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  1. Thank you, it just worked. Didnt know what to search for to see that it was a topic made on the subject. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I have the following problem with the game. The last 2 missions that I have tried to play have the same color problem. Its like the red and blue are missing and is all faded out. The domminant colour is some greenish texture, something similar to when you turn ,,night light" on but not quite there. I will attach a screenshot regarding the problem in the hope that you can tell what I am reffering to. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix? Thank you. The last 2 missions taht I have tried to play are Away0: Stolen Heart and The Hare in the Snare: Part 1 It was running perfect until a few weeks ago. First I thought it was the mission's fault but it turns out it is not. Any suggestions? The colour pallet is not modified on my PC, i have not made changes to my graphic options, etc. It happens ONLY in TDM
  3. First of all.....CONGRATULATIONS. This is the best FM that I have ever played. I realy am sad that it wasn't longer. It was a pleasure to have FREE PLAY all over the city and discover missions and secrets along the way. I know that this is made in your free time.....but if you ever decide to make another one......It would be just awsome and hope only it would be even bigger. Again congratulations on something absolutely great.
  4. I have to say that this mission, like the first one that you made, is absolutely incredible. It just set the bar so high. My only suggestion is to make the dark sections in the house darker and the ,,sneaking" more challenging. It is great to play something different. Thanks for the hard work put into it.
  5. This is easily UP there with Requiem. But I think I found a bug....could be my machine but Beside this......the mission is flawless, complex and very well written. It was worth the wait. I'm glad it is not just go there-take that-get out. The diversity is very pleasing and very well implemented. Great job and thank you for the mission.
  6. Pretty excited about the mission, didn't play it yet but saw that it got lots of good reviews. As soon as you set it free will be first on my list.
  7. I'm really happy to see that this mission gets so many great reviews.
  8. I know its been almost a year but I've finish your mission and it was pure gold. Excellent in every way. The good part of having a sort of small community of mission makers for the DM is that they are all good and put passion in what they do. This mission was a great ending to a great series. Keep it up, you and all the other developers that bring us such great missions and stories. I only wonder if
  9. I think that this is the best thief mission i have ever played. The atmosphere, the story, the levels design( the multiple routes and alternatives)......they all came together to make a masterpiece. I dont think i have ever read all the readables more closely and with such interest. When it all started i never thought it would all unveil as it did. Great job, hope more people play your mission and you will keep making them at least as addictive as this one.
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