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  1. Nah, I'll go with insane. If you are bored and this is what you get up to? Insane.
  2. So far I agree #2 looks best... but you say #3 is to be adjusted towards your ends... so I'm sure that'll look excellent. And now you've found a new layer of somethingorother? Oh boy. Anyway, you and Fidcal and some others are obviously up to something spectacular; something outdoors; something soon to be semi-demo'd for the masses? what with mushrooms... and groundcover... and terrain-blending... and translucence... and...
  3. Top 10 Thread Titles @ TDMForums In No Particular Order: (and just looking at the first couple of pages of the various subforums -- sorry to those missed out) Drowning rats - grayman Zappa? Hot Witch?TDM 1.03 Released! - greebo Ah, lovely. DefTokeniser: no more tokens - Dragofer Loves me some techtalk; especially the kind that'd get you thrown in an asylum if you spoke it aloud.Sitting problems - Sotha Standing Issues.Models - Accepting donations? - Diego I still feel like I'm going to be asked to send "recompense" to some pretty young thing...The Melancholy Death of PC Gaming - bambini The Poetic Lamentations of a PC Gamer... I miss bambini! Where is bambini!?Toggle creep and run - Hewer Some kind of Middle-Earth law firm?Pain Transfer - grayman Euphemistically speaking, of course.Parallax Mapped Visportal Patches - nbohr1more More fun with techbabble/a-perfectly-sane-and-useful-topic- just-a-bit-eso-ter-ic.Arrow stuck in head - grayman Grayman has a knack. Steve Martin had a prop. TDM has a bug that shouldn't be fixed!
  4. On topic: TDS wasn't so horrible. But I'd not reinstall (if I had ever uninstalled it) to play a FM unless it was being raved about by all the "right people" ( ) TDM is clearly the best incarnation of a base for building "Thiefy" FMs! All hail and, please, all ye builders, throw down your ancient tools and come and take up the new set and build ye new glories! T1 and 2 were awesome, epic and simply the best games ever. But I "'Tis Was" (actually off topic a bit)
  5. aidakeeley


    Calling for deletions and threats of locking threads == censorship. But further... If you all don't want this turning into a forum like "this" or "that one", then don't become a gaggle of hypocrites -- a mob. You may not see it, but I clearly see it. There have been plenty of threads going "off topic" around here, and it's all quite "chummy" and fine... until one of the "lesser" posters tries it, apparently. This is insidious. There have been, in this very thread (and elsewhere), "attacks" made on posters, and, too, this is not a problem until one of the lesser posters tries it... hypocrisy? Yes. Let people have there say, goddamn it. If you don't want to read it, don't read it. If you don't want to respond to it, don't respond to it. If you want to say something about "the topic" (which, I'm sorry, but the very creator of this thread asked an entirely "off topic" question right here in this thread SO THERE IS THAT; AND, PLUS, BONUS, AND FURTHER, he did it with no problem and got a response while this other nonsense {see? I'll call it for what it is, IMO, and NOT call for it to be deleted or ask for "shutdown"} was being bantered about) say something about the topic! ... Yes, let's try and stay on topic. But let's also try and resist the tendency to become a clique of hypocrites? I love you all.
  6. aidakeeley


    What a load of hypocritical, self-serving, mob-minded, censoring bullshit.
  7. BikersCathedralMission Forever! Me too with the just joking...
  8. aidakeeley


    I hope many of you are already involved in some way with allowing your semi-idle-CPUs to do some cooperative computing with such things as protein folding and other distributed projects? I'm on BOINC with the "United Socialists" for a few years now. It's easy to set up and it gives lonely PCs (or...) something to whileaway whilethey sit there waiting for email and podcasts... Anyway, maybe "a lot" of "you lot" know about this game, "Fold It", or maybe not. I just found it as I went to Nature's youtube station in search of a missing monkey... Could be fun -- at least the geeks in the video claimed it is! Plus I imagine you get a better understanding of protein folding intricacies and summat stuff like that there things.
  9. Could also be the codec embedded within the flash. Might be a monster.
  10. Guilted? Sorry. (Now I'm guilty of something, but I don't get it...) How so? I just think the list should be sortable on it's most pertinent data. Nez Pa? Pince Nez? Oompa?
  11. Yeah, again, not a criticism of your taste at all. I'm actually happy to hear you say that the "cartoony" motif is not really a problem per se... rather, maybe, just the T3 shakeout... Which I think maybe is "colored" by T3 in general. I rate T3 as the best game of whatever year it came out in, btw. What was it Shalebridge Cradle? Excellent. Epic. Legendary. But still T3 was certainly a disappointment overall. Some critical and overarching "failures" for sure. I just don't hate everything about it. And compared to the shit that streams daily off the production lines? It was ahead of the game from the get go.
  12. NBohr's Wiki needs to be hotlinked in more places... On the wiki front page, here, at the official site...
  13. I think you're talking about implementing 2-3 major "fixes"... all for what wouldn't be an improvement unless you then implemented a major major (and expensive, AI-think-wise) fix.
  14. Oh, yeah, I am a big fan of TDM. Like I said, there is no bigger fan of Thief amongst us either. But I grew tired of the old gem. And of the FMs for the most part. And I certainly don't find "replay" worthwhile. It just bores me silly. But with TDM, there is so much improved in the mechanics. And so much potential for expanding the gameplay. And it's much better looking. And things get better every day. Yeah, I'm a big fan, thanks.
  15. I'm surprised to hear that from you, considering how you rate TDS as "too cartoony and fake looking". Not a criticism, just surprise. I like the shots as well, but still find TDM superior as it is very much more realistic. It's cool to have an occasional mission wherein the style of the presentation is completely customized*; but I'm certain that if the above was the look of TDM and we then saw some shots of what TDM does look like, we'd be much more "oooooh" and "aaaaah". *There is one coming up for T2, which looks to be very "cartoony"... and which despite the fact that every T2 mission built is a wasted opportunity, I will probably load up to wander 'round... at the very least... ... Anyway, I think I might have played this? A couple or few years ago? There was something thiefy built in a completely different engine. The name Nightblade and the look seem to ring remembrance... It was cool, in that it was quite an accomplishment and interesting to play with the other engines mechanics and whatnot. BUT in the end the mechanics were not an improvement at all, as we have with TDM. They were even more "fucked up" (a bit harsh, but there it is) than T3.
  16. I've a bit of "troll" in me I suppose... Because I do so love to irk the Urkels. ... Shadowhide hasn't been directing his criticism at the FMs, no, but at TDM itself - very clearly at the whole shebang. But either way the criticism is ludicrous. TDM is superior to Thief. And there is no bigger Thief fan here than I. Any FM made in TDM will be superior to same said FM in the tired, old game... I'd bet this would hold true even if the time taken in DR was half of that in Dromed. At this stage even... and every day assets and tools and engine tweaks are being improved in big ways.
  17. Yeah, that's excellent. I rated your mission very high as well, Jesps. Plenty of fun, no gripes, and special kudos for not ruining things by attaching the no-kill objective to the exclusion of other featured objectives. I hope you'll continue to make TDM FMs for many a moon...
  18. The best way to look at this is the same as with the clickity-clack shoes, sorta: Assume that the thief in you is always closing the door quietly (maybe actually implement this by taking the sound way down for player door closings, maybe not). But, as for having it alert guards and such? No. 'Twoud be as wrong as having the clickity-clacks manifest in "reality" as they do in the players "head".
  19. Shouldn't "things" be as clean as possible out-of-the-box, and then each mapper can apply decals to dirty them uniquely for the situation? You can't re-hippify once the Marine barber has got hold of you. What if those beauties (the new plants) are in some lab or otherwise well maintained situation?
  20. So you were standing there holding the object? Well then that's different. I thought when you said you "placed" the object you had managed to set the object there. That's what I had meant by what I'd done once or twice. So... hmmmm... yeah, I'd like that situation to be recognized, for it is both ludicrous AND more easily identifiable at the meta-level where the engine should be able to discern such.
  21. I've done stuff like that before; it's usually pretty difficult with most objects... as it should be. Usually not worth the rattle & hum and the time & effort. But I imagine it's every bit as legit as stacking a pile of crates to block a light, which I also think is meant to be legit. Don't see how this can be "fixed" and don't want it "fixed" unless the AI can be improved enough to notice these things when they are particularly suspicious. Only thing is where's the margin between inconspicuous, conspicuous, suspicious, particularly suspicious... pron not pron I know what I like I know it when I see it art not art...
  22. Oooh look at those scrumididdlyumptious green penumbratic shadows! Those are highlighting just the fun things I can get caught up on! I love it love it love it and will never stop loving it. Viva T2 FMs!
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