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  1. Maybe protection mechanism for fan mission is not bad idea at all, since plagiarism is happening even by a mod hero. It doesn't prevent the author to grant permission and share source files with a person via private chat.
  2. darkmod player controller is pretty suitable for highway & rooftop missions, yet there are very few missions on this.
  3. I heard antidepressants are good for treating ocd. my two cents.
  4. http://www.sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2017/#
  5. pack1 is available via torrent. Thanks
  6. . I couldn't progress at all in a week. I demand a forum badge: participated in all contest and failed all the time...
  7. I'll participate with a simple map. Start time: Now! End time: God knows, but hopefully before deadline.
  8. An error occurred You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day
  9. I didn't like this, I love this! it looks so good in game
  10. you are making a great work RPGista. I believe you'll boost the process of replacing d3 assets to get darkmod stand-alone. Sweat.
  11. very very nice lighting. It looks to me a work from a level designer in the industry. Seriously, decoration & audience are also very good placed. My only concern is, what will happen when player climb up there and strike people? I hope you already considered this.
  12. congrats Sir T, I'll wait for v1.08 to try this one. btw. Do you consider to include a poll? One of the best way to see how much you improved your skills.
  13. again, I'm serious on it. Just pm me the paypal account to donate when it's decided. As a side note, it can cost lower than we expect in special days like summer/winter sales time.
  14. one chance passes, one other comes. It may be even more effective promotion to use greenlight from now on. I strongly believe we'll be swallowed in first wave, but now it'll be more chance for us to be realized. Definitely higher chance for new submissions to be realized. Let's gather people, and help on collecting the amount. I suggest divide the amount of fee to number of people who wants to donate, and I'm in of course.
  15. Ofcourse the team should decide the fate of the darkmod. We just discuss pros & cons which can help for the team think in everyway.
  16. Waiting for stand-alone and publishing immediately as a mod... I think both of idea has some very good reasons. I would say wait for stand-alone, but the current situation is really not good as tels said. Publishing immediately as a mod seems better to me in this case.
  17. Burning out is not bad at all, trust me. I haven't released a single fm yet but I map time to time. Each time I come back to mapping after burning out, I found myself more creative. Or it may be only me, dunno.
  18. sweet, new wallpaper for my desktop. thanks man!
  19. you can save AI as a minor objective in one the Sotha's missions.
  20. 3 St. Lucia in a row = mind blowing.
  21. I believe they'll be in mod, because they are damn good.
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