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  1. I think that very low sound heard on the release is just the arrows sound. It really needs some releasing tension sound.
  2. Hi guys, I just wanted to note a small detail I noticed playing the dark mod. When just before shooting an arrow in original Thief series a rather loud string and bow tension release sound can be heard, which is a nice thing. But in TDM there's no string or bow tension release sound effect when shooting an arrow. I think that takes away the feeling of launching an arrow which was achieved in Theif series very efficiently. Do you guys agree?
  3. oopss. I guess years of making custom maps made a habit of putting everything in the base directory Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, today I downloaded the dark mod and tried to run the game but when I run the launcher nothing happens. I got no error while installing the game. Still when I run the launcher there's no response My Doom3 is patched to version 1.3.1, I have Vista Ultimate, my system is Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40 Ghz, 4 GB ram and ATI 4850. Edit: (I don't know if this has anything to do with the problem but I will copy & paste what is written in "tdmlauncher.txt" after I tried to run the game) Path to tdmlauncher is D:\Oyun\DOOM 3\base\darkmod\tdmlauncher.exe Darkmod directory is D:\Oyun\DOOM 3\base\darkmod\ Trying default value for engine executable is D:\Oyun\DOOM 3\base\DOOM3.exe Could not find engine executable at default locations, will be searching command line arguments for a path to doom3 executable. Could not find 'currentfm.txt' file in D:/Oyun/DOOM 3/base/darkmod/currentfm.txt Current FM is: Full argument string is: +set fs_game_base darkmod Starting process D:\Oyun\DOOM 3\base\DOOM3.exe +set fs_game_base darkmod Error when spawning D3 process: No such file or directory Closing logfile.
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