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  1. Hi Freyk. I don't like having the app data in ~/Library/Application Support as it violates the notion that you can just throw the app away and get all the space back. Obviously, having it in the app bundle is subpar since the darkmod folder is modified as you save games and load new mods. Like I said, it's an experimental build. If I ever get around to finishing the next build, it'll ask you at startup where your darkmod folder is so you can place it anywhere you like. In the mean time, you could probably create a soft link from app bundle to your ~/Library darkmod folder and that should work fine. An alias won't work but a soft link should. FezMonkey.
  2. You're getting a lot of errors on your default.cfg that I don't see. But it's saying you have fullscreen turned on which doesn't work. Try changing this in your Darkmod.cfg: seta r_fullscreen "1" to this: seta r_fullscreen "0"
  3. Redface can you run it from the command line and see what it spits out? It's targeted for 10.7 or later, x86 only, 32 bit but I don't think 10.8 even runs on PPCs so that's probably not the problem. cd into the TheDarkMod.app/Contents/MacOS and just run ./TheDarkMod. If you are worried about viruses (always wise), the md5 for the zip file is: MD5 (TheDarkMod.zip) = d2b2aaec0be6bd8eed9548ad7e0877d5 I checked my local zip and the one on the server and they match. I did just run it through VirusBarrier Express and it didn't find any problems so I don't think I'm infected with anything.
  4. There's not really anything on manic.org. It hosts my email. The image in the forum post is links to manic so maybe that's what your AV software is complaining about.
  5. I'm releasing my all-in-one experimental TDM 2.01 for the mac today. You'll need a ready-to-go "darkmod" folder and my app and then you should be good to go. Please read the notes below. TheDarkMod.zip Right click the downloaded app and select "Show package contents". Drag your darkmod folder into Contents/Resources, like the attached picture. After that, just close that window and double click. Notes, notes, and more notes: It doesn't do full screen. If you set full screen and restart it won't work anymore. You can manually reset it but I don't remember at the moment how to do that. It will modify the app bundle itself as you download missions and save games. I've since decided this was a bad idea and my next version won't do that. Source code is here: https://bitbucket.org/chairface/thedarkmod I made more changes to the portable code than was necessary so I don't think folding my changes back into the build is a good idea. I needed to rebuild the boost libraries so I pulled down boost and did so. Unfortunately, I pulled down 1.55; TDM is based on 1.51. 1.55 doesn't build right with clang so I had to hand patch it. Long story short, my next attempt is based on 1.51 and is less crazy. Also, you probably won't be able to build my code as you'll need the patched boost.
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