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  1. Congratulation on the release! Looking forward to play it
  2. Sorry for the later reply: It was these secrets:
  3. Ha, good question: I do not enjoy killing characters in general and I generally take the stealth approach, usually blackjacking them, but: And I think I found only 3/5 secrets, have no idea where the others might be
  4. Absolute blast to play - neat, tightly-packed mission in a small area, but brimming with content - both loot and story readables. And the story you two cooked up is fantastic, on a professional level - I can´t wait to find out what will happen in the second part! The attention to detail, intro and outro had a high production values, as already stated before me. I was a bit angry in certain parts of the story that I can´t kill certain characters, but I can see why now I really hope one day, and I still will be alive, the Crucible of Omens will be finished and released
  5. Very nice first mission! I was surprised how well the manor itself was designed, that must have took a lot of time. And the tension! I was genuinely scared. I had to stop playing the mission during the night, and play during the day. That happened to me also with only one mission so far - Shalebridge Cradle. Readables are very nicely written and I liked how you can systematically open every room in the house. The only one I didn´t know how Just as others have said, I also would like to see a resolution to a story: I have only one gripe with this mission - that it was too large. It has too large spaces with nothing goin on in them. Manor itself could have been shrunk down to at least half of its size and still could contain this story. If it´s so big, why not populate it with some enemies? i have expected such a big place will be swarming with them after certain events. And I have one question, which I wasn´t able to resolve:
  6. My goodness, thank you, you saved my playthrough! This is exactly the reason why I couldn´t find the chapel key and couldn´t progress with a story!
  7. Wow, guys, optimization in 2.09 is above and beyond awesome - Painter's Wife, where I had before in the worst parts around 45 FPS, at best 75-85, now thanks to Image Sharpening I can now have 95 where before I had 45 and 120+ where I before had 75-85. And without noticeable drop in image quality. This is unbelievably awesome!
  8. I wouldn´t go as far as making the flahbomb arrow capable of disabling electricity (practically, an EMP grenade), but the other capabilites sounds fine. Besides, many lights in the missions are prebaked, it would be impossible to disable them and players might find it confusing, why this light was disabled, but the other one at the other side of the level could not.
  9. I, for one, would then definitely start using them. I am never using bombs neither mines in any of my playthroughs. I think it is also more coherent with the gameworld concept - having arrows as a viable means of solution. This, and only this, out of all the other objects at player´s disposal should have been remade to an arrow in the former Thief games as well. Bombs and mines should definitely stay in and it should be up to designers whether they would want to use it in their missions. Similarly, I would also welcome keychain as an optional purchasable object at the beginning of the mission for those of us, who does not want to scroll through many keys in their inventory and are afraid of dropping them in case they might need them. Keychain would act as 1 object which you can use on the doors, and if you have the key to the right doors, they would open after the use - it has already been implemented the Thief COSAS fanmissions - it´s neat little thing. All the keys should stack on the keyring and not take place in the inventory, if the player had purchased it, with the exception of special keys (ancient runes/non-typical shaped keys). These two Quality of Life improvements I would welcome with the open arms
  10. Congrats, joebarnin, this is not your first mission and one can see all the experience you applied from your previous missions - well designed, fresh, with lots of interesting ideas. SInce many before me already said what was good and bad + I am lazy today and don´´ want to write much, I will just say: Congrats again, this was a blast to play!
  11. Hi guys, How do I find the map to the underwater facility? EDIT:// Nevermind,
  12. There is not, but there is one tower which looks like Belltower and it kept confusing me as well, until I realized those are two different towers. The one I am speaking about looks like it´s smoking out of it.
  13. Thank you for this unexpected and interesting bit of trivia, I´m intrigued! Is there any book or article you would recommend to read to learn more about all this? Because this would be important reference material for area level design. I remember @Melan once wrote about the book he recommends about design of houses and how it informs his approach to design certain missions. It would be interesting to read your material as well.
  14. Congratulations again to the creators of this mission, mission like this has not been done yet, both to the scope and complexity. This was a blast to test and anybody playing this is up for a ride
  15. Hello OGDA, Very nice first mission! I enjoyed a small mission after playing certain gargantuan mission in making. Can I just ask
  16. Hello everybody, I am currently betatesting Painter´s Wife and this strange crash occurs - it happens to me and also user Krillmar and I was recommended to post it here: Once I am trying to use key to unlock secret (the small showcase with mini Smurph-like houses in a library) it always crashes - i was tried to delete darkmod.cfg and use freshly created one - to no avail I have updated my Nvidia drivers from to the latest ones - still, no avail. Edited:// It turned out not to be a 2.08-specific bug and has already been fixed/worked around by creators of the mission.
  17. I try to ghost as much as possible, and even though now I do understand how the score works. but I wouldn´t be against making it vice versa - now the smaller number is better, but it would be easier to understand if 100 (percent) would be optimal and lower score means worse rating.
  18. In no particular order: 1. The Heart of the Lone Salvation 2. Requiem 3. A House of Locked Secrets 4. Volta 1: Volta and The Stone 5. Volta 2: Cauldron of the Gods Honorable mentions(because we can´t write more than 5): Glenham Tower Return to the City
  19. Hey, Amadeus, This is your first mission? Impressive! All the typical mistakes of upcoming mappers are not here - too vast spaces with nothing to do or unclear goals are not present; level-design is concise, micro-stories of its inhabitants gave it life-like feeling and it was very well optimized! The main villain twist on how to get rid of him was original I also liked the way code was hidden - if player found just one half with a little bit of combinatoric you could still open the safe All in all, awesome little mission I also hope you would release another stories of your protagonist.
  20. Congratulations on the release, looking forward to play it!
  21. Do you think it will be optimized later on?
  22. What a wonderful little mission released at the end of the year! Really nice surprise, Golwdell and Kingsal, I will just reiterate what Shadow said: I will refrain from my typical longer posts today and will just say this was a pleasant surprise, from poster collecting (not overdone, for which I am thankful) to snowballs throwing Merry Christmas everybody and a happy new year!
  23. Very nice compact little mission; I hope our hero´s journey will continue and that he will
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