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  1. That surprises me a bit because there was an interview with the Tdp developers in a German retro gaming magazine in January, and it had an image explaining the AI vision system in Tdp, and I assumed it would be similar. According to the image, the AI has five distinct conical fields of vision: * A 15 degree cone with a very long range (that projects off the image borders, so I cannot say how long exactly). * A 32 degree cone with range, say 61 (millimeters on the picture). * An about 95 degree cone with range 28. * A 180 degree cone with range 22. * An about 165 degree cone with range of -7 (i.e. behind the AI). In other words, according to the image the AI is supposed to notice you if you get too close behind it. Well, I think that never worked in the original games, but anyway. Actually, the numbers are not precise because the cones were visualised in an in-game-image; probably they had some option in the engine to colour-code the cones. No, but I'll provide more information later.
  2. Not really, but anyway, I think at hardcore level there's something that makes AIs aware of you almost instantly if you're directly behind them, and it's very difficut to be close enough to bonk the AI on the head but not close enough to enter that "zone of awareness". I've tried that with a patrolling guard, crouching in a pitch black corner. The guard looks about 120 degrees away from me (waiting for a couple of seconds before moving on), and it's impossible to take it down from that angle although it's unaware for me. Then, when he starts to walk away, theres a tiny window in which the guard doesn't notice your attack but is still in reach of the blackjack. For completeness in case it does matter, which was my impression.
  3. The floor shouldn't matter if I don't move.
  4. Does that depend on the AI vision option? I really have very little experience with tdm yet, but my experience is that (with AI vision at hardcore level) AIs immediately come running at me if I glance around a corner for a slipt second into the AIs field of vision, or If I open a door and there is a guard at the other end of the room looking 89 degrees away from me. Also, I find it nigh impossible to blackjack someone from behind, even in pitch black, but on a metal floor.
  5. Hm, now the mission works again after reinstallation. Maybe the system was just unstable and needed a reboot.
  6. Screenshots in various resolutions (sorry, Irfanview cut off the right part of the high resolution screenshot). 640x480 1024x768 1600x1200 If you can read the low resolution image at any zoom level you choose - congratulations, I can't.
  7. Actually, I think the real problem is not the lightgem but that awareness of the AI raises too quickly when leaning. There should be a good chance that the AI does not become aware of you if the exposure to the AIs field of vision is very short.
  8. Unpatched leaning (left) Patched leaning in tdm (left) Thief Gold (right) Actually, I just get motion sick from the leaning animation built into tdm 2.01. It tilts the view too much, I cannot use it the way it is. Other than that the 15 degrees tilt angle seem unnatural to me because that is not what you experience when you tilt your head in real life because the brain know where "up" is. It's really a matter of taste, but for me, everything that makes tdm resemble tdp more closely is good. Oh, just put the lines above in foo.cfg and run "exec foo.cfg" from the console to see it live in the game.
  9. Note that there is no such delay when running tdp. Cpu: $ cat /proc/cpuinfo model name : IntelĀ® Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz siblings : 4 ... Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-E Sound and graphics: $ lspci 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 06) 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT215 [GeForce GT 240] (rev a2) 01:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1) ... (I'm not exactly sure why there are two listed audio devices; they must refer both to the onboard sound device.) Memory: 4 GiB OS & SOftware: windoze xp sp 2 Anything else that could help?
  10. I've seen topics about delayed sound on Linux systems, but I have it with windoze xp. The menu item selection sounds are delayed about one third of a second as well as the footstep sound after a jump in the game (and other sounds as well). What can I do about that?
  11. For me, at low resolutions (e.g. 800x600 and below) the hilighted item in the configuartion menus is totally unreadable, at medium resolutions difficult to read and at high reloutions it's cumbersome to read. Actually, I normally move the pointer to a different option to be able to read the one I'm interested in. I'm aware it may have something to do with video settings, and it's definitely affected by the font scaling. The main problen though is that the white text of the selected option has a very poor contrast to the yellow-beige background. P.S.: How can one get a login for the bugtracker to report problems there (or do you prefer to have bugs reported through the forum)?
  12. The two cvars mentioned above have the flag CVAR_NETWORKSYNC set instead of CVAR_ARCHIVE (SysCvars.cpp).
  13. Here are some preliminary results in an attempt to get the feeling of Thief Gold's leaning and jumping physics in Tdm. I've determined these settings by posting stickers to my screen in tg and tdm while leaning and jumping with the nose pressed at a wall. -- snip -- seta pm_jumpheight 34 seta pm_lean_forward_stretch "8.2" seta pm_lean_forward_time "411.0" seta pm_lean_forward_angle "4.1" seta pm_lean_stretch "17.6" seta pm_lean_time "411.0" seta pm_lean_angle "4.1" -- snip -- (I have that in tdp_tuning.cfg, called from autoexec.cfg with "exec tdp_tuning.cfg".) Notes: * Currently (2.01) pm_jumphight has to be set on the console every time; it does not work from any .cfg file. * The lean settings shouldn't hurt any existing missions in any way, but the reduced jump height might break some missions. * I've just assumed that pm_lean_forward_angle is the same as the plain pm_lean_angle in the original; I'm still thinking about a way to actually measure it. pm_lean_forward_stretch is pretty accurate, though. * I estimated pm_lean_time by counting how many times tg allows you to lean and revert back to neutral in 15 seconds (14 times), and the same in tdm with the setting 384 (15 times). Actually, the default of 400ms is probably good enough, and I'm not sure if my measurement is precise anyway. * I didn't bother to measure pm_lean_forward_time but just copied pm_lean_time. I'll do that later. If I ever manage to get tdm compile and run on my Debian system I'll also take a closer look at the leaning mechanics that have some problems and room for improvement: * If the pm_lean_*time is below 384, the view freezes in the leaning position. * At the moment, the view tilting is out of sync with the streching, i.e. the final tilt angle is reached before the leaning animation has completes. That is slightly annoying, but really just a cosmetic issue. * It's not possible to smoothly smitch between leaning direction. E.g., to lean left and then forward, the model first reverts to neutral position, then to forward leaning position. In the original game it switches from left to forward directly without going to the neutral position. As a side effect, tg never ignores a leaning keystroke while tdm requires a tiny break between leaning actions which makes you "feel" the interface more and somewhat breaks immersion into the game.
  14. Nope, that doesn't work if I put pm_bobroll or pn_jumpheight in autoexec.cfg (or autocommands.cfg), On the console I can see that both files have been read, and if I look at DarkMod.cfg I see that my custom settings have been saved at the end of the file. But still, the game just uses the default settings until I re-execute the settings from the console. :-/ To me that looks like the defaults are set only after the config files have been loaded.
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