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  1. I've only had a chance to spend about a half an hour in-game, but I wanted to try these new features out. Well done! First, it looks like you eliminated the head bob. Thank you for that. Both the mouse aim indicator and the cone of mouse movement are game changers. It's just so much more comfortable and so much easier to target items in the world and knock out those pesky guards. I'm also coming around on the default HUD placement. It acts as sort of a frame indicating where your "body" is facing. This sort of thing has been shown to reduce nausea as well (cockpits, for example. YMMV, of
  2. These updates sound great! I’m away with the family this weekend, but should have time to have a go on Monday. I’ll make sure to share any feedback here. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the replies. I spent a little more time playing and, man, it really feels like coming home. It's been a while. I just adore this game. I have found that having the blackjack out at all times really helps with frobbing, as you pointed out. But yes, getting this right will likely be a challenge. Thank you for looking into the UI positioning. As it related to head bob, it's definitely still there, unless there's something funky going on on my end. I remember when I was looking into disabling it a few years ago, it would not work if I edited those values in the darkmod.cfg. It on
  4. I've spent a little time with the VR mod. I appreciate that feedback is welcome. I want to help if I can. First, it's a major improvement over the previous implementation. Well done! The game is simply beautiful on the Index. I need to experiment with more maps, but performance appears to be improved. Having the HUD, menus, readables, etc... working well is a massive QOL improvement. This is going to be fantastic. I can't wait to get into the most recent stuff I've missed out on like the William Steele series. I see what you mean about the lack of a visual indicator for the mouse position
  5. This is very exciting. I’ll be jumping in later today. Congratulations, I expect a lot of work went into this. Cheers!
  6. This is really great news. I still pop into the old build from time to time. I admire your dedication, Cabalistic. It's been a few years now and I've seen similar sorts of projects fade away more often than not. Your work is much appreciated.
  7. Just a quick note, I have a Valve Index set to arrive later this month. I'm very excited to take TDM for a spin with the new headset. Since it uses SteamVR, I expect it to work just as it did with the Vive & Rift. For what it's worth, I didn't have any luck using SteamVR input to rebind the keyboard/mouse controls to VR controller triggers/buttons. I may explore other solutions once I have the Index + controllers in hand.
  8. It's all good. Thanks for the reply! You're doing something for free in your spare time. Your efforts have been very appreciated. It sounds like waiting is the smart move. I'm honestly happy to play it as is right now, I just wanted to try out some new missions. I'll probably download another instance of TDM and keep 2 versions to make it easier to go back and forth between VR and pancake. Cheers!
  9. Any news on the 2.06 port? I've held off updating. Does anyone know what'll happen if I try to play a mission designed for 2.06 while still on 2.05? I guess it'd be easy enough to try and see for myself. On another note, TDM-VR works with opencomposite (https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR/blob/master/README.md) for anyone who's using that in lieu of SteamVR for Rift. The downside is you can't reset your position because you need the SteamVR menu to do that, so you're out of luck if you don't begin the game sitting completely still, facing forward. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth mention
  10. Thanks for the update! I check back in on this thread from time to time. That looks like a solid roadmap. If you can nail the bullet points, I think it'll be good enough to recommend. I wonder if the 3d cross-hair could be toggle-able...? Crosshairs are weird in VR. Like, it's easy to go cross-eyed, if that makes sense. But I understand the desire for something like that. Sometimes I feel like I'm frobbing forever, struggling to move the mouse over the correct spot. BTW, I agree seated is better than nothing. Alien Isolation taught me that. Roomscale is great, but it's not everything. Thank
  11. Yes, I've seen that stated before. Nevertheless, the head bobbing is ever-present until I press F11. In all likelihood, this is something on my end. User error, misunderstanding, or other such mistakes are totally plausible. Whatever the case may be, it's working well enough.
  12. In addition to populating the autocommands.cfg with the values you listed, I also had to bind it to a key to get it to load. My Darkmod.cfg has this: bind "F11" "exec autocommands.cfg" You should be able to choose a different keybind if you want. I have to press this every time I load a save. Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind.
  13. No worries at all! I'll just keep from updating for the time being. Thanks for the quick reply.
  14. Hi, is this compatible with 2.06? In other words, if i update to 2.06, is there anything I need to do to keep things working?
  15. That's great news! I still play missions using your previous implementation. Looking forward to where this goes!
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