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  1. Thanks for the comments guys! This gives me direction in where to help out. I haven't had a good reason to do some ambient-style work for a while, so I will be sure to make posts as I complete (looping) ambient tracks that people can download and use in-game. More likely to happen sooner though is some sfx work, as I've definitely been paying attention to TDM's current sounds and thinking about what could be improved. For sure. Shoot me a message when the time comes and I'd probably be happy to help out!
  2. Yes. Best best is to be sure to record in 24-bit, and you can keep your input (recording) levels very low (average amplitude at -10 to -12 dbFS). You'll never worry about clipping (going into the red) and you can safely increase the volume later without noise problems.
  3. Hey all. Recently joined. I'd love to contribute to TDM's ongoing improvement somehow if possible. You can hear some examples of my music here on my in-progress website: http://nickperrin.wi...ic#!music/c1yi7 I've yet to upload sound FX examples, but I can do that as well (using edited library sounds, field recordings, other originals etc) I also have access to a studio space for high-quality recordings, although I'm no voice actor. Cheers!
  4. Loved this mission. One of my faves for sure, just finished it last night on Expert with all but the "collect all the loot on the map" objective completed. Huge, complex, detailed, and consistent. There are just so many layers to this map it's ridiculous. I really love being able to see through windows in and out of people's homes; this makes a surprising difference in the sense of actually traversing a living space. The only problem is that the outdoors or interiors would disappear through windows at a certain distance. Is that intentional to maintain performance? It was a sudden cut when I got too far away from a window. The sense of discovery and treachery is fantastic, and the lighting schemes for the different quarters and towers are distinct and full of character. I honestly think the writing could use a little cleaning up, but overall everything was communicated well. The layout of the fort seems impractical but very imposing and atmospheric. Nearly 2 hours of play on this one, and time well spent. Stellar work Kvorning!
  5. 1. Always use protection. 2. Have fun. Is lovemaking a game?
  6. Fantastic mission. I've been playing darkmod for a while but just got posting permissions, and figured I should review my most recently played maps. I'm a fan of WS1 & WS2. WS1 I felt was very strong but not incredible, WS2 had fantastic atmosphere, aesthetics and intrigue. Cleighmoor is perhaps the least visually "exciting" of the three (while still very accomplished and solid visually) but it plays the best. (Played on expert, all objectives completed.) I never thought I would enjoy a sewer section in a video game EVER, until now. Starting us right off with a great challenge and some secrets. Getting up to the compound itself, discovering the optional objectives (but really, what seasoned player sees them as optional and not mandatory? ), and following the breadcrumb trail felt great. What I like is that everything is sensibly designed and placed so that without any needle-in-a-haystack searching, you can use your brain to figure out where to go and how to do things. Even then it surprises you with multiple routes, dream sequences and character revelations - a small and self-contained place that seemingly expands itself as you play. It's a great balance of realistic design and gameplay design. Lots of nice touches too, like taking the key to the prison cells, the guard noticing that it's gone, and running to the door that it unlocks to check up on things. Or the guard freaking out when he sees the Well door open, rather than just saying "that should be closed", because that's a high security door. Logical simulations that make things feel alive (really a strength of this series). A couple things I can remember that probably need a fix, though: All in all a fantastic mission, great work. Ready to tackle the warrens.
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