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  1. Beautiful Mission hell are those columns in a lava field. The sad part is that the mission is short ......... I'm sure a lot intercede for continuation. The mission is clearly to TOP
  2. Excellent mission, I played a total of about eight hours the whole story. Just more such missions .......
  3. Got a question about this mission. Does anyone know why the mouse does not work and how to change the settings to work? In other missions Darkmodu mouse works normally.
  4. Good morning needed would counsel as to carrying - in bodies on side. I don't know how set keys or mouse.Shall I two - push - button mouse,keyboard in notebook(without numlocku). In setting I'm tried buttons on mice and wheel plus letter from keyboard also malfunctions.Thank you jardakrupka
  5. Pray for counsel.Where find accounting?My English isn't welfare.Thank you Jk
  6. Is that a only pointing out Czech.I and PPOE be both Czechs.Otherwise mission evaluate like excel.One of the best I ever played
  7. Unexceptionable report,me much English doesn't go.I be born behind "king Klacka"(Stick) plus in mine age already it to the head Nelia. Where find accounting("evidence")?Otherwise is that a excel mission.
  8. Pro PPOE jsem z Prahy. Jsem i na českém thiefovi jako "alois"
  9. Be in chapel,I can't find entrance to the crypt.Who will help?Thanks Jarda
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