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  1. Has Godot or the Armory engine been mentioned. Both are open-source and under active development. Relatively simple to use and utilize modern tech. When I saw this demo I instantly thought of Thief. (Absolutely not saying a port should be done, but one can't help but think of the possibilities).
  2. I like it. I agree that it can be hard to see what your focusing on in well-lit areas. Slightly annoying at times, especially when you're in a hurry.
  3. I'm really ecstatic about how well DarkRadiant works in Linux now. I think I might be able to finish something now. I'm nowhere near as good as the rest of you, but hey... It's fun.
  4. Works like a charm as far as I can tell. Great work!
  5. It compiles and runs just fine now. Thanks a lot!!! :-D I'm gonna' play around with this now.
  6. Got some errors when compiling for Linux (Kde Neon based on Ubuntu 16.04): ui/prefdialog/GameSetupDialog.cpp: In constructor ‘ui::GameSetupDialog::GameSetupDialog(wxWindow*)’: ui/prefdialog/GameSetupDialog.cpp:42:53: error: invalid use of incomplete type ‘class wxButton’ wxButton* saveButton = new wxButton(this, wxID_SAVE); ^ In file included from ../libs/wxutil/dialog/DialogBase.h:3:0, from ui/prefdialog/GameSetupDialog.h:4, from ui/prefdialog/GameSetupDialog.cpp:1: /usr/include/wx-3.0/wx/dialog.h:23:
  7. Can't get this script to work on 16.04. Meaning it goes through the warnings, but then nothing happens.
  8. I think kids would be another cool addition to TDM. But like animals, these are AIs whose behaviour and animations doesn't have to be too elaborate. Picture, for instance, creeping outside a cracked window where two children before falling asleep talk and reveal secrets they've overheard the grown ups talking about. Perhaps just sitting on their beds dangling their feet, or even just lying there. But it could also be done just using voice overs as well, of course.
  9. Really great designs, and very inspiring too. Excellent work!
  10. Sure, I'll get it done. But my uv-unwrapping skills might not be high enough quality for more than my personal use. I never know where to put the seams.
  11. Working on a pulley for the docks. I found ropes, but no pulley in the object hierarchy (maybe I missed it) Don't know what poly count to aim for. It's not supposed to be an "up-close" model. How many sides would you suggest to use for a cylinder, for an object of this type? I used ten, but I used a subsurface modifier and now I'm up to 1100 triangles vs. 414 without.
  12. There are free and open-source alternatives that continue to be supported, like Linux and FreeBSD. Makes older hardware run like the wind and presents quite an inspirational environment in which to be creative in my opinion.
  13. Is this for extra detail up close, hiding the distinct blurring of a texture when being close to it?
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