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  1. I wonder how hard it is to restore SVN-s to working state?
  2. Could we move this forum thread to Tech Support subforums to make it public?
  3. I also have Creative card "SB Audigy 4". It is the oldest piece of metal in my machine, coming from the old times when I played Thief 3 Note that OpenAL-Soft performs all the complicated processing itself, only passing raw data to sound API. The sound driver should have very basic workflow in this case, although it can of course mess things up. Could you please switch back to buggy build and try changing options in alsoft.ini? First of all, try to disable HRTF, and probably EFX/EAX also (in-game). Then, try switching to different backends: find drivers, uncomment it, and try values: mmdevapi, dsound, winmm. You can also find frequency/precision settings there and set the ones you have, so that it does not have to autodetect. If you manage to find some conditions for the problem, it would be great. The changelog for 1.19.0 on official site is not too long, but I have no idea which change might influence this. Perhaps I'll try to ping maintainer directly: he can decide for himself whether this case deserves his attention or not. P.S. Here is the batch file which enables OpenAL logging: set ALSOFT_LOGLEVEL=3 set ALSOFT_LOGFILE=openal_log.txt TheDarkModx64.exe This way you can review logs to be sure that your config changes have effect.
  4. Sad news. I will make this downgrade permanent when SVN is up. One question remaining: can we somehow report this error to OpenAL-soft? Civil duty, you know. I see two problems about bugreport: 1) you are the only one who has the problem, 2) the only "way to reproduce" now is to build and run TDM, which is not fun for a foreigner.
  5. Thank you very much for what you are doing, taaaki ! I guess hot time has come ? I'm afraid I'll have to waste some more of your time in future... but I'll better wait with it until everything is fully restored ?
  6. Did you change alsoft.ini ? You can try to change config settings --- maybe it would help. Also, try to downgrade OpenAL locally. Here is the link for artefacts of version 1.18.2 (instead of 1.19.0). Replace contents of \ThirdParty\artefacts\openal with contents of the archive and rebuild TDM.
  7. About build errors: I think you miss the proper Windows SDK. Did you build TDM at that time? I guess it needed Windows 7 SDK to be installed, with XP compatibility included. UPDATE: I guess I have 48KHz, 24 bit. At least this is what Realtek HD settings show me as "standard format". I don't hear any problems.
  8. Seems unlikely. However, I wish to establish weekly/nightly releases with new updater, which should suffice maybe.
  9. Once again: could you please share a crashdump?
  10. Also, it would be helpful if you can share a crashdump for a crash while loading e.g. New Job. The info about recording crashdump is provided here.
  11. I would suggest a config reset. Rename darkmod.cfg to something like darkmod_old.cfg and restart TDM.
  12. Perhaps you ran the wrong executable, which created config file. Than you ran the proper 2.05 one, but it had to work with already existing config from another version. Delete all executables which don't show 2.05 to you, and delete config file then. And I think you can check console contents via logFile.
  13. According to the log, you should have proper 2.05 version. I could suspect that probably you run 64-bit version, forgetting that 2.05 did not have one. But your log suggests that you did a clean download, so you should not even have the 64-bit executable. I tried to update from same address starting with 2.07 installation. I see version 2.05 both in menu and game console after update. Maybe you should disable you antivirus and run the updater again with same settings.
  14. Yes, it is most likely 2.06. Do you have a tdm_update.log? Where exactly do you see 2.06? Could you attach condump? Could you post tdm_mirrors.txt?
  15. Oh, please, don't be so strict! Any bug report or feedback is welcome! I only wanted to spread the word about that wiki article: posting the link in appropriate conditions is the only way to make it known over time. In fact, the article was not even present at the time this bug was initially reported
  16. The problem was finally diagnosed by developer only because one of the victims posted config file I believe a lot of problems would be diagnosed faster if reporters attached all the typically needed information. 4797 already done: the bright future will start somewhere at 2.08-to-2.09 update
  17. If you mean fresh TDM 2.05 install, then tdmsync prototype is probably the easiest way. Copy your current TDM installation (no matter which version), then downgrade it to 2.05 with tdmsync updater.
  18. I think we can leave the cvar as it is now. I'm afraid with the current pace of changes config reset is necessary after every TDM update to avoid issues. It is not clear if tdm_update should remove it automatically, because it may contain something player wants to save. One example is custom key bindings, although in the current SVN they are stored in a separate file (meaning that starting from 2.08, config reset will not destroy key bindings). One possible approach is to rename darkmod.cfg into darkmod_old1.cfg, darkmod_old1.cfg into darkmod_old2.cfg, etc every time tdm_update is run. This way player will not loose information completely, but is forced to config reset by default.
  19. A minor note: TDM 2.07 hotfix has been finally released. The old ("original") 2.07 version is no longer available (except by tdmsync prototype). To everyone having TDM 2.07: Please run tdm_update to make sure you have the latest version. Note that savegames from any kind of TDM 2.07 will load properly in the latest/hotfixed version. P.S. And please execute r_useFBO 1 in game console and make sure this cvar stays enabled.
  20. A brief update on issues: White compass: please set r_useFBO 1 (either in game console or in darkmod.cfg) and make sure it stays so (comment). If it does not help, please report to the bugtracker issue. Loading crashes: there is a way to bump maximum number of events to fix it (link), but I'm afraid it will only be released with 2.08. For now, deleting the whole FM directory and downloading it again (to ensure you have latest version 1.21) is the better workaround.
  21. Please open game console and execute: r_useFBO 1 Alternatively, perform config reset (i.e. delete darkmod.cfg and start TDM). It should fix the problem.
  22. 0) Ctrl+Alt+Tilde should open game console. I cannot reproduce anything like this on my GPUs. 1) Could you attach console dump? I see you have a video recorded. 2) Is it possible to download it? P.S. It's better to put darkmod.cfg contents inside
  23. Try to change this line of darkmod.cfg: seta r_multiSamples "16"To: seta r_multiSamples "1"Then try again to see if it helps. Also you might want to change: seta r_useFBO "0"To: seta r_useFBO "1". Or if you don't want to go through all this trial-and-error, then reset your darkmod.cfg: 1) Copy this file to safe place 2) Delete this file 3) Try to start TDM again If only this part helps, then you may want to move all the "bind" lines from your old config to the new one to save key bindings, then just forget the old config.
  24. Could you attach your darkmod.cfg ? I'll try to reproduce it on my AMD card. Also, did you update to 2.07-hotfix? P.S. I think I have heard this complaint for many times lately.
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