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  1. Here's an odd one that some people I know are exited about: http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/256686892/movie480.webm?t=1497219057 Not my cup of tea but they are loving it here: https://forum.pleasuredome.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=31682&hl= These cartoon from the 30's and 40's are amazing and I have a lot of them but I need more content and complication (for lack of a better word) to be into a game. And really do not play 21 with the devil it is not worth whatever he rewards I have been playing since either 1977 or 1987 I am not sure and I have nothing but sorrow and misery to show for it. Unless of course your Cross-Eyed Mary whereas: "She signs no contract but she always plays the game" and she beats the devil every time from what I gather.
  2. Good Idea, but after turning down some effects such as anti aliasing (yeah I had that on because of my 1080 that should have been able to handle it) as well as fade LOD and some other things, 60 Frame Vsync was also turned down to half which helped but I have never see this as an option in a game I think it helps with some stuttering. I also got my minibike up and running so your Idea will be easier to get to. Found a Blunderbuss:
  3. Dishonored 2 is on sale for $30.00 on Steam. Not much of a sale but its 25% off.: http://store.steampowered.com/sale/dishonoredgames/ Tom Clancy's The Division is $20.00: http://store.steampowered.com/app/365590/Tom_Clancys_The_Division/ Also this publisher is having a sale and its too many games to list: http://store.steampowered.com/sale/bandainamcoweekend/ GOG has a few lesser titles for as little as a $1.20 https://www.gog.com/promo/20170911_weekly_sale Well Dishonored and the Division are 2016 - 2017 I probably have more free time that most everybody (lack of a life) so next time I will make a new post as I check out game sale for DD.
  4. This social thing is completely brought up by other people and now it just renominates in my mind, I easily get lost in my work as well and it becomes my entire focus as well. I have only a small idea of who my true friends are - if they are - but I know they have helped me at times so I feel a bit guilty now when I use my talent with 3D content creation and my clever ideas and somehow it make my them feel dumb. I had a person back in 2004 when I was working on my 3DS Max art gallery say "all your really doing is just making them look really stupid, do you want them to hate you" also "yeah that looks really cool but you make us look retarded" from 2000 working on my clacking balls thing, these like I said renominate in my mind. You do not need to think about this, it is my own problem. I just wanted to come clean with the true reason I stopped my projects. I hate end with saying this but it is true.
  5. I have a more serious problem from multiple forges and chem stations, these dynamic lights are killing my FPS, this is a type of bug that should be fixed eventually with what we here call portals what is not being seen in vision and is not near being seen in vision needs a portal (I forgot what this is in DarkMod) an area that is not rendered or thought of when not in near sight. I have dug down under my fort to where these are so this is being completely out of sight. The Voxel thing is cool but dynamic lights need more optimization I think. And screamers love my forges, I have 4 forges 2 floors down that i smelt stone, and these need to be off at night but i forget. Another problem, I will have to smash a hole in my forts wall to get this damned minibike out, i figured you could just move it but now its in the middle of my crops in the middle of my fort. I hope i can get this going soon, i would like to do some faster traveling if possible. This game brings my GTX 1080 to its knees - although with pride I leave the settings up, but with the dynamic light issue i will have to turn them down.
  6. When I said I stopped working on my FMs first for Thief 3 and early in on DarkMod it had nothing to do with the Mod or editor I had personal things going on so I stopped. [OK, every time I work on a project be it 3DS Max, DarkMod or Thief 3 edit - take this how you want but it is the real reason for stopping - I would hear that I make my friends and my people "look stupid". I never believed everyone when it was said but then out of decency I still quit. Who are my people, I have not been told, but we did not grow up like everyone else - "think "we don't need an education" from Floyd. I like to think being kept down by whoever, for whatever.] OK I had to say it. I never wanted to quit working on these projects but after hearing and seeing the above over and over again I started to believe it and I did not want to be a F***ed up person to my friends and or family or whatever. I hope someday I could be allowed to work on some projects but for now I can pretty much start and then before long I feel guilty again. Now take the above as a sort of a confession, or maybe I'm insane I don't know. what I do know is that with practice the Darkmod editor is fine, and I have no complaint other than I have not used it for a while as was said previously. The reason I made the videos of my work was because i may not finish them.
  7. When I said quit I meant exit the game to save the save folder, I love the game but after 10 hours of straight play it is a bit unhealthy. As far as Factorio, it reminds me of Sim City and don't take this the wrong way but I am a FPS person as far as editors and building things. I loved Fallout 1 and 2 but as far as the gaming and building parts of this type of game I will stick with first person 7 Days to live. I finally got my chainsaw back, I had a hard time assembling the parts until I watched a tutorial and that you have to drag and drop, which I thought i did. The addicting thing is the way you have so many things to do and you want to try them all and then you have to be level 20 or you need a certain tool or schematic to build with, so then you do all you can to get these things and then you realize you just played for 10 hours and you need to eat.
  8. That's far over my head, and asking Eidos or whoever for it will probably be ignored. Thief 3 edit was easier with scrips and linking things, that's what gave me a hard time in DarkMod, I had a lot of questions about importing max objects and scripting, and this site helped me gracefully back in I think 2010. I really should download some missions here and check them out, when I was working on Bafford place I did not want to see other people's missions because I wanted my own ideas and I wanted mine to be completely original and not adding other peoples ideas in my mission - this is just me, I refuse to look at other peoples 7 Days Later custom buildings that have been made and are posted online for the same reason. Where are the Through the Looking Glass guys at now anyway? They seem to have disappeared after Thief 2, but like I said I think our original Thief days are over. The charm they had is gone and even if it has the best 3D engine, artists and writers I think they would put too many new open world ideas in it and it may not work out anyway.
  9. I do this first but then when I upgrade it sometimes I do so accidentally and then I have to tear it down to match the rest of the blocks. I have an idea to start building outside of my fortress as a test so then collapsing the test structure with a stick of dynamite, as I will not have to worry about destroying part of the my fortress, and dynamite is a good way to destroy a good structure but I found out the hard way and killed myself. My thing is perfection and symmetry these two things rule my building so this is just me and not so much a defect of the game. The blunderbuss sounds cool I think they were before muskets in real history, a large funnel end and pack it with gunpowder I guess. What would really be appreciated is a silencer (please don't say anything I will find out on my own) if I can find one. i always use my bow or crossbow when i can and usually when I enter a building with the zombies sitting in the corners and sneak up for a headshot kill with a steel arrow. The excuses are real, its just my own weakness that keeps me from stopping. I quit smoking in 2015 without patches or gum, I just said to myself I do not need to smoke and that was all it took. My mom was surprised because I smoked for 33 years and I smoked 5 cans of bugler (rolling tobacco without filters) a month, so I have willpower but I guess I just need to force it. When I do exit the game I save the save folder to another folder and this has kept me safe when the power went out and I restarted my PC and the the game I was in the same location with the same map and buildings but my character was reset to the start, when my video card glitched due to overheating (this game taxes my GTX 1080 like no other game) and I hit the escape key, then reset my PC I was right where I left off, seems I guess without hitting the escape key on power loss the game resets the character, the character is not updated every minute like most everything else, I know this because I had a program called Watch Directory that was monitoring the save folder and copying and renaming the files that were changed and there was a huge amount of writing in the save folder during game play, some at every minute and it got to the point that I was getting too confused with a folder with 100's (depending how long I was playing at the time) of copied and renamed files and some were not updated every minute, I forgot which ones, but trying to piece the save folder back to an earlier state I would see from say 11:33 to12:20 every minute there was a new file and a few were 8:22 or 6:07so they never matched and it was hard to piece the save back together, so now I just stop and save the folder manually.
  10. This game needs a warning label to keep guys with real food and water and get your eyes off the computer screen - sometime soon please. This is the most addictive game I have ever played and I have been computer gaming since 1988 (RPG addiction - Wasteland or Might and Magic). Too many things to do in too little time multitask this and that clean the traps, make some gunpowder, or maybe I should leave the scrapping out of the queue to save time for making some steel arrowheads and then wait I forgot the Molotov's and the horde will be here in 10 hours, I still need to find more brass but then, this, that and another. Man this is a IQ check for dumb asses like me. I am still a little disappointed with at least myself that the whole block thing makes it hard to build what I envision in my head, coming from XYZ of 3D space at least in an editor you can trim a brush where you need to, the problem is building something and trying to be my usual perfectionist symmetrical needy self I build and then I tear it down to try something else and in game time this is taking too much time, I need to stop building and go looting. If you see my videos of DarkMod and Thief 3 FM - unfinished but as perfect as I can get it. Way off topic, but to those who watch the Strain, the stregoui (or however this is spelled) look like Quake II strogg to me - almost exactly.
  11. I spent about 20 hours on this yesterday, and while not a terribly good thing, I have found that with my my steel pick axe and a level 70 mining I can make 5 of the best resources by breaking apart the small boulders with white spots on them, I get coal and nitrate for gunpowder, Lead for bullet tips, small rocks for cobblestone and eventually concrete and the best is raw iron to scrap for massive scrap iron. Gardening does not make sense to me, I use the hoe and I dig up the dirt up instead of doing what its supposed to, I use both right and left button on fertilizer and nothing happens, I found the best plant to get is the large cactus (i don't remember the name) for the green banana shaped fruit for its food value as well as the drink you can make for good hydration and cooling properties. I have seeds but without knowing how to hoe and fertilize I probably should watch the tutorial again on YouTube. I only go after supply crates when they are close by now, and my entire focus right now is on building my fortress and not looting quite yet. although I did find a sniper rifle in a crate so I can't say they are not useful. I'm on 34 days now and have been doing fairly well so far, when I bought the game I could not get through one night without the zombies killing me in about 10 minutes past 22:00, so I stopped playing and could not understand the good reviews, then I started with zombies running off and this make a good tutorial level. next time I play I will choose a random map and up some difficulty. The whole High tower thing seems impossible right now so I just focus on good defense with pits and spikes and concrete walls.
  12. After being hopelessly addicted to 7 Days To Die yesterday I spent about 20 hours on it so I have forgotten Thief 4 for the most part and I can just think of a sorry end to one of the best games I have ever played - yes Thief 1 & 2. I can only count a few games that had such a major impact on gaming and Thief is on the top of that list. I also cannot think of a better game series to make fan missions either in DarkMod now and not going back to Thief3 editor.
  13. Sorry I had been playing 7 Days to die for about 20 hours so I did not think to check this, but no I have not played it I just saw the videos, screenshots and reviews on Steam and the fact that Steampunk RPG's in Third or First Person games are hard to come by with so many Risen's and Two World type RPG's out there this sounded good at the price of a happy meal. The only true Steampunk game i know of is Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magic. I imagine there are others but Arcanum was built entirely around the Steampunk theme, and I also know little of Steampunk already. Yeah me to, I had to stop playing Gothic 1 because of control issues. There may be patches but again this is about the price of a happy meal. i only read the Steam user reviews, and they can be brutal on some games. I was expecting and or hoping Hellgate: London to be at least similar to Bright Memory, but turned out to be garbage. Bright Memory looks good though. OK I just seen Mars: War Logs is a 2013 game so I will take mind of the dates next time, but there should be a topic to show the ridiculous sales on DD from Steam, gamers gate and GOG. Witcher 3 was on sale at $23.00 I think on GOG and this was the lowest I have seen It. This game along with others will not come down in price like a stock waiting for buyers until they run out of buyers and they will offer it at around $10.00 come Christmas, but with steam there is are mid week and weekend sales that can lower a game up to 75% to 90% off, and it's good to keep an eye on it.
  14. Somebody should have an unofficial Steam, GOG, Gamersgate thread for ridiculous sales. Here's one: Mars: WarLogs $3.74 (Third Person Cyberpunk RPG) http://store.steampowered.com/app/232750/Mars_War_Logs/
  15. I am sorry i took this the wrong way, and am happy for you.
  16. I toppled the tower and did not get as much as I thought, but then I could have climbed higher and did a little at a time from a reasonable distance up all the way down so I just learned from my mistake, like I have done countless times in this game. so If i go after a large building I will do so one floor at a time. I toppled a building that i used as a base, but did not like the way it was built and decided to start from the ground up and it came down and did not effect my forge or workbench which is a bit strange but a good thing. I think I will go at lampposts and tall but useless structures to stock up on resources. I spent an unnecessary 3 days trying to take apart a structure from the top down, now it sounds like a stupid thing to do, but learning in game always feels better than using cheats like I see on YouTube. I can not believe what a great tip this is, thank you. I just had something happen that made me furious in game - this would be finding the supply crate having a full inventory and having zombies around at the time - so I opened the crate like a birthday present and the crate disappeared (never happened before) when I looked at its contents I see an AK 47 which was amazing, but then got stunned by a zombie from behind and killed it and another one and the backpack contents of the crate were not in site i removed all grass but could still not find it. Luckily I was able to just let it go even though I was furious, but this was all a bit strange to me. have you ever seen or heard this happen before? I have the 3 day option set for supplies which seems fair and the see crates on map which does not seem fair but I have seen the plane once and seen the smoke trail of the crate twice so this seems fair at least in my mind. Now whenever I see a crate I will drop all my somewhat useless garbage and make sure I see no zombies in the area, but what I said about the last crate was a bit F***ed up. As far as tips: what would be the best building demolition system, I have tried pipe bombs but they are worthless, gas barrels are tricky to get right and i for some reason cannot use a gun or bow to blow them up, and I would like to keep a good strategy to take one floor at a time - meaning precision.
  17. I see a tower of what looks like iron frames cubes - unlike the iron frame but similar - I f I were to topple this what would happen to the surrounding structures or myself? The game comes with a detox feature, if you are as addicted to this as crack, you have to quit to save the current save, I would not be writing this if I did not stop to copy my save folder, and recover from the addiction. Sorry a little dark humor there.
  18. I am sorry to here that, and so there goes a good reason to go for a console system , Xbox or PlayStation. Not as good as a PC in any means in my opinion but at least the hardware doesn't change much. Thank you all for your help. but I will have to go easy with my credit cards and wait a little longer for a better sale come the end of October and the 3 holidays that follow Halloween. Off topic but I love the fall or autumn season, unfortunately my mobile home park has no trees and 3 highways in that surround the park, and still no trees just dry grass. I should not complain though I have a bed and food and that's what's important. I really feel for the guys in Texas, If I had the money I would donate what I could, but live check to check. and am in massive credit card debt.
  19. Its on sale on Steam, does anyone know if its any good? I really liked the original, Human Revolution.
  20. Oh yeah I forgot most people have lives, I kind of envy you there. I would like to get back to modeling and designing, I have 2 projects in order: My Aluminum arcade Cabinet - 6 months of work with animation in which I am not skilled in and my custom Aluminum case for 3 X-Key systems for Flight Sims that holds 3 X-key 60 key label-able programmable keys with backlightng. you just unscrew the top plate drop all 3 X-Key 60 keypads and with an adjustable way to raise the panel up to 45 degrees and built in 3 port USB hub. This might sound lame but as you yourself mentioned flight sims require more keyboard commands than almost all other genre's of games, so with this you would have about 100 labeled keys to customize your flight sim commands. with the other controllers Joystick, Throttle and Rudder you would never need the keyboard at all. http://xkeys.com/xkeys/xk60.php
  21. That's what i think, if you have played a few FPS's with the mouse to aim, it is instant, the controller would have to track and may go to far up and you may have to bring it down a bit to shoot. i tried using the Xbox controller to play a freind in halo and it was way to hard to control aim, and this is about aim and maybe just walking. Oh and I love steam for a lost of reasons but this is one I cannot stand: Sometimes updates are not welcome but you buy the game at it's current patch level, so even if you turn off keep this game updated you will buy the game at the latest patch, and that's why I would sometimes like to buy a game at 1.0 and without patch 1.5. That's the only thing that bugs me about steam. when I was playing the second Dead Island and I was fooling around taking some loot to the store and I had an option for a "fabulous pick axe" or something and I could not understand if this was a joke or what and found out later it was the latest patch. This is minor but still I would rather not chop a Zombie in half with a "Fabulous Machete". I feel we are all arguing, but I guess that's how we learn. Still everyone is entitled to their opinion. unless I said that Thief 5 is coming out and is being made by some Looking Glass veterans - then I should be though of as an idiot with a stupid idea - not that I am not an idiot with some stupid ideas but we all have our weakness and mine unlike Superman and Kryptinite or however it is spelled, my weakness is radiation it make me sick as a dog, and that was a stupid comment, but it;s true unfortunately. Judith I honestly hope you have more time to play sooner than later, I feel some kind words are better than an argument once in a while. Even if I did not like almost all Pagan missions on all 3 Thief's, I liked the Hammer's and the goofy guards in most places and even Mission 7 in the weird house that took me a while to get my bearing in, maybe a long while.
  22. Its a disaster at least an hour to get a game going and then it starts your game, but I believe you have to login and even that's difficult now, and if you do nut upgrade the GFL platform you will be instructed that you will not be able to play the game you bought, and the upgrade process is ridiculous. Steam is a simple easy and with the right bandwidth the best platform for all these online activation's. Another game that I am sure no one would like was Bulletstorm that was another GWL game I played. I think there has been a shift in PC games lately and not the ones who are XBox Controller games, Some Indy games and steam has brought boatloads of PC first games as seen in some of the newer RPG and Horror Genre videos on YouTube. But I hate when I see a press button A or press button X on a PC game I would never think to use a controller with especially any first Person games. As far as mods on older games like TDM which I found in 2009 or so for Doom 3, I bought Doom 3 Retail version just for it. Battlefield 2 is so modifiable and has been modded in so many ways it can keep a (non CSS) FPS player busy for years. Forgotten Hope 2.4 on the latest BF2 was amazing! I miss the bot match games like BF2, the campaings system on the older previously bot match games is not worth the money, BF3 - BF4 I made the mistake of buying BF Bad Company and I found out that these games are strictly MP - which is good for some but i had my problems on my first HL2 Deathmatch that the players on the other screen are 50% people you would not want to play online with. There was a few Day of Defeat Source matches I played with people that wanted to play and not clown around like 12 year old bullied kids. Its just me probably with so much dislike for the Xbox, but some Xbox guys probably hate playing on a PC, cannot get the whole ASDW Mouse strafe from the Doom days down quite yet. My list of god to bad online DRM 1: Steam (offline play) 2: EA Origin still decent 3: Uplay from Ubisoft - if you lose your password you are treated like you are planning a bank robbery. 4: GFL - a complete mess (it will make you want an Xbox - and I believe that is the point). This is the reason some or a lot of people just settle for an Xbox, PS3 or PS4, I think Wii is a different platform altogether. Asus Sabertooth X79. Intel i7 3960X Stock. 16 GB PC 1600 Quad channel (4X4GB) Stock. HT-Omega Clarro II (I think PCI) 2 Digital outs (1 Optical / 1 Coax) for Digital Headphones and Speakers, 3 3.5 outs (Front, Rear and Center). A boatload of drives but that's not important, except for my games drive which is a Velociraptor 10,000 RPM 1TB. The only upgrade I have made since 2012 is the GTX 1080 and a new Corsair 1200 watt Power Supply. Look at my benchmarks and this 2012 PC with a few Upgrades can play them all. I think you remember the Intel Vs AMD and Nvidia Vs ATI days, the power has been all but tapped in my opinion as far a great strides in performance. This was true when there were direct ports of Xbox V1 games, like TGS, Deus EX without taking the time to bother with a few PC tweaks to make your $3,000.00 PC shine. this does not bother me at all anymore, and again it's only the Xbox i dislike for many other reasons than this. An example of gameplay and content: I have played Amiga and DOS RPG games on my PC VGA and 16 color graphics do not come out looking amazing, except for DosBox and Winuae D3D Filtering to get rid of some of the aliasing on a 1080P TV/Monitor. The worst thing I can think of about Steam and it can be avoided, are the in development games like the Realms of Arcania remake that was garbage and people like me bought it early on not knowing any better. After about a hundred patches i would rather play the original on DosBox. I cannot imagine this but its convenient on the couch, I play Flight Sims and the only way to play in my opinion is withe the controllers such as Joystick, Throttle, Rudder Pedals and whatever you can get to for buttons I use a couple of button devices that you can print labels for, and a new throttle for more buttons. You should read the manual for Cliff of Dover, you cannot get at every button it needs extra controllers, hunting on the keyboard and you lose the fight. I also have Track IR v4 which is essential for Flight Sims -this may sound a bit wierd but I bought a lemonade with raspberry and I swear there was piss in it, I feel sick as a dog, like I was just dropped in a toxic dump and was submerged in it - this is normal for me so don't pay any attention to that. anyway where was I: Yeah I have it and 3 and all the packs with it so this is bad news. Exactly! does any one know of the older pro gamer called Fatal1iy or whatever it was, can you imagine the best console joypad player could beat this guy in any FPS, I would like to bet on that. I remember in say 2013 I was trying yo play Gothic 1 with the usual system for keyboard and mouse and I had to stop because the controls were unimaginable. Like Thief TDP and its "W" Run and "S" walk I had to reconfigure that the last time i played. I am going on 50 in November and I still look like I am 20 sometimes - Yeah, but I will be 60 before I put on VR Goggles until you can fly a WWII aircraft with VR cockpit (all controls are used by your hands that look like hands and arms Flaps up/down click the button that was really therein the day) and the FPS would never work with a modern Flight Sim for a long time. Track IR is good for this and racing and Arma's games. Cassette to Cd / VHS to DVD / DVD to Blu Ray - same thing here. This would literally F-someone up that has Motion Sickness or Seizures, I hope they really warn guys with these illnesses, or they may feel as sick as me right now, and or end up in a hospital. Emulation is one of the greatest things I found back in 2006, MAME, WinUae, DOSBox, CCS64, zsnes, ePSXe 200 and the list goes on, the only problems are legality issues. But it you want you can find a game out there maybe Sonic maybe Pacman, and the emulators are free.
  23. here is an example for windows games like Flatout Ultimate Carnage, GTA IV, and many other "GAMES FOR WINDOWS" live. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/games/game-setup/games-for-windows-live-info Get a magnifying glass and find some info for "GAMES FOR WINDOWS" part of it as It seems to support another platform a bit more, it has got so bad that it should not ever be used in a PC game again, because you have to go to this website and setup the PC supported games before you can play. Now imagine a world without the Xbox and then going to "GAMES FOR WINDOWS" Live and setup your PC game. Also look at the tab icon in Firefox, It seems to prefer another platform in another way I never noticed before. You will understand when you see this as to what I am talking about. I don't hate or dislike PS1 - PS4, or Nintendo consoles, I loved Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario World.
  24. Once I get good enough I will build a tower of iron as far as I can go just to see how high I can build. Similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6CjO0H2j0s Without the fly cheat of course.
  25. I have been playing 7 Days to Die and this is my second attempt, the last time I played it it was a couple of years ago and I was slaughtered within 1 game day after 10 tries, so I must have missed something - and I did, it was patience and game settings. I was so addicted last night I played for about 12 hours before my skin started to melt int my chair. Anyway I have always disliked at best Rogue RPGs, they are something that is addictive until you dies 10 times and you have to play anther 10 hours jut to get back to anywhere near where you were before you died. I think it is just takes a while to understand how the game and crafting works and there are so may aspects to the game you really have to pay attention and check every resource and every way to craft this or that, plus skill points that I had no idea were there the last time I played. The point is that its a fun play without a story and it can be scary as you just found a chainsaw and you have all kinds of weapons and armor you really like and when you get ambushed you literally have to fight for your life or at least your bad ass chainsaw. If anyone finds this in a steam sale, it is worth it, just prepare to spend a couple of figuring it out. http://store.steampowered.com/app/251570/7_Days_to_Die/ just don't drink from the river without boiling the water or you will get diarrhea as a negative affect, yeah this game is brutal to survive a couple of days until you play a long while.
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