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  1. Hello Everyone. I have searched the wiki, the forum (advanced search) and the FAQ's finding MANY references to Mission Type but NOWHERE have I been able to find an explanation of what Mission Type is. Could someone please enlighten me and in addition explain the difference between the 'official TDM' mission list and the community maintained list since the Types 'seem' different between the two. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Everything is running fine completely outside of Steam. Tels is correct. TDM is using virtually none of the original Doom3 and certainly not the CD key or any part of Steam.
  3. Just in case Steam is eavesdropping I still like Steam for 'other' games, but it is nice to be free of the arcane debugging you have to go through to figure what's wrong when things are not right under the Steam umbrella.... there now I've been nice to everyone
  4. Good news! and then Good news! For those who would like to be free of Steam. I consolidated the above advice and in the end simply copied the Doom3 tree that exists under the ..\steamapps\common folder to an entirely different place. I then ran the tdmupdater which was ver. 57. It autoupdated itself to ver. 58 and then seamlessly installed ver. 1.08 of TDM, finishing with an updated Training Mission. I set my launch shortcut to point to TheDarkMod.exe and everything appears to work fine (I just finished Thief's Den as a test mission). The graphics are crisper, the audio is also better, not that it was bad before, but now it's awesome. The updater got rid of the old launcher on its own so the new startup sequence was a no brainer... simply run thedarkmod.exe. Kudos to the team who put this update and updater together!!!.. not to mention the new executables and FREEDOM FROM STEAM. ... and of course, many thanks.
  5. Well whether it works or not, now it sounds like a fun challenge. I'll duplicate the Steam tree and rip it down piece by piece to see if this works. If not, I can go back to the original without loss of continuity. Thanks all for the advice. namuh1
  6. Thanks nbohr1more and I'm sorry to be a bit dense. I am gathering that I still need the rest of the Doom3 assets but not the executable? So if I am on the right track I would take: F:\root\g\Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 3 as the base and copy it to another location like: F:\root\g\Doom 3 and then have TDM as: F:\root\g\darkmod which would effectively remove Doom from the Steam tree? The reason I ask is because the current structure is: F:\root\g\Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 3\darkmod which, as you can see, has the darkmod sub-tree included in the Doom3 tree.
  7. Hoping against hope... So? does this mean I can 'finally' get out of the Steam tree and have this in it's own directory structure? I'd do almost anything for that as I don't like being tied to Steam at all. And, of course, if this is what it means, should I start with a fresh download and install because otherwise the tdmupdater is going to run in the Steam tree. Thanks namuh1
  8. So I've tried an advanced search and come up dry on specifics. So before I leap into the void by installing 1.08 with Steam (getting 1.06/1.07 running on my system with Steam was 'not' easy) I would like to know if anyone has had any significant and or unsolved issues updating to 1.08 on the Steam Doom3 platform? Thanks for any input. Cheers, namuh1
  9. Well Sotha since there have been so so many reviews and analyses of your work, I can hardly add much to the mix. But I would like to offer an opinion on your 'philosophy' and 'design' of your missions. I, personally, find it delightful to explore the workings of another persons imagination. I don't see a 'mission' as something to provide a 'particular' experience, but rather to be taken at face value and enjoyed for what it has and not at all for what it 'seemingly' lacks. To me the whole point of these FM's is the fantastic multiple ways of playing them and the quite different results one gets depending on the path taken. This is a long winded way of suggesting that you keep right on making these FM's YOUR WAY while completely ignoring suggestions for content that others 'think' should be included. Not that you can't also be inspired by other's work, but I've never played any FM's that are any 'better' than these and I'm thoroughly hoping for more in the future. If the community starts setting 'standards' for what a FM should be the originality and often completely unexpected content will vanish. Thank you for your work.
  10. LOL BTW Ultimate kudos on this series of yours. I can't remember enjoying a thread of Fan Missions so much. Thanks for the effort and many thanks for the help.
  11. Strictly a fight question: any help appreciated.
  12. I never had much use for AOL, but what you describe about the use/misuse of the warning system is likely one of the reasons.
  13. Oh sorry, I didn't understand your reply fully. I see now that I probably see mine because it's my post and others see theirs for the same reason but we don't see each others. That makes sense... issue resolved. Thank you again.
  14. Lol, as far as I know I'm not even a very small ass... but can you tell me why it appears below my avatar and no one else's? At lease I've never seen it on anyone's and, while I've not posted much, I read quite a lot of diverse posts. BTW thanks for the responses both of you.
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