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  1. Also when I was in the Pub I could hear a bottle clinking it was under the foot of the man playing the lute. When he moved his leg it would stop, and when he moved his leg back it would start again. Weird!! pwl
  2. Yeah I am having the same problem in the Belcher Pub. Great mission until this!! This problem used to happen in Thief fan missions on occasion.
  3. Just finished this great mission and I enjoyed exploring. When I went to pick up the instrument I was pleasantly surprised with the additional areas!! Great job! I look forward to more missions!!
  4. You have to look Did not mean to double post here!
  5. Hello all Great mission so far but I can not find Bleda's safe deposit box. Is it where
  6. Hello all Great mission so far but I can not find Bleda's safe deposit box. Is it where Never mind I had to move the lantern out of the way to see what was going on! Great mission can't wait for part two!!
  7. Great mission loved the atmosphere!! I had trouble hearing the voices and had to start over and raise the volume because without that you miss a lot. Thank you for this gem!!!! pwl
  8. Thanks for the info I tried to pick up note several times with no luck, then I reloaded a previous hard save and was able to get it. I guess the quick save was the problem?? Ive heard this has been a problem in the past. I will try to continue
  9. Are you talking about note that said to look in locker I think Edmund's I did that but nothing in locker would highlight?? Looked in locker again and nothing will highlight ? my install is up to date 2.08
  10. Great mission set so far but I am stuck where subs are can not find the code for the air lock door at top of long ramp?
  11. I have tried to compress the save file but I can not get to the maximum size limit of 0.49 MB. With this only happening with Painters Wife I can deal with that. I have finished the mission.
  12. The save games are not from 2.07 they are from fresh start with 2.08. I tried to resume my game with a save game at opening menu and it would only get to about1/8 th and stop . I could only resume my save game by starting a new game and then loading my save. I tried this several times with no luck. I even uninstalled Painters wife and reinstalled a different mission and it works fine?
  13. Hello all I updated to 2.08 to be able to play the Painters Wife and now when I start the game on any of my saves it says creating world and gets to maybe 1/8th and stops. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck, but if I start Painters Wife as new mission it will load and then I can load my saves? I have not tried this with any other mission yet. Ok I reloaded A Night of Loot and it is working just fine.
  14. This was amazing thank you to everyone involved. I had a great time exploring this huge map and I know I probably missed a lot! pwl
  15. imho This is a really great mission, it has it all!! I had a great time exploring all the different areas. Have the fire elemental's been used before?? I can't recall seeing them. Great touch, though I did not dare get too close to see if they were completely functional lol !
  16. stgatilov: That was it! my Norton antivirus for what ever reason was seeing it as a threat??? Just made an exclusion and now it is working Thanks again!!!
  17. Ok I change the drive letters back to what they were but the in game down loader gives me: Unable to contact mission archive, Cannot connect to server error I don't know what has gone wrong with my install. The game works fine it is just the down loader. I have look in all of the settings options to no avail.
  18. A great William Steele episode!! Thank you Grayman loved exploring this one and the memorial for SirTaff was awesome!! pwl.
  19. The in game down loader is not working it says can not connect to server? But I can download it from the web sites and it works fine. I think this started after I used a thumb drive and it changed the drive letter of my solid state hard drive from G: to H: If this is the case how do I fix it? Dark mod is on this hard drive and it is still working just fine but the in game down loader does not.
  20. From within game down loader would not work kept saying can not connect to server?? So i downloaded from websites and it works fine. I think this started when I plugged in a thumb drive into my PC and it changed the drive letter of my passport solid state hard drive where I keep the Darkmod. If this is the case how do I correct it?
  21. I have tried to download new mission within the game and get cannot connect to server. This started happening after I updated to 2.06. I know I am connected because I ran the updater again and it says all files up to date and I am now on this Forum typing this.
  22. Man you are not kidding this is an awesome mission!!!! Thank you and all involved for this treat.
  23. This is a visually stunning mission! Game play is great also. Thanks to all involved!! will be playing again soon.
  24. Great mission enjoyed everything! I will have to play again to find some loot I missed and a key I did not find. Thank you and Great Job!! pwl
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