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  1. What about the 3rd part of VFAT or the second Mission of the Quinn campaign? At least there are 5 missions then
  2. I could only find one too. Anyone found more? Further goodies I found so far in the mission: If anyone found more please report here so I might look for more - this "egg hunt" is most appreciated by myself Thank you.
  3. You can use the command "tdm_set_mission_completed mission-name" (e.g. tdm_set_mission_completed oldhabits) - then it gets a completed in all difficulties and the green check mark
  4. Regading Siege Shop: I just used your own update site and clicked on the link: now the mission got updated again with a date of February 21, 2015 (version 4) - it seems as if PranQster updates it daily without telling anyone
  5. Not only that, but I noticed, that the updater in general doesn´t seem to work anymore for existing missions: e.g. NHAT, Siege Shop (now version 4!), Mandrasola, Lord Dufford, Sam Hain, Fauchard - just to name a few - all got updated in the last six months and I didn´t receive any hints in the New Mission-Menu of the updater. I only noticed, because I deleted and compared all older missions an redownloaded every mission again together with the new update to TDM 2.03. I really wouldn´t like to do that every time a new TDM version gets released. But instead the updater should always inform, if anyone uploads an updated mission or changes anything regarding the mission files. All in all what use has an update of a mission, if nobody noticed and never plays it?
  6. Is it possible to list the changes for the new version and tell us if it´s ready to download? Would be great
  7. Here: start checking with Tels - he repaired the bug
  8. Why so complicated? Why not just find the one who repaired the bug with the disappearing check mark I reported several months ago? There was even a bug report for it. I am sure that the new bug started after "repairing" the original bug. There should also be a thread somewhere on this forum... It probably was fixed in version 1.08 or 2.00 so the timeline of the bugs appearance fits exactly...
  9. I am fairly certain that this bug exists since someone repaired the original bug (which I reported at that time - sorry but can´t remember anymore when that was) that exactly in that line there never appeared a check mark. Probably it was fixed by putting always a check mark in its place so if you have a whole list of checked FMs on the page you wouldn´t notice the difference. I hope my words make sense?
  10. No actually not (those two I have found for sure), there are others mentioned in your text-file. But as even you don´t remember them, I am sure, they are not there
  11. There are actually two readables that are in your mission pack strings-file that I couldn´t find. Just asking if those are really in the mission so I might not miss on something story based. Otherwise really great mission. Thank you for it. Already looking forward to the 4th installment
  12. Found the last one finally - suddenly, after several tries the popped up So: four secret objectives mastered! I wish mission builders would do more such things as it´s fun to look for them...if you know, they are there. Otherwise no one would find them I am sure of...
  13. Ok I think I give up: I hopped around the - nothing... and I haven´t found anything else which is only there in Night 1....
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