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  1. Thanks for all of your advice. I already saw some demo videos and info about this Card and I think Ill go with the one all of you suggested (The 1060). I'm not a huge fan of super graphics and I mostly play old school games and help testing mods and such things. Mostly, I want no lag in Dark Mod cause lag really breaks the immersion in this game particularly. It does concern what Biker said tho.
  2. Honestly I got no idea. I'm not tech savvy at all. It's a HP Pavilion p7-1451 If that's of any help. I got a really small monitor so I don't think that would be a problem.
  3. So I'm basically planing on buying a new Graphics Card for my PC and I have no clue where to start or what to buy. 0% Knowledge in this kind of stuff. AMD Quad-Core A10-5700 10GB DDR3 2TB Hard Drive AMD Radeon HD 7660D My budget is around 300 cause I don't wanna go into the 400+ for a Card. Any tech savvy here can give me a hand? In potatoes and beans please? Thank you in advance
  4. A very important and often forgotten element: Moonlight. I think it would be interesting if the player had to wait for a cloud to cover the moon in order to move through a highly watched exterior area/zone.
  5. LOL. I was thinking about you when I made this comment. You dominate all elements of Art Direction. While I was playing your latest mission I was thinking of the amount of work that must have been. The final result was outstanding and don't get me wrong, keep doing what you do. I was trying to say that if someone is not the best in Architecture or Object placement, a lot things can be done with lighting so you can exploit this to the maximum and sort of compensate for other stuff. I think the higher the elements of lighting, fog and shadow effect aesthetic, the best for this type of game in particular. So you're probably the last person who needs this advise!
  6. I think I played this mission more than 10 times already. Not ashamed to say it.
  7. The pics above show that you don't really need that much object placing or architecture to make a room or corridor pop up. With some good light concepts you can really elevate the Art Direction and make a simple room stand out and compensate for everything else.
  8. Lighting Concepts: Dungeons and more.
  9. Wow. Best mission in terms of object placement. One of the best in Art Direction, Lighting and Architecture. I'm savoring this one.
  10. I like this inspiration made by Marcelo Viana. Cause the eyes aren't looking back and seems to have a weak point. http://www.turistainc.com/
  11. Yes a Beholder. To serve as some sort of Mythical Security Camera or mechanical: Eye: Another interesting concept would be having some sort of Knight/Golem/Statue that activates with an eye camera in the wall. If the eye camera catches you the statue starts moving. The knight could have a gem or stone or something on it's back to deactivate. As well as the camera by hitting the eye or something.
  12. Creature concept based in the movie Big Trouble in Little China: The Guardian: For those who never watched the movie, The creature basically floated through the corridors and alerted guards of intruders.
  13. I personally hate anything that limits gameplay or forces a particular style. I rather have loot as the main challenge at least in my opinion.
  14. Since the Prison concept was a hit, here are some more concepts just in case someone tries to create a Prison Escape. Kleyos: Shunding: ntora wanbao: bpsola Exterior concepts: RichardDorran Talros
  15. Pirate Ship by Miggs69 http://miggs69.deviantart.com/art/Pirate-Ship-61048877
  16. Try check marking the first two options in the advanced section of the installer. Allso check the target folder. I had the same issue and this fixed it.
  17. Finally we get an inventory! Hopefully this opens new possibilities in the future like craft/combine. Specially for puzzle elements.
  18. You could start with Volta and the Stone, A reputation to uphold or Tears of St Lucia.
  19. I was having the same issue a few days ago with the spoiler tags not working manually. You can select the third icon in the reply box, Special BB Code and then select Spoiler. It worked for me this way.
  20. Gameplay & Story: -Goldwell -Moonbo -Melan -Pranqster -Lowenz Lighting & Atmosphere: (ima extremely picky on this one) -kingsal -Springheel -Spooks Architecture & Level Design: -Bikerdude -Springheel -Kingsal -Melan -Grayman -Spoonman Presentation & Art Direction: -Goldwell -Moonbo -Kingsal -Spooks Originality: -Lowenz -Airship Ballet -Pranqster -RPGista -Goldwell I'm still to play more than half of the missions out there so the list is mostly incomplete. All Level designers have strong points and weak points. But all very talented.
  21. Is it still impossible to run this game on windowed mode?
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