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  1. I bought HDMI switcher. Only to learn that my monitor has no HDMI input.

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    2. duzenko


      If you have multiple inputs on the monitor that should do it

    3. Anderson


      Usually HDMI/USB cables work. There are also HDMI to USB transferable controllers as well as inputs so that you can insert your microphone/speakers if only your USB works, especially on old PC's.

    4. stgatilov


      Installed RX550, connected via DisplayPort. After a bit of testing, I had to reevaluate my view on soft shadows performance =)

  2. Tried Windbg TTD on TheDarkMod. Works well by attaching, but FPS drops to 1-2 (on smallest FM). Loading from scratch creates 25 GB trace and takes hour of indexing =)

  3. Second morning with -35°C. Clothing is tiresome. Skin dries up. Wife is depressed. We only want to eat and sleep like bears.

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    2. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Epifire: A relative of mine was in disbelief you're having temperatures that low. Hopefully they'll rise a little in the coming days and weeks !

    3. AluminumHaste


      I've heard that snoo snoo helps with depression AND cold temps.....

    4. stgatilov


      -12C now. The tough times are over =)

  4. I'm thinking about buying a cheap Radeon card and HDMI switcher to toggle between NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. Does it sound like a feasible setup?

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    2. stgatilov


      It seems that the choice is between RX550 and R240 (there is also very cheap R230, which is pre-GCN card).

    3. Jetrell


      There's a good reason why the R230 is so cheap and it's basically because it's a pre-GCN card. If your budget allows, I'd get the R240 card but the RX550 is fine also.

    4. duzenko


      I'd think about a laptop with a Ryzen IGP

  5. I caught a flu, so won't appear here in the nearest days/week. As a matter of fact, playing beta207-05 is the best thing to do right now =)

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    2. stgatilov


      Thank you for kind words! They worked: the worst part ended much quicker than I expected =)

    3. STiFU


      Good thing, you're back!

    4. Petike the Taffer
  6. Returned from business trip a week ago, and bumped into the contest preparation. The next window of freedom is expected in the first days of October. Sorry TDM =(

    1. RPGista


      A contest, you say? Well, good luck man, have fun!

    2. Tarhiel


      Good luck with the contest :)


    3. stgatilov


      The contest is over. I have a few weeks of fresh air =)

  7. Going to vacation until the end of August. Do not break trunk too much, please =)

    1. Sotha


      Enjoy the holidays and try not to get too trunk! ;D

    2. grayman
    3. RPGista


      Have a good one, man

  8. Preparing programming contests (until the middle of November). In case of urgent issues, especially related to my code changes, please PM me directly.

  9. Leaving for vacation on 10th of August. Won't be able to do anything with TDM. Will return in the end of August.

    1. nbohr1more


      Enjoy the vacation!

    2. Obsttorte


      You gotta fight, for your right, to ... paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty :)

      Enjoy your vacation :D

    3. grayman
  10. Preparing for a big hardware update.

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    2. Bikerdude


      @Stgatilov, are you staying with Win7/8 and older hardware..?

    3. stgatilov


      @Bikerdude, No, I'm buying Ryzen and Win10. I hate the fact that I can't just stay on Win7 indefinitely, but we'll all inevitably be there =(

    4. Tarhiel


      @stgatilov Oh, so does it mean Ryzen does not support Win7, or it is because you would like to utlize DX12, or some other reason?

  11. Going to look at the "x64" branch...

  12. Congratulations to TDM team for the 1.04 release!

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