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  1. ah that explains a lot yeah people today would probably smash there computers if they had to jump through as many hoops as we did back then hehe setting up drivers manually and using memory compression tools to get the last ounce out of the insanely low system memory we had back then. Hell i could run 98 on a 386 with hacks that would make your hair stand rofl.
  2. odd the specs for that model say it does have a harddisk albeit a small one and that it supported cga gfx, did they also sell a dumped down version of the euro PC II ?. Been using works for years still runs fine on win10 atleast the last version does if you run it as admin. there actually is a later version also but it was newer released publicly and came as an oem version with some pc's version 10.
  3. ah that one was actually more powerful than the spectrum see here ->https://oldcomputer.info/pc/euroPC2/index.htm the hercules gfx card was one of the better ones and supported color via cga it even had a built in hd at 20mb, mine had to load from a casette or as i modified it later on an old 8 track band station so i had a massive data flow but it was slow as molasses to load. I later got this little marvel developed in denmark https://rc700.dk/ but i newer quite got the hang of comal80 so i ditched it not long after.
  4. I remember shneider though i was not aware they ever went into computing had a stereo from them many years back though,
  5. many small computing units back then so hard to know the exact make sadly most died out or got bought up by bigger companies. the commodore could have had a great legacy if the ceo's had not been total asshats riding it into the ground. Same with 3dfx (i wonder sometimes if to much success brings out the idiots inherent in all of us).
  6. or maybe the atari home pong ? https://www.oldest.org/entertainment/video-game-consoles/
  7. might have been the sinclair then the spectrum and amstrad models were based on that one. Had one myself but i got it from a dumpster xD some years after i got my hands on an amiga. That one did indeed only play pong though you could write your own small games with it but it was hell to do.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZX_Spectrum mine was grey though ;) on the wiki site you can see some of the games you could buy or code yourself. the spectrum pong game https://www.oko-7.top/ProductDetail.aspx?iid=126490297&pr=23.99 just your avarage basic ping pong game in total lack of color my sister and me had a great time beating each other though. you can even still buy it lol.
  9. hehe not to unheard of these days with us oldies still playing, our tank in my old warcraft guild was 83 and he was considered one of the best around. but to give the younger generation some perspective my first "gaming" computer was a spectrum zx80 from the 80's which by todays standard had only a little more power than your basic calculator , i learned coding in basic because back then you pretty much had to write your own games or read them in painstakingly slow from some book which took the better part of 14 days for the simpler ones and up to a year for the good stuff. And if you m
  10. 53 and soon to be 54 :S my god i still remember my vaning years in quake3d i was in my 20's back then.
  11. lawl my old R9 390 goes for 480 british pounds on ebay... that is insanity.
  12. could also be the result of the massively inflated prices on newer gfx cards we have experienced lately, still not possible to get an RX6800 in denmark which is anywhere near the retail price. Not that the idea is bad with VR i just think it needs to be a little more refined before it really catches on, then maybe the prices on them will fall to a reasonable stage.
  13. hmm interresting though id give it a bit more time to see the results
  14. guess someone will newer figure out the boat is about to sink VR has mostly been a massive flop and i can understand why... it is (a LOT) more expensive than a decent lcd monitor and most headsets still feel like you have a box over your head, not to mention the hilarious things that sometimes happen when you do infact forget that you are wearing this riduculous box and try to rest against a virtual fence only to land on your ass xD
  15. half life alyx can be played with standard mouse and keyboard now due to https://github.com/r57zone/Half-Life-Alyx-novr but it looses some immersion due to lacking the vr plays more detailed handling also it is hell to set up still if youre just in it for the story it is quite possible.
  16. Well the old bootstrap compiler finally enabled me to port the TDM patchset for use with gcc-10.2.0 and some major changes have followed. The TDM compiler is now a plugin to the msys2 shell in fact all compilers currently runnable with it are clang to ;). The nice things about this is that you can pretty much build anything the standard version can with the only difference being that the TDM version defaults to linking to the static gcc runtime libraries. The bad thing is that things using clangs libunwind will most likely barf a lot because the gcc unwinder is linked into every
  17. been a while since i toyed with the source code but yeah it did do something in the past as well but maybe not what you would expect. The problem with it in stock doom3 was that even though it removed microstutter it also caused things to go out of sync, sound etc... also it made the game run way to fast as the original code was built around a capped tic of 62.5 (old quake 3 limit actually). This caused the game to actually run at 59 fps and not 60 which many people noticed after mucking about with this variable. In fact even after setting com_fixedtic if you used a framerate limiter to limit
  18. probably more added but as i remember doom3 did not even support com_fixedtic atleast it did nothing in the code before
  19. mostly played the older versions myself then i fell headlong into the blizzard diablo games continuing through world of warcraft where i ended up as our guilds main damage dealer (as a shaman Oo) then things went south when my buddy got banned for life for using processhacker (no hacking in that tool it is an advanced process and task manager nothing more) by blizzard and now none of us is ever going to touch a blizzard game ever again. But i guess a company who uses hacktools themselves to root out botters are not to keen on people spying on what there warden mechanics do behind the scenes,
  20. Oh i was not aware a new breed of it had surfaced I think the only version i heard of that was able to handle some C++ in the past was lcc-win32 but im not even sure that one is still maintained. but yeah calling it LCC is a bit misleading LC++ maybe.
  21. indeed btw if you like lovecraft inspired games try "the shore" it is pretty faithfull.
  22. you can take on higher lvl monsters but as anything it is not recomended dont know about hype the story is good though still it is not 100% faithfull to sapowskys books so people who read those might have a hard time swallowing some of the stuff in the games.
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