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  1. Nope. Perhaps through hdmi adapter?
  2. btw I conected the monitor the same way as usual. The card has a port but is not the same type that my monitor uses.
  3. Update. I installed the PSU and it works. I checked the old one and it's 525w. So I lost a big chunk of money for not thinking before buying. I installed the graphics card with the 6 pin connector and all and all I get is a black screen. Help please.
  4. I bought the 600w PSU in Best Buy and the SSD case.
  5. ATX is a brand of a PSU? I'm not sure I get it. Yes There's a Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot within a 10min radius. There's also places to get the installation done but they will most likely charge around $60-$100 for the installation. I think I can do it. -Remember I changed the original psu. the guy who installed it told me he had to break a part of the cage to fit it in and had more watts than the factory one but I don't remember exactly the number and this new supply doesn't have any labels on. I think I'll pass by and ask if they have records of it.
  6. can you illustrate with a pic lowenz? I'm lost
  7. I am more worried with the installing than anything else.
  8. I didn't know the detail about not having a 6 pin included in the PSU means it didn't have the necessary power for the card. That could have been the indicative I was looking for. I will take the PSU out to see if the sticker with some info is at the other side. At least a PSU is still in budget. I saw a 500w in Best Buy.
  9. Where can I find a 6 pin adapter to connect the card to the Supply?
  10. Thanks lowenz BTW: :laugh: :D :D
  11. I can't deny I'm pretty exited to get this package. It's been years since I bought stuff for myself other than sneakers.
  12. Ok I understand now. I though the Lore was pretty much written on stone and going beyond canon was considered a no no. Good to know. @Demagogue. I can't write novels in English since my grammar is poor but I can certainly add some story prompts and premises to the Inspiration thread.
  13. Update: I decided to go with the GTX 1060 since getting a 500w pcu is cheap and it's all still in budget. Hopefully I can say goodbye to lag now. I'll let you know when the items arrive. Thank you all for having patience with me. I might be needing help with the SSD installation cause I have installed a Graphics card before but nothing beyond that. Do I need anything else?
  14. Shipping seems a bit high in Newegg. I also tried checking out the Power supply and there's no sticker or any id at all. Perhaps in the other side of the piece but I cant see it. I tried finding the box but nothing. I still got the original one in the closet which is 250. But I don't remember the exact w of the one it has now.
  15. This might sound like a stupid question but is it a big difference between the Evga 1050ti SC vs the regular one?
  16. I'm creating an account right now. I was thinking Best Buy but most GTX 1050 and 1060 are sold out.
  17. Just came from Best Buy. There's really nothing there other than an EVGA GTX 950 at $206. I cancelled the order already.
  18. I haven't cancelled the order yet.
  19. -Nope. But I can check it out tomorrow. I'm assuming prices could be close to this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?st=gtx+1050+ti&_dyncharset=UTF-8&id=pcat17071&type=page&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=&sp=&qp=&list=n&af=true&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960&keys=keys -The SSD Card. In the order info it says it will arrive in between Dec 21 and 30.
  20. @dukenzo: I can cancel the order but I can't order before i get the refund first. @Bikerdude: I can't tell cause I rarely purchase anything online. I'm fighting the urge to go across the street and get one at Best Buy. Amazon doesn't seem to specify how much they got in stock.
  21. Unfortunately I don't have the talent to make a map but I can certainly create stories or adapt Old Folk Stories based in this setting that can be interesting. But they need a specific formula. I'm gonna give an example of a story related to Necro Witches. The meaning of the story is that even if the thief may despise noble people, he realized that he was becoming worst than they are. The thief should be able to make lots of mistakes, watch the consequences and learn from them or try to fix them. I'm not suggesting the Lore should be changed. I just pointing out that some details could be consolidated and placed all inside the city to add depth. Make story premises that are interesting cause in terms of gameplay, TDM will not reinvent the wheel, so concentrating in interesting and flashy stories may be the perfect formula. In fact I think Bridgeport should be potentially depressing, so depressing the player would never want to live in this particular setting and even wish to nuke it all. But still feel related and compelled with certain key characters that are trapped there and make the player keep going because of them.
  22. The GTX 1015.. The SSD appears as "Preparing for Shipment" and arriving Dec 21 to 30. That's the only mail I've received from Amazon.
  23. Sooooo Should I cancel the order or what? Honestly I rarely purchase stuff online so I don't know how these things work.
  24. Rather than a complete second setting, a second location would be more desirable since the point of the proposal is to sort of concentrate all the elements inside the City except the Mages since it's more interesting to keep them away. The perfect location could be a mine outside close to Bridgeport so Bridgeport could serve for administration and storage of the precious gem before it's sent to the Empire.
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