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  1. I found the architecture (all theses small caches ready for servant who want to steal from their master) rather strange and some rooms might had more npc . but the mission is otherwise really good and enjoyable. I found it quite enjoyable to sneak behind the guy in the first library right after you get in to steal the goodswithout playing with your blackjack... good job otherwise, that mission is great and it's really enjoyable(damn I'm starting to say that all FM were great... my opinion seems rather pointless... but I actually really think all the mission I played were great (I guess thats what happens after you've tried thief3...)
  2. it's a pretty good mission, the scenario is simply great.... even if I couldn't I generally prefer sneaking mission rather than "tomb raider" agility missions and I'm not a big fan of blind room where the doors are not useable and you can only get in by the windows, it's quite less realistical. but theses concern are rather personal, and the map is otherwise simply great, I quite love the "lovecraft" kind of touch and the fact that you've included a map... I really miss old thiefs map system edit: managed to get a sneak score of 3 even if I think i've been seen(not sure). it's the first time I get something different than 0
  3. CPU : Intel Pentium4E 3,0Ghz GPU : Leadtek A7600GT (256 MByte) Ram : 1 GByte DDR OS : Windows XP SP2 Resolution: 1920x1200 Anisotropic: 1x Shader: High Quality Ambient: Standard Anti-Aliasing: Off Bloom: Off first run: 72,9seconds = 40,8 FPS second run: 53,5seconds = 55,6 FPS not too bad for a pretty outdated PC... remind me I should buy some ram...
  4. that mission was really fun, and actually one of the first I "ghosted", so i was a bit disapointed with a "stealth 0" score... not sure if it's just oversensitive or if it's caused by the kill. it's a great tiny map otherwise, and not easy at all with all theses thiefs packed together and those torsh weilding npc. many thanks
  5. I finished this mission, and it was simply great, many thanks fidcal. just a few remarks:
  6. I've played some more with the dark mod, and i was far from it, it is simply wonderfull... it is as good as thief 1 and 2... btw: I haven't been able to defeat the second oponnent with the sword in the training mission... guess i'll be up for ghosting and some blackjack work like I used to do with the dark project...
  7. thank you, that is one of the greatest video game news for several years...
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