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  1. I got my problem half solved the mission is great, but the problem is, there are too many readables, and even i tried reading all of them(except the one i mentioned that cannot be read), I can hardly remember the details and put them together as a big picture. I find that reading the long diaries quite demanding and sometimes I just dont get them. I'd like to know the story, but most probably I aint gonna read through everything for a few times to know what they're saying(i'm just lazy) Anyway thanks for the mission and I think with tweaks, it can be even greater than it is now.
  2. liked this mission, but came to a point that i am bugged and cant seem to continue
  3. thanks i got the entrance and with the help of this thread i finished the mission but
  4. couldnt even find an entrance... can someone enlighten me?
  5. i have no crash on training now before I had unsuccessfully updated 9.10, which means I stayed on 9.5 I saw that many others had trouble updating ATI drivers.... It took me a long while to get it updated also so maybe 9.10 solves the crash
  6. I think I use either 9.9 or 9.10 i notice the crash when the screen suddenly freezes and my mouse is out, then I have to ctrl+alt+dlt to get back out to the desktop, and see "doom 3 has stopped running" I got the crash on pedestal test and training in manipulation room, whenever i look inside the room further inside
  7. tried direct x update and turning off catalyst options High Quality AF and Temporal anti-aliasing ain't in my catalyst control centre I've the most updated catalyst control centre for HD 4850 still got crashes...
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