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  1. I don't think so. The Dishonored blink was much more powerful. The swoop in Thief 2014 rather was a concession to the casual console crowd for me, to make the game easier. I also don't think all the other points you stated are "objectionable" per se. Rather seems like your opinion, which is fair enough.
  2. Let's be honest though: The Deus Ex reboots have a lot of what modern games are about these days. They're not as close to the original as has been stated here. They're nice games in their own rights, but, they're not exactly very close successors. I thoroughly enjoyed them, but, that doesn't change that they're modern games, with all the pros (graphics, technique), and cons (modern good/evil themes, lots of cutscenes and spectacle, holding the player's hand, dumbed down mechanics) they have. IIRC, the TTLG forum user ZylonBane made quite a funny video about Human Revolution once. While I don't fully agree with his obvious assessment that it's arcade-a-licious, I found the video quite ntertaining. Edit: Found it, lol. TBH, if you just take a look at all the crap in the interface these days, it becomes obvious where modern games differ from the old ones.
  3. Not quite. You never could play the Splinter Cell's like a shooter. Blacklist gives you the option to play stealthy (which IMO is pretty superimosed...), or like a bog standard action game. Actually, some of the side/special missions are completely shooter like. Apart from that, there weren't any RPG, or crafting systems in the old Splinter Cell's either. And, those don't really make sense either. A commando is a commando, and doesn't buy its weapons himself, nor does it train itself. It's just dumb Ubisoft type gameplay for the current audience. Sorry, I really hate what they made out of that great series. The last real Splinter Cell was Double Agent, the original vversion for the Xbox 1 and PS2, not the shitty PC version. Anything which came after that merely shares the name, and tries to make $$$ from it.
  4. ... which probably would have sold even worse. I understand your objections. They didn't hinder me to enjoy the game though. But then, I parted with the idea that I play a Thief successor in the first place. The Tomb Raider reboots aren't real Tomb Raider games either. Those are MUCH worse than the original though. Anyway, again, I see your point. Unlike other franchises (Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell), they didn't completely change the core of the gameplay though. Thief 2014 is still a stealth game. Unlike Tomb Raider, which is a RPG survival action adventure mix, and Splinter Cell, which is a better shooter now.
  5. Fair enough. I get your points, and, Thief 2014 surely isn't perfect. My assertion was that it's not crap, as has been stated here. Again, I get where people are coming from. Thief is one of those die hard fan franchises, where everything which is slightly diverse gets bashed. Just like some people on TTLG bash TDM, because it's different to the original Thief's. If you have a more open mind, and take it for what it is (simply... another stealth game), it's pretty fun in my eyes. That's all I want to say, with the notion that people really miss out on something when they walk past it, because some die hards bash it. Also because stealth games are so rare these days.
  6. Thief 2014 is actually anything but crap if you take it for what it is: A reboot, and a pretty good stealth game on its own. You know, I'm often quite a diehard as well when it comes to certain franchises I like, but, sometimes I think such games aren't given a fair chance. It's not the best game in the world, but, it definitely has its moments, has a great atmosphere, and fun gameplay. The characters are quite pale, but, apart from that, it's a pretty nice game, IMO. People simply expected too much of the old Thief's in it. Same issue as with Thief Deadly Shadows, kind of. Again, I can understand where people are coming from, but, if you are a bit more open minded, you can judge the games more fairly. I enjoyed all the Thief's. The first two were probably the best, but, I played TDS through 3 times, for example, and it always was a fun experience. And, I also played Thief 2014 through, and probably will do so a second time.
  7. Woot. Of course it would. Unless you restrict that in your license. There are millions of proprietary freeware which of course let you create stuff for the public, or even create it for commercial products. Unless the license forbids that, you can do anything with it.
  8. So, I finished the mission. Took me over 5 hours to finish it. Lots to like about the mission, and a few niggles I had. Anyway, all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Probably ended up in my top 10 of TDM missions. I already liked your other missions, but, this could be the best of them all, I think.
  9. Thanks. I haven't found that quest yet indeed. I had a bad day today as it seems. Haven't had any trouble finding stuff yesterday. I'll try again tomorrow. As I said, really nice mission. I haven't played TDM for a long time, and starting again with this mission was a very good idea. It's very well made. First mission I played using peter_spy's Builder compound stuff as well. When I saw it on screenshots in another thread here, I wasn't sure about it, because it all looks very posh and clean. But, seeing it in action, it's really nice. Somehow reminds me of Dishonored a bit, which is a good thing.
  10. I'm playing this mission ATM, and it's pretty darn awesome. I'm stuck though.
  11. I've posted something similar in another forum a few days ago. In my case, it was about Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine though. Those old games simple were unforgiving, didn't hold the player by the hand, and actually made you think, or run around for some time until you understand what to do next. That's in violent contrast to those "movie which plays itself so I don't have to think" video games which are so popular these days. I think I'll start with Tomb Raider 2 when I finished Indiana Jones. Kind of tasted blood with these old games now.
  12. Very nice. Especially impressive that you did all that on your own. The lantern still looks like a flash light though, you might want to change that (if you haven't already considered that yourself). It should light up the area 360° around the player, not just shine forward.
  13. TBH, the only game of the Trilogy I really played was Mass Effect 1. Which I stopped at some point, because it really became too monotone and generic. I played Andromeda a bit then, which I really liked. It's a massive feature monster though, there's so much you can do, and so many materials and stuff to craft that it became a bit too tedious TBH. Happy to give the Legendary Edition a shot though. Maybe they've done some good things to ME 1 especially.
  14. Fair enough. A bit of a discount wouldn't hurt anyway though. I don't expect much, after all, you could get the trilogy and Andromeda for about 10 € a lot of times now. 10 or 20 € off would be great. Paying full price for games which I already own, just because they are remastered is a bit harsh. I'd have to consider not buying the remaster at all then. After all, I still can play the old versions. I don't hate EA, I don't hate the games industry. I think everyone should get his fair share, and the industry also won't live long without publishers, investors and producers. It's more about EA making their games attractive to me.
  15. I'm a bit disappointed that they don't offer a discount on Origin if you own the original games. I own all of the Mass Effect games, but, I still have to pay full price. Not cool.
  16. They released a playable demo in May 2020 (I think). Really, it's not anywhere near finished, if that's the state of the art.
  17. Mistakes or not, did you see the state the game is in in the footage they've shown in 2020? It's not even half way finished. Classic example of bad management in a crowdfunded project. Apart from that I would have much more liked it if they would have stuck to their original idea, to make it more SS 2 like. But, that's just my opinion. The rest is just factual bad management in development really. I can't even imagine how they can go on developing the game, and don't run out of money.
  18. Not hyped at all. After all the time it took them for the System Shock remake, and it's still not released, even though they announced it would be released in 2020...
  19. If the Wiki doesn't mention it... I guess there's noone tangible. I also take it, as there's not a definite date or year mentioned to be used in FM's, there could be multiple "current" Emperors.
  20. Well.. if you express your opinion on an open forum, you'll have to deal with the consequences. And that is, for example, other people expressing their opinions, also on the things you say. Anyway, enough said really. You still haven't shared the source for your claims, and I doubt that you ever will. Simply because there isn't an official source for them. There were only figures stated by CDPR which show the budget for the game development, not the marketing expenses, as far as I could see.
  21. Lol. I'd actually say the same about you (shitposter). There are also no rules YOU set up here. You claim BS, you have to prove it, simple. Your excuses only make your point weaker. BTW, I never met anyone as aggressive as you here. Questionable honour.
  22. Beats me. It's absolutely new to me that companies give out such details about their spent budget. Usually, I don't even find an exact figure of the overall budget spent. If you have details, please post a link. No speculation though, only official info from the company itself. Anything else is crystal ball.
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