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  1. If I had the relevant skills, I would be eager to contribute. As it stands, I'm simply an adoring fan. I played some more of this mod tonight, and I'm just blown away by what you've all accomplished. This is truly the successor to Thief that I've been waiting for. Thanks guys, really awesome stuff.
  2. I've been caught in a compelling discussion on Reddit. Here, I'll link it: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/3grrw5/thief_vs_aaa_gaming_every_modern_game_developer/ I'd like to donate to this project, if you'll accept it, but judging by the fact that there is no donate button on the main page you folks must be doing this for the love of it. If you won't take my donation, please allow me to send a heartfelt thank you! I've played several missions on this mod, and I've even beaten a few of them. You folks are doing great work. Again, thank you.
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