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  1. That is definitely better, however, I still have the title bar and start menu bar showing, any other setting to bring this totally full screen? Edit: Nevermind, I noticed fullscreen wasn't checked and that did it. Thanks.
  2. I have a 32" widescreen monitor. In game settings don't let me go full screen at that width, and I cannot seem to find the correct resolution to set. My settings is Thief 2 however work fullscreen and they are 2560x1080x32. Is there a way to specifiy in darkmod.cfg the correct settings and what might those be? Thank you.
  3. I missed finding the Blackjack, can anybody point me in the general direction?
  4. OK, I'll give the update a shot. Thanks.
  5. Any recommendations on whether to just update 1.08 to 2.0, or delete 1.08 and doom and do the standalone 2.0 install? I'm torn on this. Thanks!
  6. New mission! Whoo-hoo. Gotta try this tonight. Thanks Obsttort!
  7. I have the Nvidia GTX 560Ti, which settings under advanced would you change/try? An I am running the default settings on the card.
  8. This exact same thing just happened to me. All the buildings and road are pitch black, but the sky and lanterns are OK. I am running Win7-64 bit, TDM 1.07, Nvid GTX 560 Ti. Never have seen anything like this ever happen, I went through most of the mission, only have 2 objectives left. Seems isolated to this mission.
  9. Can somebody point me in the general direction of the 'find out who framed you' objective, not an outright spoiler, but a hint, I have seemed to look everywhere in the city, but cannot locate this.
  10. Same problem as The elusive one and Lady Jo, Iwent a bit further and tried to start it again after it went to the menu with no sound and it came back with failed to span player error. Shelving this one until fixed.
  11. Um, What happened to the missions downloads? I see 'No FM's available at this time'? Just wondering?
  12. Mission 2: A hint on where the food might be to fedd poor old harry, please.
  13. Dude, Nice big map, but too much lockpicking takes away from the mission. I mean like 5 minutes on one chest? C'mon, I am very rarely critical, but that was too much. Maybe when I have a lot of extra time to kill I'll come back to this. Otherwise, if that was fixed, it would be enjoyable. Sorry bud.....
  14. Thanks about the current but it is so strong that running crouching, etc. does not work.
  15. I just copied TDM from Windows 7 over and just reinstalled your mission and started the mission from the beginning again. Didn't change any setting in the configuration.
  16. Update: I have 2 hard drives on this system. 1 with Windows 7, and 1 with Windows XP SP3. When I put TDM over on the XP drive, and started that, everything worked flawlessly. No crashes, period. This must be something with Windows 7, Direct X 10, or something else. All the same hardware. Anyways, I am happy to report it does not seem to have anything to do with the mission itself. I'll just keep running TDM in Windows XP.
  17. Well, I've narrowed down the crashes on this mission. If I have loaded a save initially. then either try a quickload, or if I die and the it tries to go back to the main screen, I get a large white arrow on a black background, and it never goes back to the main menu or never quickloads. The only way around this is CRTL-ALT-DEL, and either bring up task manager to kill doom, or log off and restart TDM, and hope I never have to reload. I can save OK, just happens when loading. Here are my system specs: i7 core 920 @ 2.67Ghz EVGA X58 Classified Mobo 6GB triple channel DDR3 memory Windows 7 64 Bit OS (2) 2TB SATA HD BFG Tech Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 SB X-Fi PCIe Soundcard, 7.1 Creative Speakers Razer Lycosa KB Razer Mabma Bluetooth mouse NEC 24" Accusync 24WMCX 1000W Power supply Guess as long as I don't get caught or stuck on something, I can play....Fidcal, here's hoping for a fix. Excellent mission. Thanks.
  18. The problem I am having is that when I get discovered and killed and try to load (reload) either a quicksave or regular save, I just get a mouse pointer and crash and the only way is to CTRL-ALT-DEL and quit or logout. Only seems to happen on this mission. I am running 1.01.
  19. A nice little mission and a good start. For me it was quite easy on Difficult, but was enjoyable nonetheless. Thanks Xonze! Merry Christmas all!
  20. Idea! Don't use it! Better Idea: SBC. see if you can figure that one out, tard.
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