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  1. Thanks for your answer, and for the patch. Another suggestion, what about the ability to throw a coin to distract guards like in NOLF https://youtu.be/w-nrVua5KTo?t=1447 The cost (50 or 100 gold) could be subtracted from the loot amount to prevent player to use it too much
  2. And if I want to handle the full directory, do I need to include the same block ? dds\textures\darkmod\decals\papers\ { { map \dds\textures\darkmod\decals\papers\ nopicmip } { if (global5 == 1) blend add map nopicmip textures/darkmod/decals/papers/ scale 1, 1 red global2 green global3 blue global4 } }
  3. Hi, I've tested your patch and it works perfectly, thanks !! I'd like to test some others images found in \dds\textures\darkmod\decals\papers\ (in penny 3 FM) Can you tell me if the syntax is correct if I want to test only two images like onania.dds and actuarian.DDS : dds\textures\darkmod\decals\papers\ { { map \dds\textures\darkmod\decals\papers\onania nopicmip } { map \dds\textures\darkmod\decals\papers\actuarian nopicmip } }
  4. Hi, i'm returning from holidays, and it's nice to see your research on this subject. Thanks !! Will you condition this with something like "seta tdm_gui_maps_downsize 1" ?
  5. Hi Guys, I would like the ingame maps (and loading screen) not affected by image_downSizeLimit command. When I'm playing a big FM like "Erasing the Trail", I have to reduce quality with image_downSizeLimit = 256 or 128 Problem is that the ingame maps become unreadable. So it would be very nice to code something like this : IF image is located in ...\guis\assets\game_maps\ or image = ...\guis\assets\game_maps\loading_screen.tga THEN don't execute image_downSizeLimit algorithm (street signs become also unreadable, but I think it's a little harder to detect the images used for street signs)
  6. Hi Guys, just finished this awesome FM. Just one question : why a small map ? Twice larger would have be nice. I also detected a small visual glitch : there's a cart in a small street, south-east from the tavern. There's a little spot on the wall behind the cart where a whole portion of the map become invisible. Congrats for everybody involved, everything is perfect \o/
  7. g_doubleVision did the trick, thanks \o/ I didn't test with murk water yet, I'll let you know.
  8. Hi Guys, when i'm playing big FMs like Crucible of Omens, I have to play with downsize options to avoid crash : seta image_downSizeLimit "512" seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "128" etc... But playing with this config, I have visuals bugs, like flames appears black, or water surface effect working only in a small square at the left bottom of the screen. I've been able to disable those bugs by using toggle commands like : bind "i" "toggle r_skipambient" bind "o" "toggle r_skipnewambient" bind "p" "toggle r_skipPostProcess" But there is only one bug that I can't handle, it's the water effect when you swim INTO the water : it's not easy to describe, it's like the shader effect is zoomed at maximum, the level is tilted and appears twice as large, it's very difficult to navigate into water. (the same bug appears with sky textures or mirror reflection) I almost found a solution : when using noclip, the water effect is totally disable but the speed of the player is way too slooow and I can't navigate like this. So does someone know a way to disable the water effect ?
  9. Thank you for this nice little mission. Good job on the voice, really convincing.
  10. If you wanna play old style, try this, an excellent TC for Old Duke Nukem : http://msdn.duke4.net/revamctc2.php
  11. I've just finished your map. It was really nice, good work \o/ I've had a little bug i think : one of the enemy of the catacombs was invisible. His voice was the same as red clothes skeleton and I was only able to see his shadow (very cool effect by the way) I've played with TDM 2.03, I'd like to know if it is a bug related to TDM...?
  12. Hello, I'm having an issue with the epilog at the end, I can't 'turn the page', when I click on the arrow, nothing happens, and I can clearly hear that I'm still in the game, I can walk, change weapons, etc... Is this mission compatible with TDM 2.0 ?
  13. It could be a good subject for a contest !
  14. Hi Bikerdude, i'll be waiting for the 2.0 too, i've just finished "Caduceus of St. Alban" today (wonderful planetarium by the way), and I just realized I can't play the St Alban's Cathedral :/
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