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  1. Well, then you never noticed the two dedicated places where full nudity is tolerated in the English Garden because of some kind of tradition. And believe me, you haven't missed anything, only very old men are usually there proudly showing their bodies !
  2. It's kind of a principle. What comes next? You need to move two mouses syncronised to simulate putting an arrow in the bow? You have to actually move the mouse in the exact arc that your blackjack is going to move? Either it's one-click or mouse-moving, I don't like both things mixed! In Penumbra there were no weapons so you didn't get these problems...
  3. Yeah, I have. And they turn simple everyday things like opening a door into a complex process which I don't like at all!
  4. Uh, I don't think I like that idea. What's the sense behind it? Will you be able to close it slowly and silent? Or not be seen if you only opened it partly?
  5. Please do this! Otherwise it can happen that if you try all your keys and lockpicks on a door or chest you think you just don't have the right key when in reality you were too far away for lockpicking. The distances for lockpicking and using keys should be the same!
  6. On a similar note, is there a default setting that makes the lockpicking distance closer than the using-a-key distance on objects?
  7. Of course ! There are even nude people there but none that you really want to see nude ...
  8. Yeah, but there are a lot of places where fun is allowed . When an American friend visited me last summer, he was amazed about drinking beer in public and people playing volleyball in the middle of Munich in a park with barely some clothes on which wouldn't be possible at all in the US !
  9. Thanks for the link to this small funny game. I was a Professional Thief on my third try in 2 minutes something, so what's better, Very Organized Thief or Professional Thief?
  10. I was in Amsterdam long ago and hardly remember it, but if you ever want to visit a real old town, go to Venice and then away from the tourist spots in the evening. Canals and no vehicles at all! Like in another time...
  11. Just for a player's side of things, what would be the benefit of the BFG engine? If it's only about optimization, Doom 3 is old enough that most PCs run it maxed out nowadays anyway!
  12. You could choose the "use" key to put it into the inventory, like when taking a candle and snuffing it out. Once in it could only be consumed and you wouldn't consume it by frobbing it...
  13. wesp5

    Thief 4

    I agree! The new Wolfenstein looks fantastic, shame about the rest of the game ...
  14. Hm, I never noticed anything pointing to different countries or time periods, TDM always looks like a generic fantasy world mix to me. And you could solve the citty/town/village issue by making different boards called "jobs out in the country" or "city jobs" or similar. Still there would be an additional problem with campaigns where the player character has a unique name and isn't faceless...
  15. That too would be a tremendous effort, but I like the idea! Maybe expand the training mission so it is a small town and the game is always started from there. You would then need to start a FM from a black board in a secret hideout or something, like e.g. many RAGE missions were started. But as long as the mappers are working on the campaign I don't think anyone would do something like this...
  16. Maybe, but you don't need it. If you are close enough and the takedown key appears you can't fail in nuThief... Compared to that it's easy right now to fail at black jacking in TDM, but I read that this will be improved in 2.02!
  17. I would see this differently as it affects the basic UI and any improvement there will be visible to all users, many of which might wish for something like that but do not complain here. In comparison many smaller bug fixes on the tracker most people would not even notice! Of course doing a big graphical change or something is more satisfying, I know this myself from Bloodlines. Nevertheless, I can only hope that someone will take a look at this one fine day and if it is an easy thing to do, just do it on the side. If it is too complicated, I understand that it won't be done...
  18. To me it looked more like nobody would bother doing it although it would make sense as Springheel said himself here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/11058-things-that-could-be-improved/page__st__1175 (somewhere in the middle)
  19. Can anyone add something there? Can I use my login from here or do I have to make a new account? Update: It seems I need a new account. I will create one and add the suggestion soon ...
  20. Well, I maintain the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Unofficial Patch for almost ten years now and if someone suggests something that could very easily be done and makes sense, I normally do it at once before I forget about it. Especially if it's low priority !
  21. No, I'm once again asking when this would be fixed because as I said above, right now the most logical choise is missing. Honestly, in the improvement thread people already agreed that this would make sense, but nothing ever happened although I suspect this would be very easy to do. So what has one to do here to actually be listened to ? I tried with being stubborn !
  22. Of course I knew, I just wanted to point out that strange UI decisions exist in TDM as well ...
  23. BTW, it there a list somewhere about what will be improved and fixed in TDM 2.02?
  24. Yeah, like in TDM you need to press attack to close readables that you opened with Frob... Sorry, couldn't help but point that out again ! Will this per chance be fixed in TDM 2.02?
  25. Just finished this mission and it is one of the very best one I have played yet! Although I didn't play all FMs yet by a long shot. The only things I would complain about is that even on easy there were many locks needing three or more lockpicks, which is quite a waste of time. Also it would have been nice to be able to kill some of the invisible guys. I had a lot of holy water and water arrows left in the end, but they didn't seem to do anything thus forcing me to shadow through the last levels...
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