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  1. Am I right that this patch need the game itself to be recompiled or is it possible to add it only with scripts and defs?
  2. This is a very good argument and I actually had to adjust my patch to not break this mission. What I did is that only candles in holders are extinguished when frobbed directly. If you frob the holder, it is taken and the candle stays lit.
  3. About the loop, I found and fixed this now. I had intergrated it into the shouldering loop and the "while" was far away . As for the silent objects, thanks and I will not include this. It makes more sense for patch and mod to be different anyway!
  4. In case of the Compass it can't work, because it is at the same position as the inventory list. Moving it to the top right of the screen would fix it, if this is possible.
  5. This could well be. I placed them before if ($player1.heldEntity() != $null_entity), is that already in the loop?
  6. Congratulation to another update of your mod! I am trying to include the name-on-frob-instead-of-shouldering feature into my patch, but even when I copy the whole smart-items section over, I have the problem that the name stays on screen even after frobbing has ended. Do you have any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?
  7. MirceaKitsune, I believe you should make a mod with all your improvements inside. Because it usually is very hard to get something into the base game ;)!
  8. I might add the keypad mod into my patch, but as download numbers of that are rather low, I suggest you contact some core developers to get it the next TDM version! The damage to limb mod sounds nice too, but I think it changes too much compared to the original game to be included in my patch. Snatcher's mod is the better place for that...
  9. That is actually a much more interesting feature in my opinion! I often pick up people I knocked out to see who they are. Can this be added to your mod or my patch just by changing some defs and then still work with all existing missions?
  10. While the idea is great, I see a small problem. I guess right now mappers can already name items, so if something has a name players know it is important for the mission. If it has no name it isn't. This would be lost if everything had a name!
  11. Maybe it is enough to edit that one line in the missions that already have them and also in the wiki entry to fix the inventory issue! I don't have access there, but maybe Snatcher has?
  12. Is this really a core feature yet? Because I looked for the script in version 2.11 and I can't find it except in the missions.
  13. With your permission I will include the inventory fix into the Unofficial Patch, but I won't touch the other issues as these seem to be intended according to Wellingtoncrab.
  14. Thanks, and done! Maybe others could take a look so that we can discuss whether to add it to the core game?
  15. I really love it, great job ! It also works fine with my favorite black frob outline, so I am tempted to add it to my patch if you allow it. And it's nothing like the sparkling of the last Thief game loot if I remember correctly...
  16. Hm, so maybe the loot willl blink and the rest will not. Wasn't this the case in the latest official Thief game?
  17. Even if you just use blinking instead, as soon as there is an obvious difference peter_spy's argument is valid. I for my part am happy with the black outline which improves visibility in situations where it wasn't before! But I will test whatever you cook up, although I guess at first it will be blinking for all frobable stuff, no?
  18. I like the general idea and it shouldn't be that difficult to do, at least for loot. After all we already get a different frob sound when frobbing loot so somehow the game must know the difference before the loot is accounted for! We could then e.g. use the black frob outline for normal items, which is rather unobtrusive, and one of the white outlines for loot, so that is really obvious. I doubt it can be extended to other important items though, because I don't think the game could do that without mission authors defining those, which won't be possible for all the hundreds of released missions. To me the main question is whether this has to be done in the core game or with scripting? Snatcher, are you already looking into this ;)?
  19. I never had problems looting paintings, but I often pick up goblets hoping they are loot and they are not. But I don't think we have an outline option differentiating between Frob and Frob Loot in the first place, do we? Also I will try your outline idea later, thanks... P.S.: Your outline solution works fine, I will update my patch with it :)!
  20. So can we set a command in the GUI section of the mod? Because I couldn't figure out how to do that.
  21. I found a very simple solution for my patch ;): Stealth Score (lower is better):
  22. Can you please tell me if it is possible to make the frob outline use a different preset as default?
  23. I added an option to activate the hidden frob outline in my Unofficial Patch, but as I wrote before, I'm happy with the old solution and see the white outline only as suitable for people who want it much more easy to see things at cost of the atmosphere. I found the black outline to be the best compromise, but didn't yet manage to turn it on without using the console, so snatcher, if you can figure that out, please tell me! Here is the UI code for the default bright white outline: windowDef SettingGameplayGeneralText12 // added by wesp { rect TEXT_X_OFFSET, 136+TT_OFFSET_Y, 230, MM_LINE_H text "Show Frob Outline" // Show Frob Outline font SETTINGS_FONT textscale SETTINGS_FONT_SCALE forecolor SETTINGS_FONT_COLOUR visible 1 } choiceDef FrobOutline // added by wesp { rect SETTINGS_X_OFFSET, 136+TT_OFFSET_Y, 80, MM_LINE_H choices "#str_04221" // No;Yes values "0;1" cvar "r_frobOutline" CHOICE_DEF toolTip("#str_menu_froboutline_tooltip") } The problem is that I would need to also set r_frobOutlinePreset 6 in the UI and I don't know how to do it...
  24. I removed this in my latest Unofficial Patch so it should be easy to do this in the core game as well.
  25. I can confirm that this bug just happened to me in the "One bridge too far" beta, so a patch for 2.11 would be great!
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