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  1. Now I see it could be useful, indeed
  2. Thief 3 was never a REAL part of Thief series to me. Although the game isn't bad, it is far worse than T1 and T2. I think that game lost a soul, immersion, and even some kind of realism, I don't know it clearly, but the most important is that Darkmod have it all! The resemblance to the Looking Glass Studio games is unbelievable, and it is great! But the Darkmod also has a much greater potential because of new AI, new graphics, animations, physics system, and a tons of other new (and better) stuff! It's like a beautiful dream to the Thief community and all fans;) Thanks, guys.
  3. Thanks for response, people. I'll read the wiki section in a sec, just forgot that there's such a huge guide! Shouldering is easy and works very well, I don't believe I could have overlooked it, heh;)
  4. Hi, so what can I say? I love this mod and I can't wait new better and better missions. Great job guys:) But... Forgive me, I will write about flaws this time. There's one thing that annoys me: bodies dragging. It's so uncomfortable because there are problems with dragging the bodies through the narrow areas(door frames). Unfortunately the best way to transport the body is not pulling it, but pushing, but it's far less realistic... Pulling the body is difficult, ineffective, and it kills some of the immersion in my opinion, so why chose this option?...(; I think carrying bodies known from Thief series is much better because it is more comfortable and quicker(player doesn't have to fight with physics). Why not implement it to the Darkmod then?
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