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  1. Well, ingame the lag is pretty strong reduced thanks to visportals. But the crash happened because of something else. Now is everything fine!
  2. Hey guys. As you all know, you can change the team of an AI very easily. But I wonder, is it possible to change the team through an event or trigger? While answering, pelase have in mind that I have no idea of setting up realtions between different teams and stuff. PS: If it possible to change the team of an AI with a trigger, this would help me for my purposes
  3. Thank you! I moved the beam a bit and everything is fine now! Thank you!
  4. Mh, i already tried that out. I will try it again! ;-) EDIT: I tried it out, but I cannot get it to work
  5. Can someone help me with the light issue? It is really weird
  6. After I placed some visportals, which work pretty good now, the light problem is there again. As you can see in the picture i posted in the first post, there is a problem with the light behaviour, because the light of one lamp cuts somehow through the shadow another light is producing. What is the best solution for this? I guess I will try to pretend having 3 lights, but in fact there will only be one light... the only problem is the light center :-/
  7. Thank you thank you thank you! The idea with the door works awsome! And the problem with the light somehow disappeared ... I don't even know how.
  8. Well I checked it over 10 times if there is a kind of leak or whatever. I can tell that this is not the case, i am pretty sure. Your idea of trying this out with a door is pretty good! I will try this out. But I also read something about activating a visportal with a trigger. Maybe this is helpful in my case, since the door sarcophagus gets opened by button too.
  9. I am quite far with my first map and I am placing some visportals now. When you play the map, everything outside is rendered. The inside of the big building I placed somewhere is not rendered, thanks to a visportal. So it seems like visportals work pretty good with doors. But I also made a tunnel, which is reached after using a button, which opens then "sarcophagus_lid.lwo" with a slide animation. The visportal i placed there is not working as intended. Everytime I face the visportal it is green (r_showportals 1) and only gets red when I don't look at it, which is weird for me, because on normal doors it behaves a different way (It is red until opened). In the picture you can see two visportals working perfectly, while the green one is the visportal mentioned above. What am I doing wrong? How can I make the visportal behave like it does on doors? EDIT: I somehow forgot the question about lights. Here it is: I made a room with a beam at the top half of the room. It is possible to walk on that beam and there is no light on it. But I placed some lamps/lights right under the beam. Now the light and shadow looks pretty weird:
  10. @ Xarg Yes sir, I placed some visportals. After I read your reply I placed some more, but they don't work! I place them in an absolute closed room, but the new visportals are not even there when I r_showportals 1. Seems like the game doesn't load them. Just forget what I wrote here. I did a stupid mistake!
  11. Thank you all for your feedbacks! And thank you stumpy for that explanation! Now, I stopped using CSG and rarely use the Clipper. The problem i mentioned above is sometimes still there, but without the crash. Means the console still says: FixGlobalTjunctions removed 144 degenerate triangle removed 144 degenerate triangle removed 6 degenerate triangle but the game doesn't crash and i can play the map. But now i tried "Brush > prism / cone / ball (or however your darkradiant says it in english) Before I did that I made a backup, then I used the cone and ball brush and created a room in it. After i dmaped the game crashed while showing the following in the console: Vertex with only one edge backwards triangle in input while the second line appeared like a thousand times. So i thought i just have to use my backup (which worked before) and can go on. But no, this map crashes now too after I dmap. And it shows the same issues... I really have no idea what happened there. EDIT: It somehow works now! But there are a lot of backwards triangle in input and removed x degenerate triangle without a loop. After dmap the game lags for like 4 seconds (cannot even move mouse pointer) but then everything works!
  12. I have two questions: 1.) How do I add particles? (I want that a certain item is glowing or something) (I found out that you can attach particles and this works for me) 2.) I added some AIs and I want some of them to sleep and some of them to sit. I used path_wait and path_sleep for that (Added target PATH_NAME) and i placed path_sleep/wait where i want the AI to sleep/sit. Somehow I have the issue, that the AIs sit or sleep whereever they want to. They don`t use the bed/chair for it. What did i forget?
  13. Thank your for that quick feedback! I will try that out and I hope this works. But can a brush be the problem? I thought that brushes in general don't produce issues.
  14. Hey guys, I am quite new to Darkradiant and I am doing a map/mission since 2 days. After I placed some entities and brushes I always start darkmod and dmap. Everything is fine... Then somehow after my map got bigger and bigger (but in comparison to other mission it is still very small) the same issue appears everytime. I dmap and it says: FixGlobalTjunctions removed 144 degenerate triangle removed 144 degenerate triangle removed 6 degenerate triangle And then the game crashes. Why is this? After redoing my map the third time i got the feeling that it has something to do with the "CSG substraction". But I am not sure, because 1.) I use it only on some incomplex brushes 2.) I used it only twice 3.) After removing the brushes that were splitted because of "CSG substraction", the issue was still there. Does anyone have an idea and can help me? PS: My native language is not english. Please try to help without all the special terms beloning to mathematics, programming and stuff. :-) Thanks
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