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  1. Yes, because I've got an "old" computer with W7-32bits.
  2. I've run (ran?) the installer again, it says "TDM installation is up to date" FYI : I use v2.08 32bits version.
  3. Black textures : Cleaning Up the Neighborhood Perilous Refuge
  4. Eavesdropping don't work with lean forward. But I guess it's intentionnal because with lean left/right, the thief is supposed to have his ear against the door, right ?
  5. Should I report here missing textures ? Here's a black lantern from WS4 : The Warrens
  6. @AluminumHaste It's working for me, but I have to press 3 keys to creep : forward + walk modifier + creep modifier
  7. Yeah I know what you mean, it's a "logical" point of view. I have a more practical gameplay point of view, I think it's weird because I see "Creep" key more like a "Walk slowly" key rather than a walking speed modifier key. That's how it is in T1/2. I prefer having a single key to walk slowly that isn't a modifier. Let me say it in another words : it's really weird that the player don't have a SIMPLE way to walk very slowly when "always run" is on. By simple I mean not press 3 keys at the same time, or use peter_spy method (I've tried but not convenient for me) Fun fact : the "Creep
  8. Deception I just wanted same bindings as Thief 1/2. Each times I switch back to TDM, I run instead of walking and got detected. Because Thief 1/2 bindings are engraved in my head since 20 years. It's working but I'm not gonna press 3 keys to walk very slowly, it's not convenient. Happy for you. It would be glad if TDM could work that way. It's really weird that "Creep" is not working when "Always Run" is on.
  9. When "Always Run" is activated, the "Creep" key has no effect. "Creep" key shouldn't be dependent of "Always Run" status. I've tried to tweak the key binding but I don't think it's possible. set creep1 "seta in_alwaysRun 0; bind < _button5; seta in_alwaysRun 1" bind "<" "vstr creep1"
  10. That remember me of a project leader that always told us : "When you declare a variable in a routine, always initialized it to its default value, you never know..."
  11. Thanks for info, I thought I had download latests drivers which I've updated a few month ago
  12. NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 with 381.65 Geforce Drivers (Win 7 32bits)
  13. When I press inventory key (the one that display all inventory items), the mouse cursor is sometimes far away from the screen center which force to reposition the mouse on the mousepad. It would be nice if the mouse cursor is automatically moved to the screen center each time you press inventory key.
  14. - I've got this green spot (left) before the normal green flash (right). Weird thing : the red flash is working fine. - The frob helper is not displayed. Here's the values used in darkmod.cfg : seta tdm_frobhelper_ignore_size "40.0" seta tdm_frobhelper_fadeout_duration "500" seta tdm_frobhelper_fadein_duration "1500" seta tdm_frobhelper_fadein_delay "500" seta tdm_frobhelper_alpha "1.0" seta tdm_frobhelper_alwaysVisible "0" seta tdm_frobhelper_active "1" seta tdm_frob_fadetime "100" seta tdm_frob_width "10.0" seta tdm_frob_distance_default "63"
  15. Official V2.08 : I've got this green spot (left) before the normal green flash (right) (Green flash was working fine for me in v2.08beta-06) (Red flash is working fine)
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