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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm using nVidia's own nvidia-settings application which does a good job for configuring the monitors. It is the game that changes the configuration on start up.
  2. Found the cause of the problem, but still no solution. When the two external monitors are active (DP-0 and DP-1) in extended mode, TDM starts on the laptop screen (DP-3, which had been off until that moment), makes it the primary display and turns the other two off. Even after quitting TDM this configuration stays. I hadn't noticed that before because my laptop was docked with the lid closed. Is there any way to tell the engine to start on the current primary display and not change the configuration?
  3. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked before; I couldn't find anything when I searched. I have two 19" monitors connected to my Linux laptop which has a nVidia card. When the secondary monitor is a duplicate of the primary, TDM runs fine at the native resolution (1280x1024), and I can see the game running duplicated on both monitors. But when the secondary monitor is set to be the extended desktop (at the right of the primary), TDM starts with blank screen, both monitors reporting "no signal". I can hear the music and mouse sound effects. Hitting the console key and tying exit shuts down t
  4. Thanks and I'm glad you found it useful.
  5. I have a quicksave of the FM Lockdown that crashes right after it finishes loading. Its size is the same as good save games for that mission, around 33MB. The TDM version is 1.03 and I am on XP SP3. I hope you will find it useful: http://endings.lemon...ckSave.save.zip
  6. I have a quicksave which crashes right after the loading is complete, DarkMod v1.03. Any one interested in looking at it?
  7. If you are interested in how this was done, I have posted a tutorial here.
  8. Removing the inventory items one by one might have the undesirable effect of all the items quickly scrolling on the screen every time the character is changed. Depends on how fast it can be done in TDM. Does TDM have the concept of links? Similar to the Contains links between the player and objects? If so you could loop through all the links and reassign them to some invisible chest. In addition to all of these, there are many little details that need taking care of. For example, I could not set up a loot objective because there were two inventories and therefore two stacks of loot. Dark
  9. This is how I did it in Among Two Storms. I know Dark Mod is considerably different, but it might provide some ideas. There are two thief AIs with their team set to Good, and aggressiveness set to 'Ignore until attacked'. This way they won't attack the player, and won't attack any enemies unless they are threatened. Frobbing the 'switch to character' item in the inventory sends a custom stim to the player, based on the character you want to switch to (GarrettStim and PalmerStim). The avatar has receptrons for both stims. They teleport a special marker to the player's current location, tele
  10. Good call, I should have noticed that file. Nevertheless removing it did not solve the problem, the DLL still goes back to the old version.
  11. Hi I just updated my TDM to 1.01, here is what tdm_update says: TDM Updater v0.44 © 2009-2010 by tels & greebo. Part of The Dark Mod (http://w ww.thedarkmod.com). Analysing mirrors: done, found 6 servers. Fetching checksums from server... done. Comparing checksums: fms/training_mission/training_mission.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_animals01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_base01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_humanoid_builders01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_humanoid_guards01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_humanoid_heads01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_humanoid_nobles01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_human
  12. I'm planning to use one (or two) ambient music tracks. I will not be using any textures or objects.
  13. Hello all, I am working on a Thief 2 mission (sequel to Unholy Vivid Innocence). There are a couple of ambient music tracks in TDM that I really like; I was wondering what are the terms of using TDM resources in T2 missions (proper credit will be given of course). Is it allowed? Thanks.
  14. In my case it does not even get to the load screen or the load bar. The game crashes immediately after pressing the quickload key.
  15. Here is where it happens in the code: http://www.koders.com/cpp/fid68EDF3AB8235EA9815252E4FCC925F6E50EF02AC.aspx?s=md5 line 1143 /* ================ idPVS::FreeCurrentPVS ================ */ void idPVS::FreeCurrentPVS( pvsHandle_t handle ) const { if ( handle.i < 0 || handle.i >= MAX_CURRENT_PVS || handle.h != currentPVS[handle.i].handle.h ) { gameLocal.Error( "idPVS::FreeCurrentPVS: invalid handle" ); } currentPVS[handle.i].handle.i = -1; } And since it might be helpful, I have listed the FMs that show this problem: - The Crown of Penitence - The Outpost - Thieves FMs that d
  16. This keeps getting more and more interesting. I tried TDM under Linux (Karmic64). I copied my savegames from Windows to Linux and loaded my Windows savegame. It loaded and played fine, but when I tried loading again/quitting the mission, I got this in the terminal (playing in Windowed mode): Trying to exit gracefully.. --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- -------------------------------------- And the whole OS froze. I could only salvage the system by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 and killing the Doom3 process. I ran TDM again, loaded the same savegame, walked around a bit, and saved it to
  17. Not much luck. Here is the stack trace with the full symbols: gamex86.dll!boost::detail::sp_counted_base::release() Line 100 + 0x9 bytes C++ gamex86.dll!boost::detail::shared_count::~shared_count() Line 208 C++ gamex86.dll!boost::shared_ptr<ai::MovementSubsystem>::~shared_ptr<ai::MovementSubsystem>() + 0x19 bytes C++ gamex86.dll!_CallSettingFrame(unsigned long funclet=50261660, unsigned long pRN=259, unsigned long dwInCode=872840533) Line 73 Asm gamex86.dll!__FrameUnwindToState(EHRegistrationNode * pRN=0x02feee9c, void * pDC=0x02fecfd0, const _s_FuncInfo * pFuncInfo=0x0adcb6
  18. I cut the stack trace at ntdll because the rest was not reliable. This is the full stack trace: gamex86.dll!boost::detail::sp_counted_base::release() Line 100 + 0x9 bytes C++ gamex86.dll!boost::detail::shared_count::~shared_count() Line 208 C++ gamex86.dll!boost::shared_ptr<ai::CommunicationSubsystem>::~shared_ptr<ai::CommunicationSubsystem>() + 0x19 bytes C++ gamex86.dll!_CallSettingFrame(unsigned long funclet=50261660, unsigned long pRN=259, unsigned long dwInCode=959095130) Line 73 Asm gamex86.dll!__FrameUnwindToState(EHRegistrationNode * pRN=0x02feee9c, void * pDC=0x02fe
  19. Ok I have some information for you guys. The circumstances that trigger the crash are described as issue #1 in the first post of this thread. To trigger the crash I quickloaded. I used VC9. The game crashes in thedarkmod\win32\include\boost\detail\sp_counted_base_w32.hpp, line 100: void release() // nothrow { if( BOOST_INTERLOCKED_DECREMENT( &use_count_ ) == 0 ) //<--- crashes here { dispose(); weak_release(); } } The stack trace is: gamex86.dll!boost::detail::sp_counted_base::release() Line 100 + 0x9 bytes C++ gamex86.dll!boost::detail::shared_count::~
  20. That is fair enough. I have VC9 installed and can debug the code. But before that it would be nice to have a feedback from the code about what is going wrong. That is fair enough. Is there a logging feature I could enable to see what is exactly happening? Surely there must exist some logging facility?
  21. Greebo, your patch fixed issues #2 and #3 of my original post, but issue #1 still happens very frequently. Any chance you could chase this?
  22. So far it's been working for me too. Savegame is 24MB. Thanks Greebo! May Nanny Ogg feed you an extra bowl of milk on the hogswatch day.
  23. And here is my savegame: http://endings.lemonamiga.com/fm/savegames.zip I tend to save a lot, and in this case I loaded every time I failed at blackjacking the guards (and sometimes getting hurt in the process). But never died. Could it be related to problem #1? Maybe the current session doesn't end properly, and the parameters for the new session just get added to it? Let me know how if can help. If you want, send me new binaries with debugging/logging turned on and I will send you back the results.
  24. Sure. So does this mean I am not the only person with this problem?
  25. Thanks for the reply. I did some more experiments and here is what I found: I opened Windows task manager and closed everything else. The Commit Charge was around 400MB. Then I started TDM and loaded my savegame. The game loaded fine and the Commit Charge went up to 2.4GB. While inside the game I pressed the quickload button and the memory usage started going up, the game crashed when it reached 2.6GB. I looked at my savegames. Original Doom3 savegames are around 10MB each. The savegames that had the problem #1 (problem with ending current session) were around 28MB. The savegames that had
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