: For whatever reason I had some connection problems downloading some of the new missions. The counter just froze and even after leaving the game via the main menu quit command, I couldn't restart it because it was still running in the background. If this was a seperate download executable, using quit should probably exit that one as well...
  5. So after all these suggestions here, is the mission going to be updated soon?
  6. I agree with all the comments about That One Guard. I think I just ran past him and lost him later somewhere where he couldn't follow. Not a stealthy approach either ! How about a note somewhere hinting at another entrance? Or if that already exists, making it more obvious.
  7. So how do Apple and Samsung handle this with their phones? Do they store the whole fingerprint or use the password approach you recommend?
  8. Very cool! A free Crysis game with the original powerful engine. As with idTech 5, as far as I know they reduced the engine features for their next Crysis games which weren't as good as well.
  9. I fully agree to that. I "fear" endless respawning monster, but only because I feal cheated and bored !
  10. Yeah, and facehuggers in Alien games. Still I wouldn't call this fear, but rather surprise. For me the overall atmosphere must be one of despair or tension, like in the famous Ocean House hotel level in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. It isn't even about dying in there, you can only die when you act stupid...
  11. Speaking of which, this is another thing that bugged ACM, although maybe it's connected to the difficulty I play which I can't remember, probably normal: If you are down on armor, dead enemies will drop armor, if you are down on health, dead enemies will drop health. The same goes for stacks you find, so there is little danger to die unless you fail in a fight itself and thus little suspension to reach the next checkpoint alive which is one of the major gameplay elements of AI...
  12. So is this better than the main game? Do they build up a little more tension like in the first two AvP games? ACM throws multiple aliens at you only minutes in while in AI you see the first one after some hours !
  13. I don't know how far I am, but after getting the flamethrower the game got a lot easier. Still normally I'm more of a "run and gunner" myself and find the slow gameplay over such a long time rather boring. Actually I recently reinstalled Aliens: Colonial Marines, which despite all the critism, has the much more varied level design. A shame though that they turned the player into a weapon collecting superstar and the Aliens into harmless cannon fodder. A mix of both gameplays, Alien Isolation and Aliens: Colonial Marines, would have been my favorite!
  14. May I ask as a newbie what this TDM branch is all about? Is it related to the D3:BFG improvements or something? Like what can we endusers expect ?
  15. Okay, I played a bit further now and got to the flashback to the outside mission. Finally some change in visuals, but then again, completely linear and one knows exactly what is going to happen. No tension or horror there either. At least I got to see the "thing" with the beautiful graphics ! Still I rather wish we would get an Aliens vs Marines game with this engine and assets. Any mods in the works to give us a little more action? As for the game itself, I met two NPCs, enemies?, that didn't react to my presence at all and managed to avoid some others by just running into the transit. I don't think this could have happened with the TDM AI ...
  16. Well, that video is completely spot on in my opinion! I'm a third into the game and I only play it now and again if I don't have anything better to do. Not because it's scary, but because it's boring. Everything looks great, but just too similar to everything else. It's the same gameplay over and over with little variations. There is no interesting story whatsoever that would compell me to play more. In fact I'm rather playing good old Metro 2033 in the meantime because the characters and atmosphere are so much better and I just want to know what happens next. In AIien Isolation I'm looking for medicine for some hours now although the ship Synthetic could have gotten it much easier too!
  17. If this is ever considered I would suggest instead of raised arms or red spots which would look out of place in the TDM UI, the mantleable edges should become blue like other frobable stuff. One could then even use frob to mantle to make it easier for newbies, maybe with the option to turn the indicators off for hardcore veterans.
  18. Ah, this would add some more variation then . Although I already hated them in every other Alien game ! Still interesting that they started with the big one and not the other way around. At least they did it much better than Aliens: Colonial Marines, where you are killing several big Aliens only minutes into the game and there was hardly any suspension whatsoever, which is what the other Alien movies and games were all about.
  19. Okay, these are some kind of spoilers, but will it be explained how the Aliens came to the station? Will you see some facehuggers? I think one of the coolest moments of the Aliens movie was when they encountered the living one in the tube !
  20. I'm not far into the game but I already had two save stations which were placed badly. In one I had to do a boring run all over again to activate a computer which then would trigger the Alien appearing. Placing a save station in that room would have make much more sense! The same goes for the fire inferno in medical. Why not place a save station there which you can access after the cutscene? Right now I needed to watch the cutscene over and over again after I fell down due to the quick time events! On another note, in the medical area there were several corpses with chestburster holes. Is this explained anywhere because I think there is only one Alien around, no? Also I think they missed the chance to place some dead facehuggers or chestbursters in medical tubes in case there were supposed to have been several of them...
  21. Don't misunderstand me, the game is pretty good in my opinion! But badly placed save points are a problem with many games. And it's one thing to keep the tension up by using save points under the immediate threat of the Alien and another to place them so stupidly that you have to repeat boring stuff over and over until you even met it!
  22. That happened to me in the meantime too and I can't really believe that this was not cheated. Anyway, not running below vents helps and I died more often during the stupid quicktime events when the fire started and the last save point was far away! That's just unfair of the developer, after each main cutscene there should have been an autosave. Not doing this is just artificially prolonging the game and angering the players !
  23. wesp5


    The only thing I can imagine is that it's a compatibility thing. Put a SD card from any smartphone or camcorder into any computer and it will be able to read it...
  24. I've seen a bit more now and I would say that the Alien appearing in a section is completely scripted and triggered by another event, like reading a computer log or similar. Although that's a bit of cheating, it is necessary, otherwise you could get lucky by chance and never encounter the Alien at all! After it appears it's free running AI and also pretty blind: I crawled around some furniture once with it in plain sight and it didn't find me! Still I died a lot because of the unpredictable movements, especially compared with most TDM guards. I'm fine with this, but my complaint would be that often the last save point is not shortly before the Alien appears, but earlier, so you need to do some unspectacular running around each time you die which is just a waste of time. Combine this with the visuals which are very detailed, but also very much copy and paste in that e.g. the crew section of the space ship is copied inside the space station and I can only ever play a section or two before I get bored! But I would really like someone to do a Marines vs Aliens mod with this graphics !
  25. Speaking of unfair and not finding a pattern, maybe the game is cheating? Like the Alien teleports nearby when you make a sound although it could never have heard you where you last lost it? Is there a noclip and notarget mode to check this out? I'm not far into the game yet, but in the second cutscene where you finally see the Alien it's basically blind to your presence although you are only inches away. Then it dissappears and reappears exactly where you need to go as if it knew this! I remember the enemies in Unreal dodging the moment one pressed the fire button and the final boss in Unreal Tournament increasing it's difficutly once you were close to win, so there are precendeces. For me this is the biggest immersion killer possible, if I feel the game is cheating on me, all sense of realism or reality is gone!
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